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Outtakes – 2020 Hannah Barlow Photography Weddings

The good…the bad…the ugly…the really really funny…it’s all coming at you right now!  My very favorite blog is here – the Hannah Barlow Photography outtakes blog!  That’s right!  This is where I show you all the wedding photos that turned out funny…didn’t turn out…shouldn’t have turned out…you name it!  There is a little behind the scenes in here too, naturally!  So, sit back and relax and grab a drink…and maybe a towel in case you spit your drink out!  The 2020 outtakes blog is live right now!  Enjoy!

First things first, the best and biggest outtake of the year doesn’t even have photographic evidence but it’s worth mentioning.  Ashleigh shut my head in the hatch of my SUV.  Read it again…ASHLEIGH SHUT MY HEAD IN THE HATCH OF MY SUV.  Ha!  It’s true.  It was at Kenzie and Tyler’s wedding and right when we were heading for the church.  It was my fault really.  I backed up in a rush and she went to shut it right as I reached back in and BOOM.  Her face was priceless too!  But nobody had time to think and off we went…bump on my head and all! Just had to put that one in there!

So, anyway, we started the year off so carefree.  We had NO idea what was coming at us, did we?!  Well, MAYBE…just maybe…this was an omen.  This has never happened before and we thought it was funny at the time but I think 2020 was trying to tell us something!  First wedding of the year and Sam got her hair all caught up in the light stand while carrying it! HA!  I can’t tell you what that tag in her hand was for either!

…and Tristan got smacked with a branch doing the “walk snuggle walk”.

Then, Sarah almost stepped in a puddle.  Yea…this wedding had all kinds of outtakes.  We should have known! HA!  It was so amazing though!

In all seriousness (and as I mentioned in the Behind the Scenes blog HERE), Sarah and Tristan’s wedding was a blessing.  We had no idea what was coming at us…but eventually, we got back in the groove when weddings picked up again.  One thing we noticed this year?  I step into A LOT of my assistant’s photos.  Oy.  If you’ve met me, you know.  I just get in the moment and I move FAST.

Sometimes I am aware of it too.  Like Emily and Kyle’s first look, I kept saying, “not yet…not yet…NOT YET!” as I got Emily ready!  Lacey was just taking test shots!

This time, I KNEW I stepped in and tried hard to get out fast!  Also, note Candice’s funny face.  This comes into play later in this blog! HA!

I’m not the only one who does it though!  We catch guests all the time and always tell them “not to worry”!  It’s still funny when we get the super fun and friendly ones!  Whoops!

I swear it was pregnancy brain for Kari this wedding.  She’s been shooting with me the longest.  She KNOWS the system.  She had both those doors to hide behind but nope…I ended up having to photoshop her right out of those ceremony photos!  Oy!  Oooo Kari!

That last one (above) makes me giggle because this one (below) has the same pose at Kari’s above.  Why are my legs so weird?  The world will never know!  I am not lying when I tell people I don’t know what to do with myself in front of the camera!

Lacey caught Ryan doing it too a few times when he took my spot for the day at the last wedding of the year!

He looks so 007 here! HA!

I always try to get my favorite DJs in action too.  They always try to step out so I just keep shooting!  Jonathan and Brian do THE BEST introductions.  Jonathan always tries to get out of my photos while Brian has absolutely NO issues being in them.  Most of them this year are the back of his head! HA!

Jonathan did flex for me for this one though! HA!

OooO yea, and while we’re in this section, let’s title it, “When someone accidentally steps in the photo”, Brian Oliver made it a point this year to purposely photobomb my photos because he loves these end of year blogs.  This was the first wedding of the year.  You can probably feel our energy and as soon as I took this one, he ran over and wanted to see it and said he couldn’t wait for it to go in the blog…in 12 months.  Well, here it is! First true outtake of the year!  He’s so pleased with himself.  Can you tell?!

He kept doing it too as the year went on! HA!

I can’t say it enough but working with vendors we know and love makes it all the more fun!  Heck, some of our couples even told us they loved watching all of us work together and make things happen!  I mean, MAYBE…just maybe…Brian’s shenanigans make sense.  I have made it a habit over the years of creeping up in his DJ booth when he’s super focused and in the groove to take funny photos next to him.

…but he always comes back with his “thumbs up” pose for my selfies!

Yep. It became a thing!  I don’t know why I look so haggard either! HA!

Let’s not forget the, “OK, HANNAH! It’s time to go now so I’m going to ignore you.  I’m trying to work here!” HA!

Out of all the vendors on any given wedding day, us photographers get to spend the most time with the videographers and the DJs.  We can’t forget some of my favorites!  We get to work with Mark and Katie a lot (Katie Lynn Photography and Mark Tiberio Photo + Films).  Mark was coaching the couple and then he used his real life wife to show the couple some tricks!

I have no idea what I’m doing here while Jared (Thompson Video Productions) did some drone photos but it makes me giggle!  Apparently, I was in my own little world!

Talk about teamwork!  J.T. (Penderville Wedding Films) and Ashleigh tag teamed the angles from Sydney’s mom’s bed! HA!  And again, this is why we wear shorts under our dresses! HA!

You can never have too many reminders of WHY we wear shorts under our dresses!  Lacey always makes it a point to find me in the most ridiculous and unflattering poses.  I always know when she gets it too because she giggles.  She usually follows it up with, “I can’t wait for you to see this one!”

She doesn’t discriminate either.  She got this gem of Ryan!

BUT…we do get her back! HA!  GOT YA!

Alright, back to my vendor friends! AHHHHH! Rodney and Brad (Masterpieces of old Town)!  They are my favorite florists and bakers!

I got them and Brian AND Sam in my photo at the beginning of the year.  This is always the hardest photo to get actually…a wide angle with no people in it!  GET OUT OF MY WAY!

AH! TED!  He’s my favorite DJ assistant for Finest Events!  He is ALWAYS only a shout away if Jonathan needs help OR if we need help…or if anyone needs help!  I don’t know how he does it.  He gets there early to help set up and he stays the WHOLE time to help tear down.  So, I tried this year to catch him when I could because he’s the best and always so kind, fun and helpful!

He struggled with his mask for this one and I couldn’t stop laughing when I took it!

Testing!  We all struggled with masks!

Freaking masks!  We all struggled with light stands too!! I promise, I’m getting new ones next year!

MASKS! Masks for everyone!  Ashleigh actually made me masks this year and I’m going to put them in the end of year blog!

Even with a mask on, that didn’t stop Ash from doing her “look at the camera…then look right” photo!  My loyal blog readers will appreciate this!  She has done this for YEARS!  She looks right at me…and then away for the next test shot! HA!  She was more aware of it this year…but I still got a few!

We all made some funny faces this year too!  Some were super excited…I’m always excited!  Jay Morris (Jay Morris Video Productions) says I’m an exclamation point!  He’s not wrong!  My husband says daily, “WHY are you so LOUD?!”

I have my nervous t-rex hands for stressful weddings and I have my excited, celebratory hands (usually followed with a squeal) for weddings like Rebecca and Zack!  These are the latter!

Ashley from Oglebay has excited, celebratory hands too!  Emily gets the second funny face for this blog post!  Lots more to come!

…and these ladies (Cassie, Ashley and Lauren) are my absolute FAVORITE vendor venue friends!  They get just as excited as I do!

Yep.  We all have “the hands”…it’s our “tell” for how the day is going!  I always have my nervous t-rex hands before any ceremony!  I’m right there in the center! HA!

We also have the, “I’m not sure what’s going on…” hands too!  Kenzie isn’t sure what’s going on either! HA!

Pretty sure that’s when I was missing a guy.  We found him and you can use your imagination!  After I got him out from behind that tree, I had to get these rowdy men situated!  I’ve got my pointer finger ready to go with this group! HA!  And they’re just all laughing at me anyway!

Speaking of pointer fingers, I present to you the instructional hands – aka the bossy hands.  We gotta get this job done!

Emily had instructional hands too!  Michael, what is happening?!

I’d like to call this one the “wait…wait one second for clarification…” hands!

And then I’d like to title this one, “We’e going to have to ask those people to move, huh?” hands.

We did have a ton of fun too though!  Sometimes the people in the back were intentional!  I knew at this moment these men were going to be A OK!

Sometimes the funny faces, moves, and photos were intentional too!

…and sometimes they were not!

Test shots…and funny faces!

The men, in particular, seemed to all make the SAME funny face this year.

I mean, what is happening?!

This is the, “You got busted with dead arm” face! HA!

Just a few more…

Even the vendors get caught making some faces…although, he does look angry!

…and Naz was REALLY concentrating for this one!

We must have a winner though!  Candice, hands down, wins the award this year for the MOST funny faces we caught in one day!  There is always someone…Candice wins this year!

I could show you some more too but you get the picture (no pun intended)!  We always laugh…a lot…at weddings.  Sometimes it’s hard for my couples to gain control for photos and I LOVE it.  I always tell them, “If you need to laugh…LAUGH!”

There were so many hilarious moments this year!  Here are some that came to mind off the top of my head.  Kenzie’s sister, Kyla, slid down the hill on her bum.  We actually all struggled going down this hill but she took it to a whole new level! HA!  I took photos, of course!

Nose hairs needed attended to at this first look! HA!  I was bobby pinning the hairs on the back of her head at the same time (which is what I’m grabbing out of my bag).

This dog decided to relieve himself during this test shot and we could NOT stop giggling!

Every year, we get beautiful veil shots and I remind the brides to do the “sweaty arm pit tuck”…Otherwise, those veils GRAB onto things and you get stuck and the faces are usually the same!

If you know David, you know he’s a white knight, a gentleman, you name it.  If you’ve met Kari pregnant, you know she’s a little crazy! HA!  I don’t know what was happening but they weren’t walking together and it made me laugh.  Look at her face!

We had dress disasters too!

We had button disasters, as well!  Huge shoutout to Ash for sewing this bad boy on before the ceremony!

We had missing family members for formals!  Check out the confusion on my face! HA!

…and sometimes I caught people mid sneeze! HA!

At one point, I thought I broke the blinds! OMGGGG!

…and children will NEVER love me!

And random photo locations I can’t prepare for (because it’s an out of town wedding) that happen to be RIGHT on the side of a main road…well, it stresses me out!  Photo locations this year were a struggle!  We found an amazing spot RIGHT off the side of the road.  I was REALLY worried about someone getting hit!

Also, I’d like to know why they are dipping and kissing and I’m just standing there…no camera…nothing.  I don’t get it! HA!  It clearly went on for a while since Ash had all this time to take these photos! HA!  Again, don’t discriminate on location because LOOK!  You all gotta trust me!

I mean, what a better way to end the outtakes blog, right?  With some pretty photos taken from the side of a road seems perfect?! CHECK!  Well, that’s the outtakes blog for this year.  I hope you all enjoyed it!  If you’re a 2020 couple and reading this and want copies of your outtakes and behind the scenes photos, just shoot me an email and I’ll send them right over!  Happy Thursday, everyone!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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