My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Colorful Winter Rain Engagement Photos

Hello!  Hello!  Happy Tuesday, everyone!  I’m going to take this very easy going and colorful engagement session and complicate the heck out of it and this blog.  Are you ready?!  So, first things first…I did NOT make a mistake with the names.  Yes.  You are correct.  The last engagement session I posted was also “Allie and Zach” <— Which I later found out he prefers to spell “Zak” even though he is “Zachary” so that helps things.  Yes.  That last engagement blog was Allie and Zak and they are having an Oglebay wedding next year.  Right now, I’m posting Allie and Zach (that’s right) who are also having an Oglebay wedding next year.  Ooo yea…and Allie last session will be “Allie B.” once she gets married and Allie today is “Allie B” currently.  Oy.  So yea…I was all kinds of confused (as I mentioned in the other blog) when the future Allie B. wanted to reschedule her engagement session and I thought it was this Allie B. and then I finally (through a lot of head scratching on all accounts) figured things all out.  To make it even funnier, THIS Allie B. (pictured below) said she actually saw my IG post (@hannahbarlowphotography) and saw the other couple’s names and thought I had gotten confused too! So, as you can imagine, my paranoid radar senses have been on high alert ever since.  Add insult to injury, their weddings are back to back so their folders on my hard drive are right next to each other!  Thank goodness for automation and reminder emails, right?!  So, please enjoy this colorful, winter, rainy engagement session!  Allie and Zach are on the blog right now!

Alright, now that I’ve rambled, let’s get back to business, shall we?!  I told them I was taking a test shot for this one below and they went RIGHT into a pose.  Seriously, this was my test shot (below) and the very first one I took.  I’d say we’re going to make a GREAT team!

Allie and I chatted back and forth via email leading up to this session.  Honestly, I scheduled/rescheduled and emailed so many times I was feeling SO guilty.  For real!  You all know it’s very unlike me to be unorganized but when COVID hit my house, I was still going to be in quarantine for their original date so we had to move it to this day.  OooO and we had had this session planned originally (on the original date) at a Christmas tree farm that notified me we weren’t permitted to shoot there anymore.  Ugh.  So, first we moved locations…THEN, I was forced to move dates and THEN…it called for rain.  Oy.  SO, I emailed Allie again to let her know about the weather.  She reminded me they weren’t a super “fussy” <— love that word she used…couple and were totally game to shoot in the rain even if that meant under umbrellas.  DREAM couple, I tell ya!  Well, these photos below?  It WAS raining…Yep!  Did I have umbrellas?  Yep!  Did they want them?  Nope! WAAAAAA!  How did I get so lucky?!  I kept telling them they were going to be the perfect couple for the end of the year next year!  ANDDDDDD they are having a December wedding and I’m a December bride so I’m just so excited!

I REALLY always miss the green this time of year.  Since we had originally planned this at a Christmas tree farm, we found another little spot!  Thank goodness for evergreens, right?!  Also, the pops of color?  Yes! Yes! Yes!

They nailed the walk and snuggle AND did a spin unprompted.  I see amazing wedding photos in their future!

It was so simple but they absolutely nailed the “walk and look back”.  This may be my favorite photo of the whole gallery.  I can’t exactly pinpoint why…but it just is my favorite!

I always say this is the point my couples get real comfortable but these two were comfortable from the beginning.  Can you tell?!  AND Zach even knew what a nuzzle was and he was confident about it! Yes!  Alllll the squeals from me!

Ring shots for grand finale!  OoOoO my gosh…so easy!

I mean.  It was raining and it felt like it took a lot of effort on all accounts to get to this session but we did it and it was so great!  I did this entire gallery in black and white too but you know me and color…I never can get enough!  Never ever!  Like I said, these two are tying the knot next year at Oglebay!  It’s going to be AMAZING!  I mean, it was raining and you can’t even tell.  I already had to reschedule the location of this session…AND then the date.  Past Hannah Barlow Photography couples…TELL THEM! HA! I’m not normally this much of a “mess”!  I think they know though…not to mention how amazingly kind and laid back they both are!  So, check back a little less than a year from to see these two as bride and groom!  I can feel it in my bones…it’s going to be grand!  Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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