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Oglebay Winter Wedding Elopement

HAPPY MONDAY, all!  It’s a happy Monday, indeed!  I’ve got an elopement wedding to put up on the blog!  Are you ready?!  I’m ready!! It’s been about a month!  These two are brand new to the blog so give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love.  Their Winter Oglebay Wedding Elopement is live RIGHT NOW!  I just can’t even with this color pop.  I LOVE color and this has everything I love – love, color, amazing people, themed weekend…you name it!  Give Danielle and Wyatt all your attention!  They are the newest Mr. and Mrs. here!  Enjoy!

Since this was an elopement and a short day for me, I started it off by myself!  I headed to Oglebay and made sure to catch all the details!

One of the best things about doing weddings at Oglebay is that the wedding gals are always on the ball.  I was in contact with Ashley that morning and she got me headed in the right direction – to the Ihlenfeld Dining Room!  And OooO my goodness!  The details for this elopement wedding ON Valentine’s Day weekend did NOT disappoint!

Seriously, I could have spent all day in there soaking it all up but I had to go meet the couple!  So, I raced to Wyatt’s room with those beautiful flowers in my hand.  I had texted Danielle and asked her if she wanted me to grab the flowers.  So, I took my deep breaths and told myself not to be too “Hannah” – remember, I hadn’t met these two yet.  So, I waltzed in and met Wyatt, his mom and his brother!  I got those flowers pinned and got some getting ready shots!

The moms were soaking up the moments with their children, that’s for sure!

Then, I went right next door and met the girls!  I immediately knew I was going to love them…their personalities and commentary had me agreeing and laughing along with them.  They were running behind though so we had a good laugh over that – you all know how I feel about timelines!  At one point, Oglebay Ashley knocked on the door and I yelled “HOLD ON!”…not knowing it was her. Oops!  I was bound and determined to get alllllll the photos and still get them to the ceremony on time!

Just a few detail shots while Danielle put her dress on!  I can NOT get enough of the color pop!  Also, can everyone give me an amazing ring box like this?! PLEASE?!

The moms were definitely having their sweet moments!  Danielle’s mom pulled her right in for a hug before we headed off to the ceremony!

Elopements happen so fast…AHHHH!  Also, Brian Oliver…are you in the correct place?!

He was!  He and I got all kinds of crazy ideas last year in the midst of the COVID madness and shutdowns.  So, he got ordained! That’s right!  He can now marry couples!

Here comes the bride!

Short.  Sweet.  To the point.  Now introducing…the new Mr. & Mrs. Simington!

…and off we went for photos!  I’m not sure how many times I can comment on the colors…but here we go again!  I love it so much! SO MUCH!  This small bridal party didn’t miss a beat even though they were all freezing!  Group hugs!

They weren’t actually standing looking at each other.  I took these separately but I noticed last year how making them look different ways often ends with this kind of match up!

Isn’t she beautiful?!

Now, it’s time for bride and groom formals!

…and some walking and snuggling!

This was my test shot for a new location but I kind of love how it looks like a model shot!

Some more formals and warm snuggles to wrap this up!

…and off we went to the dining hall for dinner!  Cake was cut!

Speeches were made!  Dinner was ready!

…and just like that…the wedding was over for me!  It’s CRAZY, right?!  I don’t even know what to do with myself when I don’t have 12 hours to blog about!

Danielle and Wyatt are two sweet humans!  In the few short hours I got to spend with their family and friends, we had a grand time!  I wish them all the best!

One last time…CONGRATS TO THE SIMINGTONS!  Bring me some MORE color for 2021 weddings this year! YES!


Venue – Oglebay

Ladies’ Attire – Lulus

Men’s Attire – Diamond Bridal

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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