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Colorful, Spring, Tulip Wedding in Wheeling, WV

Happy Friday!  I told ya!  I TOLD YOU ALL!  This is going to be the year of COLOR!  And I am just so stinkin’ excited about it!  As a wedding photographer with an already vibrant style, this is just the best thing that could happen!  So, everyone please give Stephanie and Scott your warm Hannah Barlow Photography welcome because they are on the blog right now!

Give the new Mr. and Mrs. Wadford all your love!  Enjoy!

Sam was with me for this wedding and it felt SO good to spend the day with her.  So, you can assume throughout this entire blog that many of the photos are hers.  I have to give credit where credit is due, RIGHT?!  I have the best assistants, I tell ya!  The weather forecast had improved too and it was going to be great!  But anyway, we arrived to find Stephanie getting ready!  Remember, they were originally supposed to be married last year – pre-COVID.  So, they’d actually be celebrating their one year anniversary here in a few days if things hadn’t gone downhill with the dreaded global pandemic.  They were one of my couples who got hit the hardest because things were still very much shut down when their original wedding should have happened.  So, I wanted it to be extra extra special for them!

After getting ready photos, we went and took care of those detail shots!  I “LOVE” this ring stand…pun intended and everything!

I love that the invitation threw in a splash of color too!

Then, we photographed some classy and elegant bridal details!

…and really, it felt like the beginning of the day went so smoothly.  I kept looking at Sam in the car and saying, “I feel like we’re forgetting something.  I’m unusually calm today!”  And it’s true.  Even Jay Morris (Jay Morris Video Productions) said I was calm…for Hannah standards, at least.  So, off we went to the ceremony BUT FIRST…we had to have SOMETHING go wrong, right?  I mean…you know I tell all my couples to respect Murphy’s law – what can go wrong, will go wrong.  So, as we were waiting for the bride to arrive, we found out that she was struck in traffic…because there was a cow on the interstate.  THAT’S RIGHT.  A cow was blocking traffic as the farmer attempted to corral it.  I mean…we had a good laugh and then I realized I needed to take matters into my hands to get things done so we could go straight into the ceremony when she arrived.  Sam and I put petals in baskets, pinned flowers on the gentlemen, opened the ring bearer’s pillow, and got the bouquets placed at the back of the church so they could literally grab and go!  AND we did it!  So, here comes the bride!

I know I said it in their sneak peek but what I love most about Stephanie and Scott and what I noticed throughout the day is that they are so in tune with each…very comfortable, if you will.  There was no point in the day where I felt like they were faking it…or that we’d have to fake it for sake of photo time.  Even with the cow fiasco, they were calm.  Literally, no stressing whatsoever.  Even I was sweating a bit.  They also just smile and laugh when they are together…even during their ceremony.  This one below is one of my favorites because it’s so genuine.

St. Vincent De Paul in Wheeling never…ever…disappoints.

…and just like that…they are now officially (FINALLY) Mr. & Mrs. Wadford!

For a hot second, I grabbed my new camera.  I just love the photos it takes!  I was still nervous though…”WHAT IF SOMETHING HAPPENS”…so I took a chance on these candid moments.  Yep.  It’s growing on me!  It also helps that everyone was so happy to be there and all their expressions proved it!

Family photo time!

Check out this bridal party!

Stephanie and I debated on where we should do their formal photos.  She mentioned tulips a few times.  I knew it would be risky going out of our way AND to top it all off, it was prom for some high schools.  Then, she mentioned that tulips really are her favorite flower and I KNEW in my wedding photographer heart that I had to make it happen.  And again, just look how happy they are together!

So, we went back behind Oglebay’s mansion so we were out of the way of all the prom attendees and made some tulip magic happen for these wedding formal photos!  It’s the hat.  I am SO digging the hat! MORE HATS PLEASE.  Also, her bouquet (from Masterpieces of Old Town) was a HUGE hit.

Bride and groom formals…here we go!  I originally wasn’t going to photoshop the people in the background or the electric fences until the couple chose their favorites but it was so hard to resist because it really does make ALL the difference in photos…so that’s what I spent most of today doing! Yep!  Totally worth it!

Sam snapped this one of me (below).  I’m always high strung…you all know that if you’ve met me.  But I was on a wedding high BUT if felt like it was going to rain (despite the clear forecast for this time of day).  We were moving fast but enjoying it all at the same time!

I can’t get much better than this.  Scott didn’t think he could dip Stephanie safely…and then he nailed it!  I didn’t even have to coach Stephanie on neck placement either (not letting it fall back) and she nailed it too!

Then, we were off to the reception at Belmont Hills Country Club!  Stephanie put a lot of time and effort into the look of this reception so it was very important that we capture all the details!  I didn’t even know where to start!  SO GOOD!  Also, I had met Julie (Hey, girl) earlier in the day.  She’s the even coordinator at the country club.  I feel like we immediately clicked.  She gave me the run down of the day and told me they were going to move the cake per Stephanie’s request.  I saw where it was sitting (in front of the backdrop) and envisioned a beautiful portrait with a beautiful background.  So, I had a Hannah moment.  That’s that moment I say to my couples, “You’re just going to have to trust me.”  I literally Facetimed the her while she was getting her hair done and talked her into leaving it and I’m SO glad she let the table sit because look at that cake photo below.  It just wouldn’t have been the same in a corner with a blank, white wall.  What do you think?!  Stephanie!  Girl!  Tell me!  Are we glad we did it?  I mean…I can always photoshop a plain background! HA!

Brad and Rodney are two of my favorite florists and decorators.  Just look at this place! AHHHHH!

Then, I kept my distance but caught this moment when the couple sneaked in and got to see it for themselves!

Then, it was time for the couple to be introduced for the second time! WOOOOOO!! I love this part of the day!

He dipped her again!! AHHH! HE DIPPED HER AGAIN!  Love it!

They played the shoe game.  It’s always a fan favorite!

Then, they cut that beautiful cake and I was sure to get Ashleigh’s (one of my assistants) “must have” shot of the inside of the cake!

Then, the couple shared their first dance as husband and wife!

The garter was removed…DJ Brian Oliver style!  There is nothing better than Brian’s take on the garter removal, in my opinion.  The crowd always goes wild…and just look how pleased he is with himself in the background! HA!

Then, they played “spin the bottle” wedding reception style – another DJ Brian Oliver goodie.  Whoever the bottle points to…well, they have to go to the center and dance.  I’m always afraid it’ll land on me so I was literally dancing out of the way!

The party just kept on getting better and better!

All great weddings must come to an end though so this couple did a send off to seal the deal on the day…with some sparklers!  Rain wasn’t going to stop us…no way!

A HUGE congrats goes out to this couple.  Boy oooOO boy did they have a lot of work to get to this point.  They practically planned TWO weddings.  But they made it and I so enjoyed spending the day with them.  I really did keep telling Sam that it was just such a relaxing day.  No stress (cow in the interstate aside).  Everyone was chill and so happy.  It was amazing!  One more time…give the new Mr. & Mrs. Wadford all your Hannah Barlow Photography love.  They did it!  CONGRATS!


Ceremony – St. Vincent De Paul

Reception – Belmont Hills Country Club

Event Coordinator – Julie Baker

Catering – Belmont Hills Country Club <— Food was delicious by the way!

Baker – Masterpieces of Old Town

Florist – Masterpieces of Old Town

Decor – Masterpieces of old Town

Videographer – Jay Morris Video Productions

DJ – DJ Brian Oliver

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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