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2021 Wedding Season has ARRIVED!


OoO my goodness does it feel good to be blogging again!  The beginning of 2021 and this spring has been “strange” in that I didn’t have a lot of things booked such as engagement sessions and non-wedding sessions (so not a whole lot of blog) BUT I already have three weddings photographed and delivered and completed which has never happened before.  It’s definitely been a fun and different start.  To top it all off, I took this opportunity to finally update some of my gear…and that meant a new camera.  LET ME BE CLEAR on something…I do NOT like change.  I’m not a photographer who itches to buy the latest and greatest.  Nope!  I’m a photographer who likes to know the ins and outs and EVERYTHING about her gear.  So, once I get comfy…I stay comfy.  Well, my camera bodies were purchased over four years ago when they were fresh on the market.  I splurged, buying the most recent releases, and learned practically everything there is to know about them.  When something went wrong?  I almost always knew how to fix it -fast.  I didn’t even have to think to use them.  So, when I sent everything off this past winter for its annual inspection and oil change…imagine the STRESS when the guys over at Canon told me one of the cameras was on its last leg.  Whomp Whomp.  Well, that was it…that was the “push” I needed to dive into the mirrorless world.  You tech people know.  What you non-tech people need to know is that mirrorless cameras do NOT function like the cameras I’m used to handling.  So, it was almost like starting from square one.  I did NOT like it.

Lucky for me, I’ve got AMAZING clients who were willing to come out and laugh at me while I fiddled with this new camera and worked out the kinks.  I wasn’t about to go into wedding season and not know exactly what I was doing.  I also still plan to go into wedding season with my old camera RIGHT beside me…you know, just in case! HA!  UPDATE:  I typed up this rough draft before my wedding last weekend.  I didn’t use my new camera more than a few minutes.  Oy!  That’s right.  I chickened out.  But anyway…I’m so excited to show you a snippet of all my practice sessions!  Let’s do this!

First up…Sam and Nate!  You all remember them, right?!  They got married last year at an Oglebay wedding ceremony and then celebrated their wedding reception at River City in Wheeling, WV.  Jeeesh.  I had a totally Hannah meltdown.  Poor Sam arrived first this evening.  I hadn’t actually purchased the camera yet.  I was renting it to test it out.  So, she had to stand there and listen to me whine, fret…stress…sweat…you name it.  Thanks, girl!  And Nate…he gets dragged into this madness with me over and over! I love him for it.  He’s one of my grooms I feel like I could say and do just about anything and he’d laugh and put up with me!  You both are such great clients and sports!

Next up – Mikala and Jordan!  When deciding to do practice “engagement” sessions, I decided I was going to call up past couples.  Why?  Well, I didn’t want new couples to think I was a photographer who didn’t know what she was doing.  I feared they’d see me troubleshooting and fiddling with buttons and worry they’d made a bad decision hiring me.  Well, Mikala and Jordan may not have had their wedding yet BUT they already had their engagement session (do you remember that snowy greatness?).  I’ve also photographed Mikala’s cousin’s wedding AND her brother’s wedding.  So, they know I know what I’m doing.  I also feel like we’re on a friend level more than client level now (we text all the time too) SO I invited them out!  We had snow greatness before for their official engagement session.  We had spring flower greatness this round.  We’ve decided we’re just going to keep on going and do a summer session AND a fall session (and maybe even a 101 Dalmatians session with their pup…for real).  Then, we’ll put all four seasons together! AHHHHH!!!

That brother I mentioned above?  Yep!  That’s Tyler!  I invited Tyler and Mackenzie out for some more spring flower greatness.  This session was so easy.  I mean…they’re already married.  We’d already successfully completed an amazing engagement session and wedding with these two…let’s add some more! EEEEKKKKKK!  Tyler’s also a photographer so I let him play with my new camera too!  He agreed the technology was crazy good…but hard to get used to! SEEEEE! I’m not the only one!  These two can NOT take a bad photo.  Nope!

THEN, I saw this pretty pink tree in my town and I wanted to take some photos with it.  I did a shoutout on Instagram and Becca and Michael raised their hands (well, Becca did…HA!).  THIS one made me a little anxious.  These two are getting married next year and I’ve not done their engagement session OR wedding yet! EEKKKK!! To top it all off, they came down to my studio to meet before booking and she was so confident and set in her decision to have me as their wedding photographer.  It’s super sweet and the BEST compliment I can receive…but a little nerve racking when I’m testing out my new camera I finally purchased and picked HARSH light (because I wanted to see what this camera could really do since we deal with midday light on a wedding day).  They were total champs and her mom even came along to enjoy the nice weather and pretty scenery.  I probably sounded like a crazy person when I got out of the car and “reminded” them that this isn’t typical Hannah…fumbling around!  They laughed and then we went on to take some AMAZING “practice” engagement photos!  AND LOOK HOW PRETTY! EEEEKKKKK!

The Beccas were ON it that week.  This Becca (below) also raised her hand for the pretty tree!  You remember Becca and AJ rightttttt?!  They had an AMAZING Christmas tree farm engagement session years ago (2017) and then followed it up with a spectacular fall wedding at Bella Amore (Enchanted Acres in Dennison, Ohio).  NOW, they’re expecting! EKKK!  And I got to be the one to take the pictures so they could tell everyone!  I mean…how did I get so lucky with this job?!  Aren’t these photos just amazing?!  These two always take absolutely phenomenal photos…it doesn’t matter…they’re always amazing!

Speaking of babies…two other Hannah Barlow Photography couples are expecting, as well…AND SOON!  Remember Emily and David (and Tucker)?  Yep.  I got to do their summer engagement session in 2019 and their summer wedding last year!  NOW, they’re expecting a little, baby girl and I just can’t even with these photos!  No one wanted to do their engagement session this year with the tulips so I talked them into it (more like asked nicely…and they’re the best…so they drove out).  The pink tulips were just PERFECT for these photos!  It’s a girl!

Last up – Jenna and Joe!  OooooOOo these two.  Every time I photograph them it brings back memories of their engagement session sooooo long ago (I think…2017?).  Then, they had an amazing winter wedding in 2018!  They just can’t take a bad photo even if they tried!  They don’t know if their little one is going to be a boy or a girl…so we went neutral!  I can NOT pick a favorite!  Seriously, why are my clients so good to me…and so photogenic?!  I’m a luck photographer, I tell ya!

Well, that’s it!  That’s a wrap!! HUGE shoutouts and digital hugs to all my clients who put up with me learning this new camera.  I’m going to do better this weekend.  I told Kassie (my beautiful bride this weekend) that I AM going to use it.  I’m not sure if she was excited or nervous about that comment! HA!  It’s time though!


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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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