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May Carnes Center Wedding in St. Clairsville Ohio

Happy Friday, everyone!  I may have a wedding tonight and a wedding tomorrow BUT that’s not stopping me from getting last week’s wedding up on the blog!  Nope!  Jordan and Terry may have gotten OFFICIALLY married last year on their original wedding date but they celebrated last week and we got to document it all.  It even rained but that didn’t stop us.  So, please give Mr. & Mrs. Kirkland all your Hannah Barlow Photography love.  This wedding was a long time coming.  Please enjoy their May Carnes Center Wedding.  It’s live right now!

So, I left a little (a lot) early last Friday morning.  You see, Jordan booked me a LONG time ago…LONGGGG time ago.  It was pre-COVID, of course, and this whole shin dig was supposed to happen last August.  Well, we all know what happened in 2020.  So, I shot their engagement session back in 2019 (seems like SO long ago).  And this wedding was highly anticipated in my 2020 book so I was super duper bummed when it got rescheduled.  That just meant Jordan and I had extra time to chat and plan so I was a mess of nerves to make sure it was just perfect for everyone.  Anddddd the forecast called for rain….all day rain…ALLLLL day.  The first thing I did when I arrived at the hotel in St. Clairsville, Ohio was find a dry and covered location for the first look.  I texted Jared (Thompson Video Productions) to confirm it would work for him and then I was off to find Jordan.  She was getting all pampered up (and in the same room I got ready as a bride in 2008) and the very first thing I said was, “Do not worry about the rain.  You let me worry about the rain.  I PROMISE to give you beautiful wedding photos.  It doesn’t matter what I have to do…we’re going to make this happen!”  I got a little nervous laughter from her.  I mean…it was POURING.  And it was supposed to pour all day.  I can totally understand her nervousness…but we got this!

So, while she was finishing getting ready, I did the detail shots!  Nothing better than classy and timeless details!

The whole morning seems like a blur to me.  Hair and makeup was running behind so we adjusted the timeline no problem (even calling Terry and letting him know about the new plan).  Jared was a rockstar and helped me manage how/when/where/why we were going to do things the way we were going to do them.  Then, Jordan got in her dress and I was a squealing machine.  Does she look like a model that popped out of a magazine?!  Yes…yes she does!  GAH!  That Sorelle Bridal gown fits her like a glove (I’m not surprised…their dresses are the best ever and always).

Time for the first look!  Yep.  This is simply a tunnel between the hotel and the maintenance area.  Don’t tempt me with a beautiful, plain wall!! It was perfect!

Their reactions are everything!

I mean…just look how happy!  OOO yea!  Kari was there too!! I was so stinking excited.  You see, Kari was my first official second shooter on the Hannah Barlow Photography team.  There were a few years she shot EVERY wedding with me.  Then, she started a family so we added on Lacey, Sam and Emily (and Ash…who has been here the whole time…and learned to shoot too).  It’s been a few years since I’ve gotten to do a solid wedding with Kari but she’s BACK!  And she caught all the extra angles for me!

Then, Terry gave Jordan her gift.  These are some of my very favorites because they’re so honest and candid.  No planning.  No involvement from us vendors.  It’s just a sweet moment between bride and groom!

Seriously, don’t tempt this wedding photographer with a pretty blank wall in the most random locations!  I took about 5 extra minutes to get some of these!  Doesn’t this just look editorial?! AHHH! Loving these!

Then, we headed to one of my favorite rain locations and did the bridal party shots!  It took a lot to squeeze everyone into the photo but we did it!

Ruger got to be a part of his family’s photos too!

I was dying laughing editing these photos!  GROUP HUG!  Even his buddy pulled him in for some love! HA!

Terry! TERRY!  There is no way…NO WAY…you truly don’t like photos.  The camera sure does love you!

What didn’t I love?  This moment because all I pictured was ripped clothing or bruises (and we still had a wedding to get through).  I was SO worried!  HA!  Famous last words, “oOo Hannah.  No one is going to rip their pants…or get hurt!”  I am SO relieved this turned out.  My heart was beating one million miles a minute (and Jordan said her face was probably priceless standing off to the side watching all this unfold)!  For those of you who do not know Terry…he’s a TALL guy…well over six foot.  He towers over me (and I’m 5’7”).  Throwing him wasn’t going to be easy but somehow they managed and somehow we nailed it! Whewww!

Then, it was time for Jordan’s time to shine. And OooOoo she DID shine!  We took SO many photos!  SO MANY!

Then, bride and groom formals!  Kari’s always been amazing at getting a second (and very different) angle.  A few years off didn’t change anything!  I couldn’t pick favorites so I’m just going to throw a WHOLE bunch at you!

We simply flipped them around, I stood where they were originally standing, and got some more!  What a difference perspective is, right?!

I had left my clear umbrellas in the car.  Jared was cracking up laughing because I just kept pulling “things out of my hat”.  That “hat” is my wedding photographer emergency bag and it is very very important on a rainy, wedding day!

What you can’t see is that I put a white plastic table cloth under Jordan to keep her dress dry.  And yes…it was RAINING…  But that wasn’t going to stop me from pretty, outdoor photos!  I had promised, right?!

So, Kari and I started running and literally throwing the umbrellas to get some more shots!

Then, we moved them to this location and we were back in business and back on time.  One thing I always promise couples is that no matter what happens with the timeline, I WILL find a way to catch it up!  We did it!

Then, pizza showed up!  They even offered us a whole box!  That’s right!  Then, I went over and found Aaron (Jared’s other half and video assistant).  I said “Hi” real quick and handed him some pizza too!  Thank you all for feeding us!  I was pretty hungry!

Off to the church we went!  Jordan’s dad got to have a quick first look with his daughter!

Then, we realized we hadn’t gotten any photos of JUST dad and daughter so I took Terry and his beautiful daughter, Braylee, out for some photos just the two of them!

Gifts and notes were exchanged and Terry’s reaction was EVERYTHING while Jordan stood by and listened to him read her words out loud.

Here comes the bride!


…and then I RAN (ok…more like drove quickly) out of the ceremony location to beat guests to the Carnes Center in St. Clairsville, Ohio because I knew Jordan’s reception details were very important to her.  I ran out of the church so fast I literally left a whole flash bag behind AND one of my camera batteries (which I’ve never done before).  BUT I had my backups (because I have so many backups because I’m so paranoid).  Huge shoutout to the bridal party for brining all my stuff to me!  Once we got there,  Aaron and I realized the candles weren’t in the water and it took us a long time to figure out how to turn them on (plot twist…once you put them in water…they automatically come on…there is no switch…Oy!)

These cupcakes got SO many photos! Look how pretty!

The bridal party arrived!! One more time…Mr. & Mrs. Kirkland!

They went right into their first dance!  The Carnes Center looked SO good!

Cake was cut…and smashed!  Brave man, Terry!

Then, some of their closest friends and family made speeches.

Dinner was served and Kari reminded me to document it before I dove into it.  It was sooOoooo SO good!

They did the traditional bride/father and groom/mother dances and then Terry got to dance with his own daughter.

…and finally…almost a year later…it was time to party with this couple!  There was no lack of party!

What cracked me up the most about this garter removal was that the light on his head lit up her dress! HA!

Garter was thrown!

Then, the bouquet was tossed!  And I was watching that sky for a sunset like a nut!

I’d love to say we got a sunset but we didn’t.  It just continued to rain…WAHHHHHHH!  BUT…that didn’t stop the couple from celebrating the night away!

We left them with what proved to be a very rowdy and fun night!  I am so happy this wedding finally arrived!  Jordan and Terry, I hope this wedding (2.0) was everything you wanted it to be and more.  With all the stress of 2020, you two deserved to have an amazing day and an amazing celebration and this wedding gallery feels just like that to me!  I actually told Jordan today that I need to add them to my “I got new gear and need to practice on a couple…” list.  Because, let’s be honest here.  These two photograph SO SO SO well! AHHHH FINALLY!

As always, let’s give this couple ALL our Hannah Barlow Photography love!

One more time!



Bride’s Gown – Kitty Chen from Sorelle Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Attire – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse, Etsy

Jewelry/Rings – Kay

Hair/Makeup – Studio 33, Kesha Thompson

Florist – Hometown Floral (Bride’s Bouquet)

Videographer – Thompson Video Productions (Jared and Aaron0

Cake – Sweet Notes, Trista Rager

DJ – Jarrell Bailey, Bailey Productions

Catering – Jeff and Karen Howell

Limo – Heavenly Coach Limos

Invitation – Ann’s Bridal Bargains

Officiant – Pastor Robert (Bob) Benesh

Koozies – Totally Wedding Koozies

Photobooth – Selfie Snaps

Head Table/Backdrop and Ceiling Treatment – DJ Daner w/ Advanced Entertainment

Cookies – Simply Sweets Cakes and Family/Friends

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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