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River City Wedding Reception Wheeling, WV

Happy Thursday, everyone!

All you loyal blog readers are going to love this one because it has a whole lot of familiar faces and a whole lot of Hannah Barlow Photography “family” in it!  That’s right!! Lindsey and Zack are back!! I have lost count how many times they have been on my blog at this point – from engagement session, to being bridal party members in multiple weddings, to being the bride and groom themselves last year at their COVID ceremony and now they FINALLY got to celebrate their wedding reception.  That’s right!  EEEKKKK!! Give Mr. and Mrs. Yates all your Hannah Barlow Photography love.  Their River City Wedding Reception in Wheeling, WV FINALLY happened…AND they just celebrated their one year anniversary too.  Just in time!  Enjoy!

BUT FIRST!  Wait a second…just WAIT one second.  Cue the tire screeching.  FIRST, if you’re new here, you need to catch yourself up on this love story.  Their June 6, 2020 official wedding is still here on the blog (click HERE).  Although it broke my heart last year that we couldn’t celebrate all in one day, it just meant I got to spend EXTRA time with this group (even if the men hate it) and I’m A OK with that! Yep!  So, I arrived at the Oglebay cabins so we could get some family formals we weren’t able to do last year.  Of course, I’m Hannah and I’m a creature of habit (to the extreme) so I HAD to take some details shots!

If this new date stamp isn’t the most amazing, clever thing that came out of COVID, well…someone tell me what’s better?!

Hear me out.  ALL of these men are used to me at this point.  I didn’t get to get any getting ready photos of them last year.  So, I just barged right in while they were finishing getting ready and they just put up with me.  Down deep, they’re gentleman and I always promise to go fast and then mind my business.  But I mean…we NEEDED some to put next to Lindsey’s from last year, right?!  Thanks, guys…you’re seriously the best!  You put up with me…and I cave and do things I wouldn’t otherwise do at a typical wedding…more on that later!  It’s all about meeting in the middle!

I had Zack’s mom jump in and get her photo moment.  We kind of did this last year too but it was a lot crazier with COVID…can we get close?  Can I pin flowers?  WHAT CAN WE DO?!  This year feels SO much better…SOOO much!

Family photo time!!  We took lots and lots but here is the whole group we missed last year! #thanksCOVID

I mean…creature of habit.  Yep!  I personally needed some more bride and groom photos from these two.  You know…ALL Lindsey asked for this round was a dip photo but I wanted JUSTTTT a few more!

Then, “we” dipped! EEEKKKK!

The amount of love I have for this whole bridal party can’t be put in words.  I think they know though!  I talk to them like a friend…not a professional wedding photographer and I hope they’re ok with that!

Hey! That’s me…and I officially have photographed ALL their weddings completely.  It’s a bittersweet kind of feeling for me.

Then, Sam snapped this one of us!

The whole bridal party was here this year!  I’m a glitz and glam kind of gal so I was love love LOVING all this!  Also, lets do it again and compare the ladies “group hug” against the men! Every.single.time.

You’re not getting away from me! Nope!  More bride and groom formals!

Alright.  Let’s talk about this little man.  He was just a wee baby last year.  I did NOT recognize him this year.  Who knew this breed could change SO much?!

ANDDDDDD look at this big boy now (and how much he’s changed)!  His mom and dad didn’t think he would behave (they actually weren’t going to have him in any photos).  I insisted and he proved them wrong and was the PERFECT gentleman!

Also, past Hannah Barlow Photography couples can’t escape me! Nope!  Remember Amy and Logan?  They got married almost THREE years ago and are really how I ended up spending session after session and wedding after wedding with this group!  They’re going to start needing to collect a commission!

Recognize these two?!  They just got married a little over a month ago!! EEKKK!

Just like that…we were off to the reception.  I kept telling Sam, “It feels weird right?!  It feels like we missed something!”  I had to keep telling myself it was FINE…we did most of this last year!  This wedding reception had alllll the glitz and glam and I loved it so much!  I do love sparkles and we don’t see that much these days.

They played Jay’s video (Jay Morris Video Productions) from last year so people who weren’t able to attend could relive it with us!

FINALLY…let’s introduce, welcome, and party with Mr. & Mrs. Yates!  Zack’s smiles and laughs may be my favorite EVER!

Speeches were completed.  These men could NOT hold it together!

Then, we did a 180 and tears started being shed…from everyone.

Cake was cut!

First dances were danced!

Then, all four parents got to have a moment with their children.

It was time to get this party started…check out this party!

Remember earlier how I said I’d do just about anything since those guys put up with me?  Well, here we go.  Six years…almost 100 weddings…and I do not believe I’ve ever had an alcoholic beverage while actively working.  You all know I take professionalism VERY seriously.  Don’t get me wrong.  People offer and ask me to join them all the time but I always politely decline.  I’m not a big drinker to begin with and I always remind them that my camera, lens and flash equipment I carry around is cost equivalent to a small car.  So, I always say, “I can’t drink and drive but thank you anyway!”  BUT…this was different.  I feel like I’ve got a bond with this group like no other.  It was also still daylight and Lindsey had asked me to stay until 11:00 PM…so, why not?!  Let’s do this.

If I do drink, it’s usually a mixed drink so I’m used to this kind of stuff.  So, half a shot (that’s all I would agree to) down we go!  They didn’t think I’d do it either.  They look skeptical.

“What have I gone and done?!”  Let’s title this photo (below) that.  I handled it better than the men behind me though! HA!  I wouldn’t do this for just any group…I’d do it for them!  Probably a first and last time though…we’re NOT making this a habit, you guys! HA!

Alright!  Let’s circle back to this party!  The garter was removed!

Then, Zack threw it!

Then, Lindsey tossed the bouquet and it was caught!

Then, these two switched it up and it was the PERFECT plan!

After all these weddings, I agree.  It’s time to just take a nap, right?!  Let’s GET LOW.

There was no lack of things and people and party to photograph!

…but this made me REAL nervous.  I kept waiting for the music to stop! HA!  He looks like he’s up to no good!

The party NEVER let up!  I was there for HOURS!

And THIS is what Lindsey wanted me to stay for…their last song was the good old WV tradition and we circled the couple and celebrated their marriage! AHHHHHH!

You know what I love most about 2021?!  Selfies are back again and I just love them so much!  I missed this…being with people…being CLOSE to people!  Sharing love (not germs) which became the 2020 slogan!

And just like that I want to cry happy tears.  It’s my hope and dream I get to be with this group over and over and over again at future weddings.  I roll into these weddings with not nervous energy…but excited anticipatory energy.  I want it ALL for these people because they treat me like a wedding photographer queen (and I don’t expect any kind of special treatment like that…I’m a hired wedding vendor and I never…ever forget that).  This group is just different though because we literally have years of history.  I don’t just strike up conversations with just them but also their families and friends who I recognize and know.  Lindsey and Zack, I know you never expected to have to spit your wedding up like this…but I hope it ended up being everything you wanted and more!  CONGRATS TO THE YATES!  AHHH!! It’s so bittersweet!


Bride’s Gown – Stella York from J. Jones

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Jewelry/Rings – Kay

Hair/Makeup – Lavish Hair Salon

Florist – Kroger Wheeling

Videographer – Jay Morris Video Productions

Cake/Desserts – Almost Heaven Cupcakes

DJ – Donnie Gilbert

Catering/Reception Venue – River City

Invitations – Uncle Steve

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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