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Oglebay West Spa Patio and Glessner Auditorium Wedding

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I didn’t know if I’d get Aubrey and Nick’s wedding done today but I found myself plugging away yesterday…and a little more today…and then BAM!  It was done!  So, these two may still on the their honeymoon but I’m about to put their wedding up for all of you to see! Please give Mr. and Mrs. Patrone all your Hannah Barlow Photography love.  Their Oglebay West Spa Patio and Glessner Auditorium Wedding is live right now!  Enjoy

I knew Aubrey was going to be a STUNNING bride back when I did their engagement photos (HERE).  I was full of all kinds of anticipation heading into their wedding last Friday!  Yep!  As always, I did a quick stop in Glessner Auditorium just to get my eyes on everything for the reception so I was prepared coming back later in the day (because I knew “meeting curfew” and having the couple back on time for the reception was going to happen fast) and then I headed over to the Lakeside part of Oglebay’s lodge by the Spa Patio to find Aubrey and her ladies!  Makeup was being completed!

Then, I grabbed all her beautiful, elegant bridal details and got down to it with Jay (Jay Morris Video Productions) by my side!

I told Aubrey I loved these invitations the moment I opened them after the mail lady dropped them in my studio mailbox!

She even left me some groom details! I never get groom details! YAY!

Then, Aubrey got ready to open her gift from Nick and THIS is when I started squealing.  You see, when I first got there, they had her veil all tied up out of the way of makeup so I didn’t really get to see it fully.  I started squealing right here when she sat down.  I told her she looked like a “Spanish Princess” and while I’m not really sure what a real life Spanish princess looks like…this is exactly how I imagine one in my head.  Remember, I’m a romance novel reader kind of gal and I read A LOT of historical pieces – both fact and fiction.  I’m going to picture Aubrey now when there’s a foreign princess because she looked like royalty!  Is that weird?  It’s probably weird.  HA!

Then, I headed upstairs to find the guys.  They were almost ready so we pinned some flowers and then asked them to wait in the hall while Nick opened his gift.

Then, it was time for the guys’ formal photos!

It never fails and the men (no matter the wedding) hardly ever disappoint on the “group hug”!  I giggled so much while editing this wedding.

Since I was close, I snapped some photos of the West Spa Patio.  I’ll NEVER get tired of this view.  I do believe, of all the ceremony locations at Oglebay, the West Spa Patio is my favorite!

Back to the ladies! Just a few robe photos before we got Aubrey in her dress!

Now, a little back story.  Aubrey’s mom was still getting her own gown on so I opted to help Aubrey get in her dress initially.  Aubrey even laughed and said, “Is that weird?” when she asked if I’d help (or maybe I asked if she needed help…who knows).  BUT ANYWAY, we had already been cutting hang loops off bridesmaid dresses (those silk loops that dresses hang on hangers with and isn’t part of the actual dress) and the next thing I knew, I heard RIPPPPPPPP and Aubrey had done ripped out what looked like a VERY IMPORTANT PART OF THE DRESS.  I don’t think I’ve panicked so much the morning of a wedding in my life.  I think I panicked three times or more both out loud and internally.  She assured me it was fine…I didn’t believe it.  It looked VERY important!  I mean, I never actually did follow up and she was able to get in her dress successfully while being so calm…so I guess she was right but it literally was made out of THE material of the dress and had some connectors on it.  I really thought it helped keep the dress on or something.  Lordy, wedding photographer heart attack, I tell ya!  Good thing Aubrey was so calm.  It took me moment to catch my breath! HA!  Isn’t she BEAUTIFUL?!

So, after I chilled my nerves and we got Aubrey all set, we took the ladies outside.  This is my favorite, little secret spot outside Oglebay!  Are they not all BEAUTIFUL?!

I took an obnoxious amount of photos of Aubrey! I did!  But how could I not?!  GAH!

…and while we’re talking about these moments.  APPARENTLY, DJ Brian Oliver was standing behind me giving the universal “shhh don’t say anything” sign to Aubrey and ran up and got this awful photo of me!  I’m showing you all because I do tell people NOT to worry about their RBF (Resting….fill in the blank….Face).  Sorry, Grandma!  But it’s true.  You all know I’m one of the most hyper, happy people around but I truly DO have the worst resting face AND I’m also thin with a genetic double chin.  Ladies, I’m telling ya…just look!  Angles (and preparation for the photo) is everything.  I have so many brides worried about their resting face and “double chin”.  Nope…even us happy people have them! This is (bad) proof!  Also, Brian and Jay thought they were HA HA HA HILARIOUS…and have now made this a “thing” at weddings we do together (catching me off guard).  More on that in the next blog.  They got me again.  But really ladies, you gotta trust the photography process…don’t channel your inner, surprised, got-off-guard Hannah…it’s not good.  NOT GOOD.  See Below.  BUT, we all have it to an extent…so no need to worry about it!

Alright, now that we’ve all had a good laugh.  It was time to get these two married! They had a “first touch” moment!

Then, we moved right into the ceremony!  Here comes the bride!

Did I mention it was hot! HOT!  But so so so pretty! Worth it!

We went right into family formals and then I snapped this one when Jay was taking them over to look out over the balcony! AHHHH!! Seriously, the West Spa Patio is SO pretty…even when we aren’t trying to get posed photos!

Then, we raced over to the mansion to get some photos.  Aubrey said she wanted all the greens.  I LOVE the greens so we took lots and lots! Bride and Groom formal photo goodness coming at ya!

Of course, we didn’t forget the bridal party!

Aubrey requested some more photos with the ladies!

Then, we mixed the guys and gals up!

Right back into bride and groom formals.  Ashleigh and I tag teamed these!

Black and white for the win!  The weather was so perfect under these trees for these photos!

Allllll the photos for these two!

More photos of Aubrey.  How could we not?!  Ash threw the veil for me!

Just a few more to wrap things up!

Did you all see my ridiculous running photo on my stories?  Well, these were the photos I took RIGHT before Ashleigh caught me running like a ridiculous woman.  I never was coordinated so I definitely was never a great runner!  But DJ Brain Oliver sets me with a “curfew”.  All you loyal blog readers know that! To be fair, I’ve NEVER been late to a reception but lots of photographers are and he takes timelines and timing VERY seriously.  So yes….I RAN!  And we made it!  Trolley photos first!

We made it to the reception! WOOOO!  Introducing again…Mr. & Mrs. Patrone who came right in, busted a move, and cut cake!

Speeches were made and then we all had dinner.  Aubrey sat us at our own table AND we had place cards (it’s the little things for us wedding vendors) AND she even spelled Ashleigh’s name correct which got Ash ALL kinds of sappy and excited! Then, I raced Brian again and we managed to get table shots with only 18 seconds to spare! WOOOOOOOO!!!  *high fives to everyone* Now, first dance time!

Then, Nick got to dance with his mom.

Then, Aubrey danced with her dad.  And they had a surprise for everyone.  It was funny because the music cut out mid song and Brian started looking [pretending] to be really confused.  If you know Brian, if the music had ACTUALLY cut out?  If it just stopped?  Ooo man.  There would be all kinds of panic like you’ve never seen panic before.  I looked right at him and laughed.  I knew what he was doing.  Aubrey had mixed up the songs so they could REALLY get down…choreographer style!  The crowd went wild!

Holy Moly…it was a party when the dance floor opened!

Garter removal…spin the bottle…we did it ALL!  ALSO…did you all know there was a line dance for “Baby Got Back”?  No?!  ME NEITHER! AND I LOVED IT!  Ladies, tell me!  Did you make this up and/or where can I learn this?!

Aubrey got to DJ and the party just kept going…and going…and going!

Brian ended the night with good ole’ Country Roads with the blue and yellow uplighting as a nice touch!

THEN, he played an encore and I noticed this little empty bottle of Patrone and I MEAN…I MEANNNNNN…How much more perfect could I end the night and this blog?  Their last name is now Patrone…and it’s a bottle of Patrone! I MEAN…it’s PERFECT!

As I mentioned, Aubrey and Nick are on their honeymoon right now.  They have wifi so I’ll know they’ll get to see this!  I’m hoping it is the cherry on top of everything wedding and love and marriage for these two!  Aubrey planned all the details and then had some stress and major “wedding catastrophes” leading up to this wedding day so I wanted it all to be perfect for her.  I made it my goal to take the stress off her this day and give her the photos she was envisioning.  I hope I met that mark!  I’ve been texting her all week with some sneak peeks because this gallery made me smile…and giggle…a lot!  Even though it was hot, the weather really was pretty perfect.  I don’t think it could have gotten more pretty than what the wedding Gods handed us!  Even the sky was showing up with white, puffy, perfect clouds!! AHHH! I can’t believe it’s over!  Congrats to the Patrones!  Give them your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  They’re married!

Bride’s Gown – J Jones in Weirton

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – Azazie

Men’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Shoes (Bride) – Nordstrom

Jewelry/Rings – Kay

Makeup – Summer Emory (IG Handle @emorymua)

Bridesmaids’ Hair – Sarah Dierkes w/ Revival Salon and Spa

Venue – Oglebay (West Spa Patio and Glessner Auditorium)

Coordinator – Cassie Minder

Florist – Ferry Flowers and More

Videographer – Jay Morris

Cake – Masterpieces of Old Town

Cupcakes – Erica Keller

DJ – Brian Oliver

Transportation – Oglebay Trolley

Invitations – Truly Engaging by Magnetstress

Officiant – Dan Christian (Groom’s Uncle)

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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