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Aliquippa PA Engagement Photos

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Where are all my horse lovers?!  Blake, Joe, AND Token (who really stole the show here…let’s just be honest) are on the blog right now!  Their OoOOo so beautiful engagement session is live from Blue Ribbon Farms in Aliquippa, PA…and it’s fit for a storybook, I tell ya!  Enjoy!

Years and years ago when I was still a new photographer, I did a senior session with a horse.  That’s right…once upon a time I DID do sessions that weren’t JUST engagements, couples, and weddings!  So, I learned at that session…a horse’s ear position IS important and matters AND they don’t walk backwards so I can’t be all “Hannah” and move all over the place.  HA!  I used all that old knowledge for this engagement session!  HUGE shoutout to Joe’s mom (Hi, Debbie) who came along with us and helped get Token’s ears to perk right up!

I mean…could it get more magical!?

They’re a beautiful family, aren’t they?!  We had walked through the field toward the creek but I wanted to take advantage of this little spot and light!

Black and white photos were great too!

Then, we went down to the creek!

We gave Token a break (thanks, Debbie!) and did some traditional engagement photos with these two.  I’m telling you right now.  Blake and Joe are going to be one of my easiest and most laid back couples of 2022…no bride or groomzilla here!  Nope!

Back through the field we went!

We were then greeted by some new friends!  Many of the other horses wanted to say “hello”.  Like most animals, they were very interested in all my gear too!

If you’re a loyal blog reader, you know me.  I love some good dead field stuff!  This location did NOT disappoint!  Love love LOVE!

Ooo we all love the glow, right?!

Eskimo kisses and a spin for a grand finale…and lots and lots of laughs!

I mean…Blake chose purple for one of her wedding colors so we HAD to have this photo!

…and that’s a wrap on this one!  How can you not love a session with a HORSE and two of the easiest, most laid back people I’ve EVER met?!  They’ll be tying the knot before we know it this May at Shadow Lakes…also in Aliquippa, PA!  Again, huge shoutout to Blue Ribbon Farms for being so welcoming and allowing us to take these photos!  Thanks for reading!  Have a great day!

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