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Wheeling WV Field Glowy Engagement Photos

Happy Thursday, everyone!  Before I head out for a two wedding, double header weekend, I had to get this couple on the blog!  That’s right!! NEW COUPLE ALERT!  Jenna and Jeremy are on the blog right now with their simple but OooOo so beautiful engagement session in a random field, off the side of a road in Wheeling, WV! But that LIGHT was everything!  Give them all your Hannah Barlow Photography love and enjoy!

Jenna’s mom and one of my past bride’s mom (Hey, Sam and Joni!) lead this beautiful couple to me.  They’ve worked together for years!  And this couple has been an absolute breeze to work with…right down to this session.  I was planning the details…they were just letting me do my thing!  So, when I finally just said…let’s drive over here, pull off the side of a random side road, and take pictures in this random field “because I love dead stuff and pretty light”…they said “Yes! Let’s do it!” and I was just all Hannah mode at that point.  This was the epitome of, “you’re just going to have to trust me”.  And they did…and just LOOK!

Oooo my goodness ME! These black and whites are just everything, right!?  These two have been together a little over 3 years.  Last year they bought their first home together with two doggies (and now three doggies as I’m typing this).  It was one night while hanging out on their deck that Jeremy decided to ask Jenna to marry him!

They told me they were a bit excited and nervous for this session.  I didn’t see that AT ALL…so either all my talking just overwhelmed them away from those nerves or they have the very best poker faces! HA!  These ones below are some of my favorites!

Walking and snuggling!

A++ for the modified dip!

I’m never ever done…I honestly could have been done in just 15 minutes because they rocked this session and we had taken so many already!  But I’m never done, right?!  So, we took some more.  I have NO worries about their wedding day.  Even if I get just 15 minutes with them, we’re going to be JUST fine!

Last but not least…check out this beautiful ring!

They’re planning a September wedding (just two days before my birthday) next year.  They’re hoping for an intimate ceremony but then a PARTY at the reception.  Considering they have DJ Brian Oliver too…I’d say we’re going to be just fine making that happen!  Check back next year for their Oglebay wedding in Wheeling, WV!  Thanks for reading!  I’m out tomorrow so have a great weekend and I’ll “see” you all Monday!

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