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The Barn on Enchanted Acres Dennison Ohio Fall Wedding

Happy Wednesday! Blog #2 for the week is coming at you and it’s a wedding! WooOOooooo!  Ooo Chelse and Matt.  Where do I even BEGIN?!  I met them in person up at Bella Amore (part of The Barn on Enchanted Acres wedding venues) for their engagement session last year.  Since they were getting ready at the barn, they wanted to do Bella Amore for their engagement session.  Check! Done!  We had a blast, but I knew we would.  You see, Chelse and I had a pre-booking consult on the phone and I swear we chatted for two hours.  I rambled a bit about this on their wedding sneak peek on Monday too.  She’s high energy…I’m…well, if you’ve met me…yea.  I’m high energy too!  We just clicked.  So, I got to meet Matt at their engagement session and we laughed and had a grand time galavanting around.  Fast forward a few months and more conversations and I find out Chelse chose me…after interviewing 27 (TWENTY SEVEN…just in case you thought it was a typical Hannah Barlow typo) photographers before choosing me.  Cue the sweaty armpits and high heart rate…because…THE PRESSURE.  Goodness…I was feeling good up until that statement.  SooOOooO I had lots of Hannah anxiety going into this day to make sure I met the part of wedding photographer chosen out of 27.  I didn’t need it though.  Chelse and I? We just get each other and Matt keeps us grounded.  SO!  They didn’t want an engagement blog initially because they’re more private.  So, if you’re wondering where that is and why you haven’t seen it, now you know.  I typed them up one instead and just didn’t make it public.  EVERY Hannah Barlow couple needs a blog whether it’s live or not, right?  WELL, it’s the ULTIMATE compliment that they said, “Go right ahead, Hannah…blog away with our wedding!” and I’m so super duper pumped!!!

SooOooOoOoo, please give Chelse and Matt all your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  They’re coming in hot with their wedding blog and it’s public and live (with their permission) RIGHT NOW! Enjoy!

This was a double header weekend for us!  Ironically, it worked out magically because Chelse’s wedding on Saturday was at the barn BUT our other wedding was at the venue next door.  Girls’ weekend!  Let’s do this!  So, I grabbed Emily and off we went on a road trip!  I texted Chelse we were on our way and it was time!  After we arrived, we went right into detail photos!  Chelse kindly left all the goodies out WITH A note for me (I posted it over there on IG if you saw it).  My brides are the best!

Then, Matt arrived and we did those getting ready shots!  I also caught a shot with him and his momma!  Chelse wanted allll the candids so I put on my good peripheral vision this day to make sure I didn’t miss a thing!

THEN, we had to open gifts.  These gifts were top secret and it was a nice mix of a little bit of everything.  I was in on it too, of course.  Chelse kept me in the loop on everything!  Matt’s reaction did not disappoint!

The Barn on Enchanted Acres has details…TO.DIE.FOR.  Every single time I’m there!

Then, Chelse rolled in (rhinestone nail disaster averted) and we rushed to get her ready.  That’s Jill, Chelse’s Mom!

Then, it was first look time!  Hannah Barlow Photography first right here!  Chelse and Matt invited EVERYONE out to be a part of their first look!  I’m usually worried there will be distractions and phones.  Not with this group!  They were 100% present for this special moment when bride and groom get to see one another for the first time!

Here she comes…with lots of help to keep that dress dry!

He’s ready!

First look!

Then, it true Chelse fashion…she challenged me.  She wanted it to be extra….EXTRA candid, mingling and reception.  So, she said, “Hannah.  I want all formal photos done before the ceremony.  Every one.  I don’t want to worry about one after the ceremony”.  Ask and you shall receive!  In 1.5 hours…we did I’d normally do in 3-4 hours! That’s right!  So, let’s do this!  Formal photo time!

3.2.1…GO!  They’re ready! Let’s do this!  There is never EVER a lack of energy with these two!

Family formals first.  It was all backwards from what I normally do…I think my brain was misfiring a bit, I swear!  You know me…creature of habit over here!  Look how happy everyone is though!

Then, bridal party photos!

oOoO these ladies were killing it!  And their dresses are from…wait for it…AMAZON! WOOooOo!

The men didn’t let the ladies stand them up! Nope!

…and remember how I said I’m a creature of habit and my brain was misfiring?  Well, it randomly occurred to me I had sent the women inside and hadn’t actually taken any of of the ladies together after I’d done their individuals! So, sorry!  They were total champs though and came right back out and we got them done!

Then, it was time for Matt to have his moment.  This is also his Hannah Barlow Photography blog moment! EEEEKKKK!! Groom photos…FOR.THE.WIN!


And now, time for bride and groom shots!  Chelse didn’t want to risk getting her dress or shoes dirty so we stole ALL the angles in this little barn addition Celeste and Ryan (owners of the Barn on Enchanted acres) added last year!

Bride and groom photos compliments of Emily and I!

Let’s pause for some more wedding day energy!

…and right back to it!

The owners of the Barn and Bella Amore care about their couples and their photos!  Ryan fixed this couch right up for us!

Just a few more and Emily was creepin’ through the little window!

…because we need allll the happy vibes!  Always!  Can you just imagine being there with both me AND Chelse?

Then, Jill asked (she seriously asked me) if she could have a moment with her daughter.  Moms get ANY and ALL moments with their daughters on their wedding day…it’s a Hannah rule in the wedding playbook!

And just like that…formal photos were done.  AND it was only 2 o’clock!  That’s NO exaggeration! WooOooO! Check! We did it!  Now, 9.5 hours of mingling.  You read it correctly again!

Just kidding…we had a ceremony to get through! I’ve always (ALWAYS) wanted a grandma to be the flower girl.  I got it! FINALLY!  I should have known it’d be Chelse who would give it to me! Yep!  More of this, please!

Here comes the bride!

Groom reaction didn’t disappoint!  I got sooooooooo many but this one (below) is the one where I saw him just about lose it!  And it was a precious, sweet moment!

There was no lack of laughter and joy at this ceremony!  I kept watching Chelse with her energy and thinking, “Huh…that must be what it’s like to watch me!”  It’s fascinating spending time with someone who can match your own energy!

Chelse didn’t mess around when planning this wedding.  There was no lack of extra and details.  They had a bubble send off after being pronounced Mr. & Mrs.!

This couple wanted to spend cocktail hour with all their guests so we followed them around paparazzi style!

Then, they were announced the new Mr. & Mrs. Angelo and again…the energy! I’m here for it!

Then, cake was cut!

Chelse’s sister and Matt’s brother gave heartfelt speeches!

We played the shoe game too! OooOo we had some AMAZING laughs!

First dance magic and lots of love! Let’s do black and white!

Father daughter and mother son dances too!

Now, let’s get this part started!

We tried to stay together…then split up…then change places so we could catch a little bit of everything!

Bubbles were earlier…now sparklers!

Heart shaped sparklers too!

Then, right back to some partying and mingling!

I have hundreds and hundreds of reception photos.  I knew that was important to this couple!  Chelse’s mom came up to me and said that Chelse and Matt and their group of friends have always been ones to just “be”…be together…especially around a campfire.  SO, what better last photo than Chelse relaxed, in a new dress with Matt by her side soaking up the heat from that fire…OoO and with LOVE!

…and just like that…it’s over! Waaaa!!  Chelse! CHELSE!  Thank you for choosing me.  Matt, thank you for keeping us girls down here on earth and being the calm we needed so we didn’t float up to the sky with the squeals and wedding excitement.  You’ve all heard me squeal…Chelse is right there with me!  Huge shoutouts to Chelse’s mom, Jill, who was also a big part of this planning and someone I got to talk to ahead of time, as well.  All of the family and friends were 100% supportive of this wedding and Emily and I watched them go over and above to make it just perfect and exactly what these two wanted out of their wedding day.  The Barn on Enchanted Acres never ever disappoints either!  27 photographers interviewed…and these two chose me.  I’m not even sure how to feel.  For one hot second, I was nervous…but then I thought “You know Hannah…you didn’t know this terrifying fact ahead of time…you and Chelse just made sense from the beginning and you always say it was meant to be…”  Yep.  MEANT TO BE.  They’re never getting rid of me now…Neverrrrrrrrrr!

One more time!  Congrats to the Angelos!

Bride’s Gown – Local Shop (Now Closed)

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Amazon

Men’s Attire – American Commodore Tuxedo

Cake – Sugar Fuse

DJ – Casey, Black Tie Entertainment

Catering – The Western Grill (Barn on Enchanted Acres – Ryan Smith)

Venue – The Barn on Enchanted Acres, Dennison, Ohio

Officiant – Chelse’s AMAZING cousin, Tony!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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