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Bramblewood Wedding Photos McDonald, PA | Hannah Barlow Photography

Good Morning and Happy Thursday!  NEW COUPLE ALERT!  That’s right!  This beautiful bride reached out to me earlier this year to shoot her wedding…with less than six months to go!  I can’t wait for you to see this wedding because it’s also…a NEW VENUE ALERT!  Ashleigh and I traveled to McDonald, PA to Bramblewood for this wedding and it was positively beautiful…and windy…but beautiful!  So, I’m going to tell you all about this wedding right now!  Give the new Mr. & Mrs. Whipkey all your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  Their wedding blog is live now! Enjoy!

First things first, feast your eyes on this venue.  This beautiful wedding barn is tucked away in farm land in McDonald, PA.  I was greeted with lots of friendly faces and got right down to business!  A new wedding venue means a fresh canvas for the Hannah Barlow Photography team!  Here you go!

Then, we met up with the ladies.  I actually got to meet Allie officially in the parking lot.  I feel like I’ve known her for years…but we’ve never met in person.  I squealed all my Hannah wedding day excitement and she grabbed for me for a big hug!  Turns out, she knows Ashleigh too (literally grew up with her…had sleep overs…you name it).  SMALL WORLD.  THEN, I got to see Haylea doing the makeup and was SO pumped up!  Haylea makes my brides look positively PHENOMENAL!

Seriously, the beauty that is Bramblewood weddings is…just…well, you see it, right?!  GORGEOUS!

We got right down to those wedding details!  Those rings…Oy!  I had another ring scare.  I took the rings and put them in Allie’s earring box.  Then, I laid them all next to her (calling witnesses like I always do) and where she was getting makeup done.  Well, she had already put her earrings on…thought the earring box was empty and dropped it in her bag.  SO, imagine my absolute Hannah panic when we went to get the rings AND THEY WEREN’T THERE! GAHHHHH!  One very long and panic minute later, Allie grabbed that box out of her purse and everyone took a deep breath!  I can’t with the rings.  I’ve always had ring anxiety and here the universe is messing with me!

After makeup was done, it was time for a few photos with the pretty ladies and then we were going to get down to business!

Allie…girl…I was squealing then…I’m still squealing now!

Mom helped with all those last minute details!

Then, we went out for photos.  That wind though.  These ladies handled it like CHAMPS…even when I changed locations…not once…but TWICE!

Someone suggested this little nook and we rolled with it!  I did a lot of hair photoshopping but we DID IT! WOOOOO!

Then, off we went for the men.  They were dressed and ready to go and we even got some photos of dad and son!

…but we weren’t going to leave this little nugget out of photos with his beautiful momma!

I needed alllll the Allie bride photos!

Then, we did a first look with dad and snapped a family formal (minus some key members who we got later) before we ran off to the ceremony!

Ceremony emotions didn’t disappoint!

The colors of the water and the grass and the wedding just gelled together like pure perfection!  Bramblewood did good when picking this ceremony location!  Allie did good picking wedding colors!  It just worked!

We changed things up because of the wind.  We sent family back to the bridal suite and started right off with formal bridal party photos!

You can’t tell because these two were rock stars…but the wind was a real struggle and we still managed! AHHH!  Ashleigh was killing it with the side angle too!

New perspectives are always welcomed!  Not many couples will attempt a sitting photo!  These two asked…and we conquered!

Doors and a dip!

After grandparent and immediate family formals, we had to get these three together!

THEN, we got some of the classiest wedding portraits I’ve taken in a LONG time!  AND…we were hidden from the wind.  Allie’s hairstylist needs a gold star or something.  Her hair had been whipped TO DEATH!  You can not even tell…how…just how?!

Off to the reception we go!

Chaz and Justin (2nd II None Productions) were absolute rockstars.  It was my first time meeting them and I was so impressed and had such a great time!  Welcome…Mr. & Mrs. Whipkey!

Speeches…cake cutting…first dances and parent dances.  We got all the formal things out of the way!

It was pure perfection that one of the BEST dad and daughter dances was on Father’s Day weekend.  When the Wedding Gods give me moments like this, it brings literal tears to my eyes!

Then, the party got STARTED! Goodness!  We were all over the place trying to keep track of everyone!

…but that party wasn’t the best part of the end of our night.  Nope!  Allie had wanted to do sunset.  She had also wanted to do champagne earlier in the day but I was worried she’d get it all over her dress.  SO, we combined all of that…tattoos included (Ashleigh’s idea) for the BEST send off!

Those sunset photos sealed the deal for me!  Mic drop..we did it!  I want to thank this couple AND the Bramblewood staff for welcoming me into their wedding and venue!  Allie and Nate are on their honeymoon right now but I’ll be texting them here soon when this blog goes live!  I can’t wait for them to see all these! EKKKKK!!




Bride’s Gown – Sorelle

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Birdy Grey

Men’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Hair/Makeup – Atlier (Makeup – Haylea)

Venue – Bramblewood McDonald, PA

DJ – 2nd II None Productions (Chaz and Justin)

Catering – Bistro to Go


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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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