My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Foresty Waterfall Engagement Photos | Hannah Barlow Photography

Hello Hello, everyone!! It’s been a busy week in my office and in ALL the GREAT ways!  I told this “new couple” to not even bother filling out their couple fun fact survey becuase I have ALL the words and stories and squeals!  If you’re new here, get ready!  I have ALL the Hannah energy and with this couple…it made for an amazing and extra long engagement photo experience.  SO, please give Jody and Andy ALL your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  Their foresty waterfall engagement photos are live on the engagement blog RIGHT now!  Enjoy!  It’s a goodie! 🙂

So, I would LOVE to tell you this was a proposal.  It wasn’t though…but I’m happy to report that this, right here (below), is the energy I received all session long.  You see, I got to meet Andy back at Oglebay’s wedding showcase.  He didn’t hide his energy and personality then either…which means I didn’t hide MY energy this day.  I just knew it was going to be an AMAZING time.

Let’s face it.  9 times out of 10, my grooms show up prepared to “just get through it for her”.  I get it.  I’m married to a man who absolutely loathes photos.  So, I never force it more than I have to.  Many times I keep my Hannah energy on the down low (as much as it’s humanly possible).  Not at this session!! Nope!  Jody actually texted me prior and told me she’d already told Andy to be on his best behavior and I responded, “Wait!  We’re being on our best behavior?!”  I was SO ready to roll in there all “Hannah” with all the energy and just  AND that’s just what I did and we all did to make these photos amazing!  First though, with the help of Jody’s mom (Hi, Susan!)…we got photos with their fur babies – Rosie and Domino!  They were the best kids!  Even though I DID have to photoshop some heads to get everyone looking at me! I’ll take it!

Then, Susan took on the duty of dog watcher and we got right down to these photos!  First up, we went above the waterfall.  We did NOT..hang off the side, jump off the side, hold Jody up high near the side…all Andy’s suggestions, of course!  I did tell him I’ll do just about any suggestions if someone recommends it (esp. the groom) BUT I drew the line.  I did! HA!

It was NO surprise they were both willing to go down IN the waterfall area though…even if it’s a little tricky.  I applaud Jody.  She’s a beauty and she takes an amazing photo but dealing with the both of us…can’t be easy! HA!  She rolled with the punches and these photos below are some of my absolute FAVORITES! AHHH!

Do NOT let my narrative fool you!  Jody got RIGHT in there on the shenanigans!  Honestly, it was hard for even me to keep up with these two so I kept snapping and snapping and snapping away!

We were definitely all over the place in a GREAT way!  Andy did NOT miss a beat on the dip!  Very few people go for it like these two did and they NAILED IT!

Nailed it AGAIN!

OOO you know…just some walking and snuggling.  AGAIN…NAILED IT.

Then, we went back to our little location we were at previously and used this rock!  I was in the water…barefoot.  You know!  ANYTHING to get the shot and I LOVE these!

So, of course, THEY wanted to go barefoot and I was positively on board!  AHHHHH!! EKKKK!!!  Back we go to the waterfall!  I’m just SO excited about all of this!

Then, I saw a tattoo on Jody’s ankle I thought was a heart.  AND there IS a heart…inside the state of Ohio!  Since Andy’s making Jody move to West Virginia…we had to embrace the Ohio!  Andy was so worried about his “dirty feet” from the sludge in the stream and I kept yelling, “ANDY! Your feet aren’t even in focus! QUIT MOVING!” HA!  Sometimes you meet people but feel like you’ve known them for a long time…that’s how I felt with these two!

He got ALL up in there though for some more outtakes!

I absolutely loved that these two were SO into photos!  Andy kept mentioning this location and although I originally didn’t think they’d turn out like I’d like…I don’t hate to admit that I was wrong.  I’m kind of diggin’ them too!

OOO yea.  The shenanigans didn’t end there…it was happening ALL the time!  The leaf one cracks me up.  Jody had ripped a whole stick out of his hand to get photos moving and he managed to hang on to that ONE leaf…and we all about died laughing while he’s all “take a photo of me with the leaf”! HA!

I can’t even.  These two are the absolutely…without a doubt…THE perfect couple to take me out of the 2022 wedding season.  That’s right!  They’re my last wedding this year.  It’s going to be at Oglebay.  Cassie will be there!  AND DJ Brian Oliver will be here too!! I have excited sweaty palms just thinking about it!  DREAM TEAM all the way around.  I told them our energy and Brian’s energy will be QUITE the “show” and I’m here for it!  Gosh.  It’s going to be one of those weddings I cry and laugh and cry and it’ll be so great and then bittersweet after!  I CAN NOT WAIT!

Give the future Mr. & Mrs. Gibson ALL your Hannah Barlow Photography love.  I love them already…they’re NEVER EVER getting rid of me.  Nope!  I’m here to stay!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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