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Shades of Blue Oglebay Wedding

Hello, everyone and happy end of the week!!  Alyssa and Brian’s wedding went off with a bang last Saturday and I can’t wait to show you and tell you all about it! This was a highly anticipated wedding for me as a lot of Hannah Barlow Photography couples, parents, friends, and fans were going to be present.  Alyssa and I generally had a sweet relationship too texting back and forth about all things weddings so I could NOT wait for this wedding to arrive.  We also had a great vendor team so, of course, I have all the words for this wedding blog so sit back, relax, grab your favorite drink (whether that be coffee or a cocktail…it’s early…but 5 o’clock somewhere), and enjoy Mr. and Mrs. Standiford’s beautiful, June, Oglebay wedding.

In true Hannah fashion and anytime I’m super excited about a wedding, I leave extra early.  This allows me to get rid of all my nervous energy, get all the excited shakes out of the way, and generally just calm myself down so my hands are study enough to take those beautiful wedding photos I envision.  HA!  So, I started out by driving around and scouting out locations in Oglebay where we could take photos later and then I stopped in Glessner and met up with Terri of me Making Magic in Wheeling to see what she was up to.  Glessner was looking light and brighter than I’ve ever seen and I was loving it!  Terri also let me grab some scraps of flowers and off I went with Ashleigh to find the bridal party and family for getting ready and wedding detail shots!

…and I tag teamed the getting ready.  There was SO much going on in Oglebay’s May cabin.  There was a mix of family, friends, and vendors on all levels and the wedding vibes were pure perfection!  Everyone was so excited for Alyssa and Brian and you could very much tell that while spending time in this cabin.

Jay Morris arrived shortly after me and we got right down to detail photos!

Alyssa and Brian opted not to do a first look so they could have that “wow” moment (you’ll see that here in a bit) so we got Brian all ready!

Then, I brought the men out to get their photos complete.  Their personality shots did NOT disappoint!

Once that was complete, it was time to get Alyssa ready!

Then, I brought the ladies out after the men left in the shuttle.  Alyssa and I texted back and forth all week and the forecast was looking like pure perfection (without rain…YAY!).  She didn’t care where we took pictures but I had wedding photographer visions of her as a beautiful, bride wrapped up in the glowey, ooey gooey light AND in the June greens (it looks like a jungle right now and I’m here for it).  The wedding Gods delivered!  SHE’S BEAUTIFUL!

Then, the ladies came out to have their time to shine and if you saw my Instagram story, they were the ultimate hype crowd!  This was also a new color palette for us and Ashleigh and I were definitely feeling it.

Then, we were off to Oglebay’s West Spa Patio! Remember that “wow” moment?  We got it!

Mr. & Mrs. Standiford, everyone!  The place was packed (standing room only) and the crowd went WILD)!

Then, after family formals were complete, we were off to do more bridal party fun photos…but all together this time!

It’s bridal parties like this that make me want double the time on a wedding day!  I could’ve photographed them for hours and hours!

I wanted more time with this bride too!

Veil shots for EVERYONE!

Then, it was time to get down to those bride and groom formals and that glowey sun just kept delivering! AHHH!

We moved locations for some variety!  That pollen was fierce!  You can’t tell, but Brian was being attacked by the pollen and his allergies were going crazy.  How he faked it for photos…I will have no idea.  He just kept plugging along with photos! A++ in the groom department!

Then, we ran off to Glessner and met up again with DJs Sean and Jay.  It’d been a while since I’d seen them so it was exciting!

The energy…I was loving it!

This made me laugh.  See those two forks laying there?  Yea…they didn’t use them.  They ate their cake off a knife and I will forever giggle about it.

First dance MAGIC!

ALSO…I don’t normally share speeches.  We do a lot of weddings…speeches tend to be the same.  These two speeches?  NOTHING like other speeches.  The crowd was engaged.  They were heartfelt…and funny…and people were listening to every word.  10/10 recommend these two and their speeches!  Also, HUGE shoutout to Libby for the idea to bring them down on the floor.  I’ll be doing this in Glessner from now on!

I had good feelings about the party that would be the dance floor…OooO my goodness!  It was AMAZING!  There was dancing on every inch of this dance floor.  I got to hug and see so many past Hannah Barlow Photography couples, parents, friends…you name it!  My heart was FULL!  So, I’m just going to bombard you with all things that was the Standiford wedding reception.  Enjoy!

Seriously…not an inch to spare!

THE ENERGY!  And yes…you’re probably seeing LOTS AND LOTS of familiar faces in these photos!

OoO yea..and that wasn’t even ALL the people.  There were some people mingling out side too!  As we left, I just shook my head (in a great way) because I just love when people come together like this at weddings!

Gosh this wedding was so good…straight down to weather.  I knew it would be though.  All that nervous energy I had at the beginning of the day was because I had set up visions in my wedding photographer head of what this wedding would be like…and it delivered in SO many ways.  Alyssa and Brian were so laid back and easy going from the beginning and they put their 100% trust in me (even when I convinced them one tree could make all the fall engagement photos they wanted happen –> (HERE)).  To all the people who came up and said “Hi” to me AND to all the new people I met who had all the nice things to say, you ARE appreciated…you have no idea.  Being a wedding photographer fills my heart in more ways than this just being my job, I mean that from the bottom of my heart and when you get couples who recommend me to people like this bride and groom and then they also trust me with their wedding memories…it’s just special.  This wedding was special.  Alyssa and Brian are special people!  I want to do it AGAINNNNNN!



Bride’s Gown – Essence of Australia – Bridal Beginning

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – Azazie

Men’s Attire – Generation Tux

Jewelry/Rings – James Allan

Hair/Makeup – La Carezza

Wedding Venue – Oglebay (West Spa Patio and Glessner)

Catering – Oglebay

Florist – Terri Boner, Making Magic LLC

Videographer – Jay Morris

Cake – Oglebay (Masterpieces of Old Town)

DJ – Soundtech DJ Services

Transportation – Oglebay Trolley & The Piccupp

Officiant – Pastor Jake Steele

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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