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Lovey (..and lovely) Family Engagement Photos

Hello, everyone!  Tracy, Zach and Alex FINALLY got to have their family engagement photos a few days ago.  I say “FINALLY” (all the upper case aggressive letters) because we were supposed to do them in April and then the week after that and the week after that and the week after that…no kidding.  I think this was our sixth or seventh rain reschedule?  It rained every single day we planned from April until now BUT we finally got them done!  So, give all three of these people all your Hannah Barlow Photography love and enjoy!  Their family engagement photos with alllll the love are live right now!

Don’t you all get too excited now.  This wasn’t an “official” family session…these were engagement photos for their upcoming wedding with their son! HA!  I’m still sticking to strictly engagements and couples and weddings…babies/kids are always welcome at these session!  I know any time I post kiddos everyone gets all excited…but, to be honest, if every kid was as “into” photos as this guy, Alex?!  Yea…I’d be doing them ALLLLLLL the time.  He had no issues smiling and posing and being a part of this and I just couldn’t get enough of these three!

Summer greens have officially arrived and when my couples pair that with outfits that just pop…my photographer heart is SO happy!

Remember what I said about him being a star?  Here you go (below)!

They even made walking photos look good as we went back to the car to do an outfit change!

It’s my very favorite part of the session when everyone can relax, get comfy and just laugh through the rest of the session!

I sure do wish I had family photos like this! AHHHH!!!  Aren’t they so pretty?!

The light and environment was just working so well for us down by the lake!

Black and whites looked great too!

I do like a good black and white but it’s the colors…I love the colors!  SO MUCH!

Then, Zach ran to get another shirt and we did some bench mommy/son photos!  The bench was Alex’s idea!

Zach said he HAD to get his Hawaiian shirt in there for this session and because we wanted to make these more fun…Alex added lots of personality to these photos!

These three will be back in front of my camera next year a little over one year from now for their wedding!  I told Alex he had to come up with all kinds of poses for me and I honestly can’t wait to see what he does!  Future photography assistant in the making, I tell ya!  Give these three all your love and Happy Thursday!

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