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Spring Oglebay Wedding Formal Gardens

Hello, everyone!  It’s a happy Friday, indeed!  I’ve got another blog coming at you but this time it’s a wedding and it’s Simone and Michael’s BEAUTIFUL Spring Oglebay wedding in the Formal Gardens!  “NO”…your eyes are not playing tricks on you!  I had back to back weddings at both the Formal Gardens and Oglebay’s Pine Room last weekend and it made for the most perfect weekend – weather and all!  So, give the new Mr. & Mrs. Fairrington all your Hannah Barlow Photography love and ENJOY!

Ashleigh and I started our Sunday off back at the Pine Room.  It was just as gorgeous as the day before and, of course, I had to get all the beautiful, Oglebay details again.  Doesn’t matter if I’m in the same place…every couple gets their own unique details!  Oglebay was very special to this couple too.  They aren’t from around here (and neither are any of their friends and family).  They had looked up venues in West Virginia, Kentucky and some other places.  Toured 7-8, I believe…and then made lists and ranked each according to specific categories.  They said while Oglebay didn’t come up #1 all the time…they saw it as a sign when it kept ranking #2 in ALL categories.  So, an Oglebay wedding was it and they later told me in the car they were SO happy with their decision and it was the most perfect day (seriously…these two are SO sweet).

I went inside and shot a few detail shots.  I was so happy to see their engagement picture front and center on the seating chart…and OooO my goodness ME!  I loved this seating chart SO MUCH!

After I got all that “first photo” energy out of my system, we drove off to the cabins to find Simone and the ladies getting ready.

I don’t know why…but I loved these cups SO much!  I guess I do know though…it’s because they are different.  I see a lot of weddings, ya know and LOVE new things to photograph!

Then, Ash helped me get all the detail shots!

We did head over to Michael’s cabin but he was still running errands so I went back to capture the ladies getting ready.  There was PLENTY to photograph, trust me!

If you’ve met Simone, you know she’s sweet…and more quiet…and I LOVED seeing some of her personality come out.  I mean, of course…it’s her wedding day…look at all this happiness!  I’d be happy too if I just put my dress on and looked like this!

My goodness me…the ladies were GORGEOUS!  The colors just scream “SPRING”, right?!

I told Simone she looked like a Disney princess in the forest!

Then, we went back over and Michael was all ready to go!

Ashleigh and I couldn’t stop raving about the men’s attire.  The shirts were off white combined with the green/teal (meet those two in the middle) ties and navy tuxes…PERFECTION.  Again, we love new things!

This was a traditional wedding – no first look!  SO, we drove over to Oglebay’s Formal Gardens.  I kept telling everyone (who were taking advantage of the shade) how unseasonably hot it was for our area this time of year.

Oglebay’s Formal Gardens.

Here comes the bride!

Michael’s face!

It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding ceremony!

These two love a good dip.  That was one of their favorite photos from their engagement session (HERE).  It was no surprise that when I asked them to kiss…they gave me a dip too! NAILED IT…and they are so good at it!

We ran through family formals and then got those full bridal party shots!  I’ll share a fun one!

THEN, it was time to recreate some of their engagement photos…the dip was included!

Bride and Groom photos…and they’re magical!

This one (below) is BY FAR one of my favorites.  It just encompasses these two and their love!

It’s all SO perfect!

Of course, we needed some variety!

Because Oglebay was so important, I got some shots of them walking to the trolley!

…and off to the Pine Room we went!

Simone wanted to mix it up and did a Hannah Barlow Photography FIRST!  Instead of a formal grand entrance, they did their entrance right off the trolley with flower petals!

Brian welcomed everyone and the couple made their way into the Pine Room.  They immediately cut cake and then some very special people in Simone and Michael’s life said sweet words.

We did table races and we won AGAIN! WOOOO!

THEN, the couple did a traditional WALTZ.  AHHHHHH!!! Another Hannah Barlow Photography first…and if I’m being honest…I did something selfish.  Simone was going to change out of her dress because she feared it would get in the way.  I gently (and internally selfishly) talked her out of it.  I KNEW how pretty it would look if she kept the dress on for…A WALTZ…and my inner romantic and traditional ballgown kind of gal wanted it all…and they gave it to me! AHHHHH!  All the Hannah squeals!

After the parent dances and other special dances, DJ Brian Oliver got the party started!

Simone wanted sunset.  The Pine Room is hard to get sunset and I didn’t think the sky would turn that much…but I threw them in my car and went to the top…and guess what?!  We got some!! Actually, Ashleigh’s sunset photo was my FAVORITE!

Simone specifically requested “blue” so while Ashleigh was doing that…I took these!

We got to chat in the car and I’m telling you…these two are so sweet.  It just felt like I was hanging out with friends (not taking a bride and groom away from their own wedding …HA!). I could go on and on about them but for sake of staying on task…we went back to the Pine Room and Simone threw the bouquet!  …and it got stuck.  And it was hilarious!  Many guests tried to help get it down (and we eventually did).

Then, the party just kept going…and going…and going!  And that’s how we left the couple but not before heartfelt “goodbyes” and hugs!

My goodness me.  This weekend filled my wedding photographer heart TO THE TOP.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding weekend with amazing people and beautiful wedding photos.  I knew 2022 was going to be amazing and it keeps raising the bar higher and higher.  Simone and Michael, I hope West Virginia treated you well.  I know you said it was the perfect day with perfect vendors (which was the BEST compliment, thank you) but you two are the epitome of sweetness and love and I hope your wedding day was everything you wanted it to me and MORE!



Bride’s Gown – David’s Bridal

Bridesmaids’ Attire – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Alain Dupetit

Shoes – Steve Madden

Jewelry – Shane Co.

Hair/Makeup – Hair by Kristina and Sam

Venue Ceremony – Oglebay Formal Gardens

Venue Reception – Oglebay Pine Room

Venue Catering – Oglebay

Florist – Masterpieces of Old Town

DJ – DJ Brian Oliver

Trolley – Oglebay

Officiant – Barrett Smith II (Groom’s Uncle)

Favors – Koozies

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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