My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Fall Engagement Photos at Point State Park

Hello, everyone AND…NEW COUPLE ALERT! It’s a goodie too, I tell ya! A little back story first though per the Hannah usual (if you’re new here…brace yourself for lots of words and excitement)…so, Katie and David met JT Penderville (Penderville Wedding Films) at a sibling’s wedding. Then, they got engaged themselves and hired JT for video…he recommended me…and I’m SO grateful because not only are these two an absolutely amazingly sweet couple BUT…I also really really really like working with JT too! So, you’re getting all the Hannah excitement for this one! Please give these two ALL your Hannah Barlow Photography love because their fall, engagement session at Point State Park is on the blog RIGHT NOW! Enjoy!

Collage of Fall Engagement Photos at Point State Park

I JUST “met” these two on Zoom a week or so ago and they wanted to get their photos done RIGHT away. Luck would have it that they were available during the day and I was available during the day! YAY! I was super excited but also now super sad…because their wedding isn’t until 2024 and that just feels like SO long from now! I mean…I could photograph them over and over all day long! Nonetheless, right out of the gate…I knew we were going to be A OK for photos and I ended up holding them hostage a little longer than I usually do because the photos just kept turning out 10/10 great!

Couple in Blue Semi Formal Outfits Posing for Engagement Photos

I always start off in a relatively shady and private spot before we bust out with the people of Pittsburgh and really get down to it! These two didn’t even hesitate!

Couple Snuggles by Green and Yellow Fall Trees

They wanted bridges (and I have even bigger plans for bridges and their wedding day). So, they danced and we laughed…and laughed some more! We also had some super sweet bystanders enjoying the session along with us.

Black and White Photos of Couple Dancing by Bridges in Pittsburgh

Now that we did some black and white, let’s do some color by the river!

Couple Standing by The Point by River at Point State Park

We were combining fall and city and all the things…love and laughter and this little area delivered perfection in all departments! They mentioned they really liked the “bright” style of my photos so I definitely wanted to focus on that for a bit. If these don’t scream “Hannah”, well…throw in the towel. Nothing else will…AND they’re having a summer wedding and if you know me, you know I absolutely love the summer greens lit up (it’s my absolute favorite). I can NOT wait!

Collage of Fall Engagement Photos by Orange Tree in Pittsburgh

I do believe this is one of the prettiest “falls” I’ve ever photographed! The weather this day was pure perfection and it was soooo stinkin’ gorgeous! ALL of it! I focused on the tree for just a few!

Couple Standing Embracing by Large Orange Fall Tree

Outfit changes and more city shots! Let’s walk! If my squeals and excitement didn’t show at the time, I’m going to say it again. I REALLY enjoyed spending this beautiful afternoon with these two and I was even more excited about these photos!

Couple walking toward the city of Pittsburgh PA
Couple walking down the steps at Point State Park

Katie brought her hat! I absolutely love when my couples think of all the details with outfits. I also wanted to show off her ring! These are definitely some of my favorites…but I really like those fall, tree photos too!! I can’t decide! You all tell me in the comments!

Close up photo of engagement ring on hand holding hat

More bridges…and walking and snuggling…we did all the things!

Couple posing in the city of Bridges

Grand finale! Don’t mind me, I’m over here in my office typing this making the perfection fingers and yelling, “10/10…recommend these two!”

Man holds woman up in the air for kiss in from of Pittsburgh bridge

Boy oooOOo boy do I feel for JT’s video audio come summer of 2024. I also apologize for the amount of words in this engagement blog (and probably the amount of typos)! AHHHH!!!! We’re going to be at The Aviary with these two…and it’s going to be STUNNING. I’ve got visions in my head 1.5+ years in advance already. Can you just picture these two dressed up as a bride and a groom?! CAN YOU?! Because I can and it’s going to be off the charts amazing! Maybe…just maybe…you’ll see them again before then. I have thoughts…Happy Wednesday! Thanks for reading!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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