My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Fall Wheeling Engagement Photos | Olivia & Kyle

Hello! Happy Tuesday and NEW COUPLE ALERT! I may have a break in weddings but that doesn’t mean I’m not taking pictures! Olivia and Kyle came into town last weekend and we made their fall engagement photos happen! So, please give them your biggest Hannah Barlow Photography welcome and ENJOY!

College of Couple Standing by White Fence

It all worked out perfectly that Oglebayfest was going on because Olivia’s family had rented a cabin and everyone was in town…including this sweet couple. AS SOON as we got started, a car drove by…stopped…AND I got to meet Olivia’s sweet mom, Shelia! She hopped out and introduced herself and then snapped a few of her own photos which I NEVER mind! In fact, I told her to come stand RIGHT by me to enjoy all the photo things…but she had to get going anyway. Nonetheless, it’s one more familiar face I’ll be seeing next year and I’m so excited! These little things make the wedding day all the more sweeter!

Olivia and Kyle asked for a little fall and a little…not fall. They didn’t even really “ask” though. They’re so laid back and were very “go with the flow” BUT I made them choose just something…so, they choose a little bit of both. Easy peasy! So, first…lots and lots of color!

Engagement Photos of Couple Standing by White Fence in Front of Fall Tree

Then, we went to the “dead stuff”. They laughed…I laughed…I told them they’re just going to have to trust me! And they did! At this point, they were already super comfy in from of the camera. Kyle was throwing out all the jokes and we were having a grand time. As soon as we got to the second location, Kyle asked if I’d take a photo of him with the deer.

Man trying to feed deer who is close

The deer did not, in fact, want to have their photos taken.

Deer running away from man trying to feed it

Back to the engagement photos! Here’s some of my non-fall like photos for them. This is actually the first time I photographed in this little nook and it was perfect! Also, do you see the “dead stuff”?! It always photographs SO well this time of year…in my opinion, of course!! You all tell me in the Facebook comments!

Lady in red dress posing with fiance

Then, we did some walking. Olivia positively NAILED the “look back” moment!

Girl in red dress looking back at camera holding hands with fiance

If you’ve been photographed by me before (or you’re generally just a loyal blog reader), you know I tell people to walk…snuggle…and walk. I also tell them not to think too much about the “snuggle” part of these instructions and I always PROMISE my couple if the snuggle doesn’t work out…the world will never see it. Well, promises can be broken…and I’m going to break that promise because we were positively dying laughing when they snuggled…and it turned out to be more of a “arm around the neck kidnap kind of strangle”….HA! I mean, at least Kyle looked good doing it, right?! I’m giggling just typing this AND the couple does know I’m showing it. They said they liked candids…so, here you go!

Groom hugging future bride wearing red dress

We had some amazing laughs though! I’m sure the golfers were wondering what the heck was going on when I screamed “JEEZ, KYLEEEEEE. I said SNUGGLE…not STRANGLE!”

engagement photo of couple laughing hysterically

…and they kept on going! NAILED the rest of the walk and snuggle!

Lady in red dress looking at future husband and walking

Then, my brain wanted to go back to the dead stuff…with a fall feel! EVERY SINGLE PROMPT I gave them…they nailed it! Stand and smile. Check. Pull Kyle in…check. Creepy kiss (where you smile while you kiss)…NAILED IT!

Future bride kissing and posing with fiance

…and we sealed the deal on this session with some dancing and spinning!

Couple dancing and spinning for engagement photos

These two are having a Wheeling (Oglebay) wedding next year. I was glad it was chilly this day because I can guarantee you their July wedding next year will be VERY different. Kyle claims he doesn’t love photos. I’m not sure I believe him AT ALL! Olivia is a doll and is going to look positively stunning as a bride. Kyle…we’re coming for you too though! ALLLLLLLLLL the groom photos for you!

Thank you all for reading and have an amazing day!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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