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October 1st White Palace Wedding | Natalie & Lee

Happy Friday, everyone! The 2022 wedding season has been good to me in regards to weather so I wasn’t surprised when a full blown post hurricane storm came barreling at us last weekend. I mean, we were BOUND to have at least one fully, rainy wedding this season, right? Natalie and Lee’s October 1st wedding was the unlucky winner but it didn’t stop us. Last Saturday, I left my house early and met Emily at the White Palace. We photographed what we could of the reception and then we drove around and found rain locations for photos, and backup locations…and more locations. No matter what, I was NOT going to let the weather get us down. Nope! So, before I go on any more about their big day, please give Natalie and Lee all your Hannah Barlow Photography love and ENJOY!

Collage of Wedding Couple in Front of Brick

So, after Emily and I were confident in our multiple rain location choices and photo plans, we headed up to Oglebay where both the men and the women were getting ready! When I say it was raining, it was RAINING! We had umbrellas and reflectors and rain jackets but no amount of protection was keeping us 100% dry. I knew this was probably putting a damper on the wedding festivities so I blew into their getting ready room with all the Hannah energy. We got RIGHT down to it and I got the ladies on the bed for some robe photos!

Black and White Photos of Bridesmaids in Robes

Then, we went right into details and because everyone was already ready, we were able to chat and they were also able to watch me make wedding magic! Their flower girl was the ULTIMATE helper in detail styling too!

Ivory Wedding Details with Pink Flowers and Greenery

Then, we ran back through the rain and navigated the lodge to find the men getting ready.

Black and White Photos of Groom Getting Ready by Door

Back to the women we went to get this bride ready with the help of her momma!

Mother of the Bride Helping Bride Get Ready in Black and White Photos

The weather most definitely wasn’t getting the men down. I yelled “LEE!! STAY OUT OF THE RAIN….YOU’RE GOING TO GET WATER SPOTTTTTSSSSS!” And if you’ve ever heard me “yell” at a wedding, I’m sure you can hear me. This group was most definitely the definition of “go with the flow”.

Groom and Groomsmen standing in rain with coolers

The ceremony was originally going to be outside but the weather had other plans so Kyle (Smash Multimedia) set up a backdrop so the couple could get married inside. His backdrops are some of the most beautiful, I tell ya! Not a wrinkle in sight either! Here comes the bride! Emily and I talked long and hard about lighting and our standing locations so we could be sure to catch it all!

Black and White Photos of Bride Walking Down Aisle

It may not have been outside like they originally planned but I’d definitely call this ceremony a success!

Black and White Photo Collage of Indoor Wedding Ceremony at White Palace

Then, the couple opted for a receiving line to greet their guests so I photographed some of that before we got set up for family formals.

Wedding Couple Greeting Guests in Receiving Line

After family formals, we went to rain location #1 and alas, there was no other bridal party there (which was a concern of mine since every wedding photographer in the Ohio Valley was going to be looking for a dry, covered spot) and we got RIGHT down to formals…but not before we had to get the bride through the muckiness!

Bride Holding Up Dress Walking through wet grass with bridal party

Full bridal party photos first!

Full bridal party portraits with men in grey and women in teal

Then, the men got to have their photo time and they did NOT hesitate or even miss a beat! Here are some goodies and I promise we have some other good ones that I’m not allowed to share on the world wide web! HA! Lee was ALL about the photos (like I said at their engagement session (HERE)…they are not afraid of my camera). At Emily’s angle? You can see they were totally roasting him! HA!

Groom standing for portrait with groomsmen watching
Groom and Groomsmen pose together for photo

New color palette for your viewing pleasure! Gina Hedrick’s flowers are ALWAYS so dang beautiful! I always love seeing her too…she’s the sweetest and I’ve SO enjoyed getting to know her!

Bride and bridesmaids in teal dresses posing for photo

Then, we got right down to bride and groom formals and let me tell you the absolute SIGH of relief I had when taking these. I told Emily in the car, “I just need to get through the bride and groom formals to feel like this day was an absolute success!” You know I always feel a lot of pressure when the weather isn’t top notch. Emily kept reminding me I couldn’t control the rain BUT I could give this couple beautiful wedding photos regardless! We did it!

Collage of bride and groom posing for photos

I literally did a dance as I helped Natalie keep her dress dry to get back on the bus. Then, we headed off to the White Palace to get the party started and photograph all those wedding reception festivities. Can you just tell how happy they were to get through the day successfully?! Welcome, Mr. & Mrs. Martin!

Bride and Groom enter wedding reception together celebrating

Black and white first dance photos for you!

Black and White Photos of Couple's First Dance

Emily and I breezed through the reception (of almost 300 people) playing paparazzi!

Collage of Photos of Reception and Guests

I was cracking up…during the money dance…out of the corner of my eye (and then photo) I saw something happening to my right. This was on Emily’s side. I hurry up and moved my camera to capture it BUT…I should have known. Emily was ON IT!

Money Dance Photos with Groom Dancing with Friend

The party just kept going and going!

Wedding Reception Collage of Dancing on the Dance Floor

Natalie and Lee barely reached out to me throughout the planning process nor did they ask me for anything in the last year so it was a real bummer when I saw the forecast was calling for rain. Have no fear though, they made the best of it and I feel like it was a total success! I mean, just look at all the laughs, hugs, smiles and amazing photos we were able to get out of the day! I found myself smiling (especially when Lee was busting a move on the dance floor which I had NOT expected). They did it! Natalie and Lee are Mr. & Mrs. Martin and it was a great day!

Give them all your love and have a GREAT weekend!

Bride’s Gown – Bridal Beginning

Bridesmaids’ Attire – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Hair/Makeup – Forever Young Studio of Hair

Wedding Planning/Coordinator – Michelle Witzberger

Florist – I Do – Gina Hedrick/Kathy Flowers

Cake – Tina’s Sweet Celebration

DJ/Backdrop – Smash Multimedia, Kyle Mac

Venue/Catering – White Palace

Transportation – Haggerty Ride, INC

Officiant – Miss Duffy

Cookie Table – Anita Wiggins, Family & Friends

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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