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Fall Wheeling West Virginia Wedding with Purple Details

Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s late for me to be posting a blog but my kids are at sports and I’m pretty pumped to get this wedding out to you all! This may have been (if not THE) most popular sneak peek I’ve posted all year…and NOW the wedding blog for Cara and Mario is HERE! Their wedding blog is a whole bunch of stories inside one story to sum up the whole day! Are you all READY?! If so, please give Mr. & Mrs. Peroni ALL your Hannah Barlow Photography love! Their fall wedding in Wheeling, West Virginia is on the blog right now and if you love purple…you are probably already dying to see this one! Enjoy!

Bridal portraits of couple in orange fall foliage

I know Cara and Mario because I did her sister’s wedding years ago. Then, I did their friends’ wedding. Then, I got to meet Mario’s parents last year. I was full of all the Hannah excitement rolling into this day, as you can imagine. AND I went into this knowing the whole theme of the day was going to be extra details…and lots of running because the beginning of the day timeline was bananas but the Stahl family watched me run before…and I was going to do it again!! So, Lacey and I started off in Oglebay’s Glessner auditorium. I was feeling all the pressure because I wanted this day to be absolutely perfect for these two and I know Cara wanted allllll the things. She’s also such a sweet soul…and we had such a blast at their engagement session (HERE). I mean…you get it. I was EXCITED. I met up with Kyle Mac right off the bat. He was heading into the reception too! So, we got right down to those details.

Purple wedding reception details in Oglebay's Glessner Auditorium

Kyle likes things to look perfect for his couples not just in person…but through photos too! So, he stopped me from doing my thing so he could make the lights beautiful! And it’s BEAUTIFUL!

Purple uplighting and reception tables in Glessner Auditorium

Then, off to Oglebay’s cabins we went. The tightest part of the day and timeline was going to be this part. Lacey and I had a grand plan (straight down to me accidentally texting Cara our plan when it was supposed to go to Lacey). Yep! We had planned a lot leading up to this day with the hopes it would all run smoothly (and it did)! So, we split up and for the first time in Hannah Barlow Photography history…I wasn’t the first one to greet the bride. Nope. I sent Lacey up to the women and I went down with the men for what they liked to call “game day photos”. Let’s do this!

Groom and groomsmen walking out of cabin holding jackets

Most of you know me…I like to photograph it ALL…but that just wasn’t possible with everyone we needed to cover and the time we had to cover it (Catholic weddings start early, ya know!). So, Lacey and I tag teamed the getting ready portion! Look at all those familiar faces! It didn’t stop me from running up and down the stairs and up and down the hill to make sure I had eyes on all the wedding events…but Lacey was covering it all and more! I keep telling her she needs to be shooting weddings by herself!

Black and white photos of wedding party getting ready in Oglebay cabins

So, Lacey did get me all set up for details and it just so happens my favorite color is purple…so, I definitely wanted to photograph these myself! I mean…I MEAN…we always get bridal details BUT NOT GROOM DETAILS!

Purple wedding bride and groom details

Then, I went back down with the men alongside my good friend Mr. Jay Morris (Jay Morris Video Productions) and we did the groomsmen photos!

Groom in purple tux jacket posing with groomsmen

Very quickly…we went back upstairs to get these photos of the ladies! RUNNNNN, Hannah! RUN! See what’s happening here?! And the whole time everyone just rolled with our craziness and timelines and we were able check off all the things Cara wanted for her wedding day! YAY!

Bride and bridesmaids pose in red flannel tops

Lacey took care of the letter reading photos! I love how powerful the black and white makes it!

Black and white photo collage of bride and groom reading letters to one another

Then, we very quickly got this bride ready and I just want to hug all the bridal party members AND Cara’s mom! They rolled with it and they ALL pitched in to help!

Bride's mom showing a piece of her dress sewn into daughter's dress

Back outside we went! It was actually very very warm! Who would have thought?! We were wearing coats the first weekend of October in the rain and this day, at the beginning of November, we were peeling off layers of clothing to stay cool! So crazy! I don’t know about you but this is SUCH a pretty color palette with the orange foliage. 10/10 loving all of this!

Bridesmaids in eggplant and periwinkle dresses posing with bride

We sure did jump RIGHT in the car and off we went right ahead of the bridal party. I got to see Fr. Dennis! I love love love his weddings! And I can’t get over how powerfully emotional this processional collage (below) is…I just can’t! And when you KNOW the couple and families so well?! EXTRA special!

Groom in purple tux jacket sees bride coming down aisle

St. Joseph is still one of my favorite (and most beautiful) cathedrals in Wheeling! You can’t get a bad angle. The light is amazing…and it’s just so pretty!

St Joseph Church Wheeling WV wedding ceremony

They opted to not do a receiving line so we (surprise) RAN around the side of the church to get some photos!

Groom in purple tux jacket poses with bride

Then, we ran back inside because Fr. Dennis had other obligations but it’s my “rule” that we must get a photo with the Priest when he’s as kind and sweet and important to the couple! I also threw in Cara and Marion’s immediate family because they deserve some spotlight too!

Bride and groom pose in from of elegant church for family photos

I usually love color but these black and white church photos were calling to me!

Black and white wedding portrait of couple in church

We made it out of the church before confession and mass and drove back to Oglebay! Bridal party photos CHECK!

Bridal party in purple attire pose by fall trees

I had visions…and things I HAD to have on my camera of these two and I could never have imagined how beautiful these photos would be until I was there. Then, the sun popped right out and I was squealing with delight!

Groom in purple tux jacket poses with wife in fall foliage

YOU TWO….YOU TWOOOOOOOOOO. OoOo my goodness me! Of course, these were a mix of my angles AND Lacey’s angles!

Let the walking and snuggling commence! At this point, my watch had warned me it was going to rain. I blew it off (I shouldn’t have)…

Bride and groom walk in fall foliage

…but HOW could I stop?! I’d told Mario earlier in the day I NEEDED a close up photo of his tux details!

Purple tux details

Then, Jay wanted to get some video and drone footage so he moved them to the gates. Of course, we played paparazzi from the side.

Bride and Groom pose for fall wedding photos by Oglebay Iron Gate3s

THIS (below) is the personality of this couple in a nutshell…sweet. NO panic. Just smiles and laughs…because it DID start to rain (actually started to pour) and Cara just looked over like, “are we done?” HA! YES WE’RE DONE…IT’S POURING!!! We were…and we RAN! I have no doubt they would have stayed had I insisted but I’m not THAT crazy!

Bride holds bouquet over head to block rain at fall wedding

Now, this is where is gets tricky…and changes. For only the second time in almost a decade of photographing weddings, I ended up too sick to photograph this reception. The last time? I had COVID…whomp whomp. Luckily, I built an amazing team full of amazing women who will do anything for my couples and Lacey swooped in and photographed 5.5 hours of reception coverage…by herself. THAT’S RIGHT! So, as you’re seeing all these photos and enjoying them, that’s 100% Lacey. I am so so so grateful and as I sorted these I was a clapping and proud wedding photography “mom”!

I almost made her blog the rest of this…but I couldn’t stand it. It was bad enough for me to miss all this so I HAD To tell you everything she told me! There were amazing in introductions followed by speeches! You KNOW Kyle Mac had his hands on the backdrop when it looks like THAT!

Glessner Auditorium reception collage

I can NOT get over this cake that Brad of Masterpieces did! My goodness. Then, you’ve got Kyle’s uplighting complimenting Mario’s tux in the BEST way…I just…I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Did I mention my favorite color is purple?!

Bride and Groom cut purple wedding cake

My goodness gracious this was some kind of party! I was going through these photos just laughing and smiling. It didn’t appear to matter who you were…you were ON the dance floor (or stage) at some point or another!

Glessner Auditorium wedding reception dancing collage

…and look at all these people still present at the end of the night! It’s so crazy! THIS NEVER HAPPENS! They ended on John Denver’s famous Take Me Home…Country Roads…SING IT!

Couple stands in circle of wedding reception guests on dance floor

Then, to seal the deal on the evening, they did a glow stick send off! I was cracking up laughing. Lacey has seen me be front and center (literally) to do these many many many times. She said she had to throw a “professional elbow”. That’s the elbow we very gently but firmly put up to keep people out of our way. She said “I didn’t even know I had one…until I had to use it.” I know the feeling though. When a couple is coming at you and people have had…some drinks…you gotta do what you gotta do! I’m cackling over here too. People were THROWING the glow sticks AT THEM! GUYYYYYYSSSSSSSSSS NOOOOO!! Bahahahahaha! They didn’t swing them at Cara and Mario….they THREW them…so I improvised with the digital art to make them stand out!

Bride and Groom run out of reception for glow stick send off

…and it sounds crazy…but this photo (below) really means the world to me. Lacey said Cara came up to her and asked for a photo. We always try and remember to take selfies with our couples (and it’s usually me). If I could photoshop myself in, I would…but still love this photo all the more. Years ago, I learned REAL quick that I wasn’t going to be the type of photographer who could post in a social media group for a second shooter a week before a wedding. Nope. I needed people I could depend on who would also take care of my couples just like I would. It makes my heart SO happy. It’s hard to find people in these crazy times…and the HBP team is definitely my wedding photographer soul mates! This is Lacey’s fourth full wedding season! Time does fly!

Photographer and bride pose together

AHHHHHHH!! I hate when these weddings end. It’s really something to spend the day with people like Cara and Mario and their family and friends (who are also past clients of mine). It’s ike one big HBP family reunion and it makes me squeal and squeak and get all ooey gooey warm and fuzzy. I know…I know…it’s ridiculous when I type it out and read it back but there’s just no way to explain it. It’s like watching the very best movie or reading the very best book and it’s got the best ending and you just hug it to your chest and take it all in….well, that’s how I feel about this couple and their wedding when I finalize a gallery – the very best ending to “our” story! Well, that’s probably sappy enough for another wedding blog post. These two are honeymooning right now and I promised to post the blog and hold the gallery for their return home SO be sure to give them all your love in the Facebook comments and over on IG so they can read them all when they get home!

Thanks for reading, everyone! Happy Thursday!


Bride’s Gown – Maggie Sottero – Simply Blush Bridal

Bridesmaids’ – Azazie

Men’s Attire – Mens Wearhouse/ SF Tailors (Groom’s Custom Tux)

Hair/Makeup – Hannah Strope, Amichi

Wedding Planner: Stacy Gilson (Hello Gorgeous)

Florist – I Do Gina Hedrick

Videographer – Jay Morris

Cake – Brad, Masterpieces of old Town

Desserts – Fat Apple & Family

DJ/Decor/Uplighting – Kyle Mac

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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