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Winter Tree Farm Pittsburgh Engagement Photos

Hello Hello!  It’s been a hot second since I’ve posted a blog.  While I’m always so pumped to take a week off for a holiday, it feels weird to me not posting something every week.  As a result, I have lots of energy to burn off now that I’m back so here we go…with a long engagement blog!  This one’s going to have allll the words and stories and feels so please give Cara and Mario all your Hannah Barlow Photography love…they’ve been on the blog a good bit so this is their THIRD time…but official time…let’s do this!

Please enjoy their winter, tree farm, Pittsburgh engagement photos!  The blog is live!

Alright.  ALRIGHT (Taking all my Hannah deep breaths because I’m ready to tell a story…if you know me…you know)!  I met Mario and Cara over two years ago at her sister’s wedding (Hey, Alyssa!  Hey, Chas)!  I don’t believe they were engaged at that point…but I honestly can’t remember.  I do know (because she told me) they got engaged around her birthday at an overlook…where they were going to watch the stars (I can’t make this stuff up).  When they got there, Mario had roses and the sun was setting and he got down on one knee and asked Cara to marry him…and then got champagne glasses with their names and engagement date on them (good thing she said “yes”…kidding…HA!) AND he even had siblings there to take photos and video (I need it).  Seriously, you can’t make this up! GAH!  Let me swoon for a moment.  You all see I’m getting WAY ahead of myself in this engagement blog…but you know…history with these two and all that.  I can’t contain my excitement!  GAH! Ok…so yes.  That’s how they got engaged.  Again, I’m not sure if they were engaged when we first met…but I’ll report back.  NONETHELESS, it is always the very best compliment when a sibling from another wedding comes forward and asks me to be their wedding photographer.  It’s a HUGE bonus when I already know the fiance too!  You can just imagine ALL my excitement for this engagement session…which we planned WAY in advance.  If you read Madison and Derek’s blog this summer, you know I ran into Cara and had a total Hannah panic moment when I didn’t think I’d actually scheduled it.  It was on a holiday weekend…one I normally take off…but they live out of town…and I know them…so yea…pencil me right in!  So, this happened last weekend.  Get ready for the photo reveal!

Official engagement photos on their official engagement blog…3…2…1…let’s go!

Lord have mercy, I’m up to 400 words already and I’m two paragraphs in.  I’m going to need a stiff tranquilizer for their wedding day and blog…jeesh!  To add more excitement to the mix, Cara and Mario wanted to bring Milo, their fur baby.  I always suggest my couples bring a sitter…and they did…Cara’s mom, Kathy! YAYYYYY!! More familiar faces!  Milo (despite his parent’s opinion) was a perfect gentleman.  He and I were on the same page.  I made rooster noises…he howled…HA!  You can see him holding back and being the BEST boy in this photo below (on the right).

So, after we were done with Milo’s time to shine, Kathy grabbed me for a hug and off she went with Milo.  I’m so so so thankful hugs are becoming a thing again.  I’m a hugger and an extrovert and COVID really put a damper on things for me.  Gosh, I’m going to roll into that wedding next year thinking I’m a guest and friend not a photographer.  I’ll make sure my assistants are prepared so they can tell me to FOCUS because I hear it’s going to be a fast paced timeline (again) with a huge bridal party (again).  If you remember Cara’s sister’s wedding back in 2019, it was a marathon type of day.  “Run” was the verb and it was simply…amazing.  I’d do anything for these people…but again…off track here.  They feel like family!

SO, they did an outfit change…and it was pure Christmas tree farm PERFECTION!  My brides always kill it…even though Cara said she wasn’t a huge fan of taking photos….Pffffffttt.  And Mario?  Well, you just look and see!  ALLLLLLLL the groom photos for Mario next year.  I don’t care what kind of timeline they give me…Redbull or coffee required or both…I’m getting ALLLLL the photos.

The wind started to whip so they danced in the field.  AHHHH!  I wish you could have been there!! It was so romantic!

It’s the outfits for me.  I told her she should style all my shoots…then, she admitted her sister helped her! HA!  Thankssssss, Alyssa!

Dead stuff…in a field…with a velvet gown and Calvin Klein wool coat….AND CHAMPAGNE.  Real life?  It can’t be!  I’m such a sap for these photos.  I texted Cara all day yesterday squealing with delight.  Those glasses are her mom’s too…I wasn’t touching them! HA!

One more outfit change…another one that’s perfect!  We were pretty chilly at this point…not stopping us though!  I was 100% invested in alllllll the photo time with these two.  There’s just this warm and fuzzy feeling when you know the couple and it makes the experience (at least for me) allllll the more sweet!

We practiced the dip…they’re going to have ZERO problems on the wedding day!  10/10!

Now, it’s just easy!  We walked back up to the cars…and way over the time I promised I’d keep them in the cold! HA!

Next November, I can guarantee it’ll be a long blog.  Just mark your calendars now.  They’re planning a big, elegant wedding (my fav) with purple tones and silver…and like I said, it’s a BIG wedding party! I’ll be runnnninnnnnggg but that’s probably for the best because it’ll keep me calm and focused (one can hope).

Ooo yea…and before we go, you know I love throwbacks.  Here is Cara and her sister in October of 2019!  I forgot about these actually…it’s going to be a fun wedding and totally hilarious to redo the personality shots with Cara as the bride!

Mario was there too!  I remember subtracting him out for that family photo JUUUUSSSSTTTT in case he didn’t make the cut in the future.  True story…I do this.  If you’re not married in, you have to pop out for one photo…HA!  We make a joke of it but you just never know, right?!  BUT…he made it…and I’m so pumped about it!  We’re redoing all of this in 2022 plus Mario’s family AND at the same church! EEEKK!

Let’s add some icing to the cake.  Not only do I know Cara’s parents from the previous wedding…I got to meet Mario’s parents this past summer AND I got photos…OooO my goodness me.  It’s a blessing they’ve met me because I truly won’t be able to keep it 100% professional all day.  I’ll 100% be hugs and tears and squeals and alllllll the feels.

Ok…ok…one last one from the wedding this summer!!! Don’t they take an amazing photo!? WAAAAHHHHHH!

Deep breaths.  Ok.  I’m done!  Thanks for reading…if you’re new here, my apologies…sometimes I just can’t stop.  If you’ve met me, you know.  If you meet me next year, all these words will make more sense…over 1000 for this one.  They deserve it!

Thanks for reading and Happy Tuesday!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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