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Columbus Ohio State House Wedding

Happy Wednesday, everyone!  Meghan and Alex are on the blog with their Columbus, Ohio wedding at the State House last weekend.  It’s extra special not only because it’s the third from last wedding this year but also because I got to meet Meghan and Alex last year at another wedding.  AND you all know how I love having a history with my couples.  Meghan also attended almost all of my Aisle Be Ready Wedding Workshops and always texted me with updates and/or questions about the wedding.  So, we were ready and excited.   Ashleigh and I left bright and early Saturday morning and we were off on our road trip!  But, before I get started with ALL the details and stories of this day….we need to give the traditional Hannah Barlow Photography introduction, right?!  You all know what to do now.  Give Meghan and Alex all your Hannah Barlow Photography love and Enjoy!

You all know me.  I leave early for EVERY wedding.  I don’t know.  It just makes me feel better…even when I know the venue.  I, of course, didn’t know the State House and have never actually photographed a wedding in Columbus so we arrived extra extra early.  We found Meghan and ALL the ladies in one of the suites getting ready!  We said our “hellos” and then got right down to business.  First things first…details.  And this is funny because I THINK I had a great poker face but internally, I was watching the clock and panicking JUSSSTTT a wee bit (ok, a lot) once I arrived to the getting ready suite.  Meghan’s dress was no where to be found.  The rings were with the best man and there was zero room in the room for me to do details anywayyyyyy sooooooo…crunch time…let’s get into Hannah-mode and make this happen A-S-A-P!  Also…the groom was “missing”.  I’m thinking “deep breaths…one thing at a time” but we only had a HALF HOUR to do these wedding details before the bride needed to get dressed.  I’m pretty sure at one point I said, “Meghan! What’s the one thing everyone forgets?!  You know these things…you were in all the workshops!” HA!  That’s the beauty of having history with couples.  They’re friends now…not clients.  So, we talk to each other like friends would…and it ends up being magical what we can do in the end.  I told everyone it was my “bossy professional Hannah voice” in motion.  You just wait and see! So first, let’s do getting ready photos while we waited for all the details to come together.

…and once we got those details, we ran off to Meghan’s hotel room (which was empty since they’d JUST checked in).  We took these beauties.  Shoutout to Rachel and Jim for getting me those rings.  I was so in my head creating my master plan at the time that Rachel handed me the rings, I said thank you, and didn’t even look up to see her face or realize I knew her! We had a good chuckle over it.  I was definitely in tunnel vision wedding photographer Hannah mode.

Then, it was time to get Meghan in her dress and it all happened SO fast!  That’s her momma who was happy to assist!  She’s always been happy to assist with me even last year when we were doing engagement photos!

One of the important photos to Meghan was a bride and bridesmaid first look.  Ask and you shall receive! Ashleigh caught Meghan’s reaction from the front and I caught the ladies’ view!

Hugs from everyone!

Then, I was off to find Alex.  I navigated my way through the hotel (with all my gear in my hands…more on that later).  Again, I knew Alex (and the best man, Jim) so I rolled in there Hannah style.  Heck, I even grabbed some lunch while they finished getting ready.  Nothing like the photographer rolling in and stealing some snacks, huh?  I did have my own BUT the valet guys at the hotel were stressing me OUT earlier that morning and rushed me out of my car…so yea, I had the important stuff like my gear but forgot the semi-important stuff like…FOOD!

After I scarfed down a chicken tender and some fries (the men who didn’t know me probably thought, “who the heck is this woman?!”), we did the traditional shots too!

Then, it was time for letter reading and first look.  I sent Ashleigh out with Alex to the State House.  If you haven’t been to the State House in Colubmus, Ohio…just go.  It’s GORGEOUS.  But anyway, I sent both Ash and Alex to the pillars ahead of us…and they went to the right pillars but pillars that were in really bright light.  So, a few texts and phone calls later from me (with Meghan calm, cool and collected by my side) and we were all in the same place and ready to do this.

First, letter reading!

Then, first look time!

Anddddd right into formals!! EEEKKKK!!  Originally, we were going to do all the formal photos inside the State House…BUT…who would have thought we’d have such amazing weather on a November weekend?!  I told Meghan I saw some opportunities (ones I really didn’t want to pass up) to give her not just some indoor photos…but also lots of beautiful “Hannah Barlow”- like outdoor photos too!  I was hoping she’d say “yes” and she did! YAYYY!!!  Let’s do black and white to start!

…and I present ot you….the “Hannah Barlow”- like photos! EEEKKK! This is when I started getting super excited and really feeling my groove!

These flowers…GAH! They are definitely in the top of my favorite bouquets this year!

Then, the ladies were chilly so I wanted to get their photos done first!  The dress colors….the flowers….OooO my gosh!  ALL the Hannah energy…because it’s just SO pretty AND a fresh color palette.  My wedding photographer eyes were in love!

Full bridal party!

Now, do you all remember Preston from their engagement session (HERE)?!  That’s right!  He came back to join his humans on their wedding day!  The poor guy…he was all worked up over the commotion but was a perfect angel for his photo op!  Shoutout to Alex’s dad for helping with him too!

And now, the men!  There was a canon.  Everyone agreed we HAD to have a photo with the canon!

Back to your regularly broadcasted show…Hannah-like photos!  There was glow too! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had glow?!  Oct. 2nd…that’s right.  Because it’s been in my brain that this weather lately has STUNK on wedding days.  Not this day…it was PERFECT!

Meghan was off to my left living her best bride life…and laughing at me because I didn’t step in dog poop (no fault of Preston’s, I may add) but I stepped in someone else’s dogs’ poop not with my foot but with my light stand.  Oof.

Some more…because at this point?  I was being selfish.  I love everything about these wedding photos and was living a wedding photography high and the vibes of these photos are just amazing AND it was my first wedding IN OVER A MONTH that it didn’t rain!  That’s right! How could I not take just a few more?!

…oO yea.  And we needed a bride and groom formal canon photo!

Then, we were off to the ceremony.  If any of you follow me on Instagram, I posted some party bus moments.  I sat with Jim (former Hannah Barlow Photography groom from 2020 and best man pictured earlier).  I asked him if he had the rings and we had a funny moment when he quadruple checked but couldn’t get Meghan’s ring out (even though he could feel it).  Rings have given me a lot of anxiety this year, I tell ya!

We did arrive though (with rings in hand).  This church was beautiful and had some really clean and beautiful light!  I met up with the Priest.  I introduced myself and got permission to do my usual wedding photographer thing.

Then, we went out and had a little first look with dad and Meghan’s grandpa (Gramps).

Time for the ceremony!  So, funny story about the beauty of this church.  As soon as we went in, Ashleigh made a comment about how thankful she was the floors were hardwood because she HATES (and I mean…hates) carpet in churches.  Well, the wedding Gods said, “jokes on you”.  The floors were SO squeaky and we didn’t realize this until I was trying to do my best 007 moves and get from the front of the church to the back.  EVERY (and I mean every) step I took was very loud and had people looking.  GAH!  So, I literally waited for people to pray or speak before I’d move around.  A few guests had a good chuckle.

You know how my arms burn waiting for that first kiss?  Well, Meghan took it a step further and said “hold on…we’re not pronounced man and wife yet”.  At least, I assume that’s what was happening as I was holding my camera and my arms were burning!  MEGHANNNNN!

…but I got it!

Mr. & Mrs. Ash, everyone!  They did it! I feel like this wedding took a long time to get here.  Meghan booked me almost TWO years advance!

Immediately after, we moved on to family photos before we headed back to the State House.  Now, if you saw my sneak peek, you know that Meghan’s grandma (Nan Nan) and Gramps are a HUGE part of her life.  I remember last year she even considered changing her wedding date and planning an express wedding so Nan Nan could be there.  Ultimately, Meghan kept her original date because of COVID (and looking at last November…wise choice) so Nan Nan was there with us in spirit…and she was definitely everywhere.  I asked Meghan and Gramps if they’d hold the memory charms on her bouquet and everyone (including me) got a little choked up.

Then, we did all the traditional family formals and I had to get JUST a few more bride and groom photos.  I was on a roll!


Then, we rode back from the ceremony to the State House!  We rushed in and got all those last minute details for the reception.

Then, I ran and found Meghan for her indoor photos and they were bustling her dress.  She was very “firm” on wanting to leave her dress bustled and I was very “firm” on “you’ll regret this”! HA!  So, her friends (who were AMAZING, by the way), unbustled her dress while DJ Brian Oliver was confirming details and distracting her.  If we could have sang “don’t be suspicious” at that moment…we would have!

Black and white for the win too!  Isn’t it just grand?!

Here we have a newly married couple enjoying married life after being announced at their reception!

Grab those tissues again!  So, DJ Brian Oliver came over and told me Meghan wanted to start formal dances off with Gramps…and I was excited about this new plan.  Then, once those two started dancing, a strange phenomenon happened.  AND I’d like to be clear that I don’t usually believe in this kind of stuff and you all know I am most definitely not someone to make something up for sake of a wedding blog.  Nope.  But anyway, as soon as they started dancing, I thought, “Where’s Grandma?”…basically looking for her  Now, of course, I knew she wasn’t there.  This thought is something I frequently think when father is dancing with daughter and I like to find mom in the crowd tearing up.  So, the “where’s grandma” thought popped into my head.  I looked right and there on the ground by my foot and table…yep, on the ground…randomly placed….was Meghan’s bouquet with Nan Nan on it.  I grabbed that thing up and placed it right on the table so she could be a part of this dance too.  Not going to lie, my steel, unemotional heart was thumping and I did, in fact, tear up a bit.  Then, I teared up while editing….and again when saving…and again when posting.  GAH!  These real moments get me.

Alright.  Deep breaths and back to the reception.  We had cake cutting with no lack of laughter!

Then, Meghan and Alex got to share their first dance.

…then, Meghan danced with her dad and Alex danced with his mom.

Now, let’s get this part started.  As always, DJ Brian Oliver had a packed dance floor!

Now, Meghan had asked for indoor photos in the area I showed earlier.  I saw this area on the opposite side of the building and had a Hannah vision…So, I asked for JUST ONE LAST ONE before we left…and I’m SO glad I did!

EEEEKKK!! This one was great because it was new…everything.  It was a fresh canvas for me and the options were endless.  We had lots and lots of familiar faces and beautiful weather…and colors…and it just made for amazing photos.  Meghan trusted me 110% and gave me free rein to do what I’d like.  Ashleigh and I had a blast driving up there and even got some drinks after the wedding (AND got to meet up with the couple and some of the bridal party which was a Hannah Barlow Photography first).  There’s just something so special about photographing a wedding when you feel like you’re with friends…and it turns out more and more of my weddings are that way.  I wouldn’t change it for the world either!

One more time…give the new Mr. & Mrs. Ash all your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  Happy Wednesday!


Bride’s Gown – Watters: La Jeune Marie (Main St. Columbus Ohio)

Bridesmaids’ Gowns – David’s Bridal

Men’s Attire – Sofyano (Alex), Men’s Wearhouse

Jewelry/Rings – A.A. Baldwin’s Jewelry by Design

Hair/Makeup – Brittany Fedorchuck and Paige Elizabeth Beauty

Florist – Passiflora

Cake – Capitol City Cakes

DJ – DJ Brian Oliver

Catering – L.A. Catering

Transportationn – Columbus Coach

Invitations – Joyce Boone: S.W. Resources

Favors: Mary Burgess Kitchen

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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