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Oglebay Fall November Green and Gold Wedding

Hello!  Happy Wednesday!  The second to last wedding of the year is HERE!  It’s live!  That’s right!  #32 of #33 weddings for 2021 is complete and while this couple is still coming off the wedding/honeymoon high, it’s time to relive that day with them.  Please give Allie and Zak all your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  They’re on the blog right now with their Oglebay Fall November Green and Gold Wedding.  Enjoy!

From start to finish, this day was FAST!  I arrived to Oglebay on November 20th to find Allie all ready to go.  Actually, everyone was ready to go!  That never happens.  So, we went RIGHT into it (even before details) and got this beautiful bride ready with help from her mom!

I can’t have a wedding gallery without details though so I snatched up what I could and got right down to it.  Those rings are the grandparents’ rings and I was in love…so much so that I compared grandma’s ring to my own wedding rings and wished I could have a copy!  It would match mine just perfectly!  Also, Sam was standing by as my second this day holding the reflector.  She was also loving all over the green, white and gold accents for this wedding. It’s right down her alley!

I ran over to Zak’s cabin to start getting all the details of the first look cleared up and found out there was a best man pants disaster (there were actually no pants…no kidding…so he had to make an emergency run).  While we waited, we did some groom getting ready shots!  Then, off we went!

This couple wanted to do their own vows…but in private.  Sam and I tag teamed the angles while these two read some heartfelt words to one another.

At first, I didn’t know how I felt about this since I’m a traditional gal and all that jazz…but come on.  It’s perfect and I think it should now be a thing.  Writing your own vows but reading them privately before you say the traditional ones at the ceremony?!…LOVE!  They even had some laughs since they ended up being love letters to one another, as well!

There was lots and lots of talk at the Oglebay cabins prior to this look.  While there was some confusion on my end, it was warming my heart to the tenth power.  Allie wanted to make sure Zak got just what he wanted.  Zak wanted to make sure Allie got just what she wanted.  Essentially, it was me running back and forth between cabins to make sure we did JUST the right thing while these two sweet people said “whatever she wants….no, whatever he wants…” and I mean.  You just can’t go wrong!  So, at this point Zak said, “So, time to turn now?!”  It’s a first look JUST for these two!  I love it!

…and the reactions were better than I could have ever imagined!

Then, we did the most important photos first, right?!…Fur babies are priority.  This sweet girl smiled bright for all our photos!!

Now, pump those brakes.  Tire screeching halt…here we come!  Allie did not want anything Christmas…she loves fall.  If you remember her engagement session (HERE), you know!  This was November 20th…fall should be gone.  Oglebay is VERY much Christmas right now.  But I got out of my car and looked….and man…I knew the wedding Gods had been here prior.  This may be my most fall wedding of the year and JUST what this couple wanted.  AHHH!! Also, the sun popped out and we got that Hannah Barlow Photography glow and we were just loving our wedding day lives at this point!  Also, look at them…EEEKKKKK!!!  Some of these babies are going on the website…FOR SURE!

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen two people, as a bride and groom, this calm on their wedding day and just soaking up life!

Don’t worry!  I didn’t forget the bridal party while I was in all my Hannah bride and groom squealing glory!

…but we did take more and more bride and groom formals!  I had my checklist armed and ready to go.  Allie had some requests and you know I never leave a wedding without getting those requests in! Nope!

Full bridal party!  It was surprisingly “warm” this day considering the time of year!

Then, the men got their time to shine.  One of them said (after we were done), “those were the easiest wedding photos ever…I didn’t hate it”!  We had a great laugh.  I told them to put that in a Google review and sign it “Sincerely, Groomsmen!” HA!

You can’t stop me! Nope!  It was just TOO good…ANDDDDDD we were ahead of schedule now…Whatttttt?!  When you see that second angle, that’s Sam!  I’ve missed her dearly so I was super pumped to have her with me!

So, while we had some extra time on our hands, Sam and I went back in for details!  I knew details were super important to Zak’s mom (and his sister Chelsea threw me the reminders…thanks, girl!).  So, I took some extra!  These are two of my favorites!

Off to the Fort Henry room in Oglebay’s lodge for the ceremony!

It was warm and inviting and a packed house!

After that, the couple went off to have a private dinner and then were announced into their reception as Mr. & Mrs. Beggs!

We had dinner ourselves and then the couple danced their first dance!

These two sweet people won the anniversary dance.  I do believe they’ve been married 64 years!  I can’t even…life goals!

Then, the party got started!

Then, I couldn’t leave this wedding without a selfie with this beautiful bride!! I’m So so SO glad selfies are back.  COVID really killed the selfies there for a while!  They make my wedding photographer heart SO happy and it’s always the best way to end the night!

Wheww!  We’re coming down the home stretch, people!  One more wedding to go!  I’ve been texting Allie here and there for the last week and a half.  They seem like they are on cloud 9 and I wouldn’t want it any other way!  I’m off to send their full gallery to them!  Thanks for reading!  Have an amazing day, everyone!



Bride’s Gown – David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid’s Dresses – Azazie

Men’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Shoes – Amazon

Jewelry/Rings – JAB Jewelry (Engagement Ring), Wedding Bands are Zak’s Grandparents 🙂

Hair/Makeup – Blue Moon Salon, Erin (Hair) and Beauty by Joy (Makeup)

Wedding Venue – Oglebay

Wedding Coordinator – Lauren (Oglebay)

Bridal Bouquet – Etsy Afton Stout – My DinosaurDreams

Cake – Masterpieces of Old Town

DJ – DJ Steve

Officiant – Rev. Mary Ann Trifaro

Favors – Bethel Bakery Cookies

Uplighting – DJ Brian Oliver

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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