My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Cosy Christmas Engagement Photos

Blog 4 of 4 for the week is coming at ya right now! Taylor and Conor are on the blog with their very festive engagement session which is SO fitting considering they are my last wedding of 2023 next December! AND…while I’m at it, they were my last engagement session for this year too! You all know I love when little fun facts like that come together! So, please give these two ALL your Hannah Barlow Photography love and ENJOY!

Collage of couple posing for engagement photos by pine trees

Right out of the gates, we switched things up with these two! Instead of me giving them my whole speech of “do this and do that” for posing and then proceeding right into taking portraits, Taylor took off her ring and suggested we do the ring photos first! I mean…YES! I love getting my hands on beautiful diamonds. That will NEVER get old for me! Considering they’re having a “winter vibe” wedding, I felt including pine would be very fitting in case they decide to print these and use them as decor.

Engagement ring nestled in pine tree

Then, we moved right into portrait time and I was squealing. If you know these two, I’m sure you know they are SO easy to be around, be with, photograph…you name it. And their energy, laughter, kindness and joy radiates right out of them right into my camera! They tell me they are very very similar people who often pass the same jokes on to one another but at the same time (which leads to even more laughing) so it was very important to me I kept snap, snap, snapping away as they laughed and giggled and enjoyed all their time in front of my camera.

Couple stands posing by pine trees with red bow

Seriously though, it was a drizzly mess and you would have never known it. We chatted. We laughed together. They got real cozy.

A little back story – Taylor and Conor went to school together and actually lived across the street from one another…that’s not how they met though (even though they realized later they’d probably crossed paths many times). Nope! They’re another one of my couples who met online! If anyone ever tells me it doesn’t work, I ALWAYS whip out my IG feed and start scrolling…and point…”These two met online…and these two…and this couple…and now we have another one!

Couple poses for Christmas Engagement photos at Oglebay's Mansion

After we got done with the mansion photos, we moved to a pine tree line to incorporate some more color!

Couple embraces and laughs for engagement photos by pine trees

These two came SO prepared and I love it! I just know the level of organization for their wedding is going to be Grade A Hannah style! Champagne was popped in celebration of their engagement and for this photo session! When they got engaged originally, Conor had slipped a note into Taylor’s takeout container. She always packs his lunches and leaves notes so he decided to put a twist on things….in their living room (because it was too cold for an outside picnic) on the blanket. She said YES…of course!

Couple pops champagne by pine tree line

…and why are there three glasses?! WELL, because this couple is so kind and selfless they brought one for me too! Little did they know…they were playing with fire! My excited personality with alcohol added? Could be a disaster! HA!

Man pours champagne into fiance's glass

CHEERS to almost one year until these two become Mr. & Mrs.!

Couple kisses behind pine tree

…and because cozy was the vibe, I wrapped them up in their blanket for just a few more!

Couple embraces under flannel blanket for Christmas Engagement Photos

THIS IS IT! This is the last official blog of the year. I can’t believe it (and I can believe it…all at the same time). Up next are some of the fan favorites – behind the scenes and outtakes! Check back next year though for Taylor and Conor to be the last official blog again! Thanks for reading!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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