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Behind the Scenes 2022 | Hannah Barlow Photography

2022 is quickly…so very quickly…coming to an end! You loyal blog readers know what that means! End of year blogs are here! Let’s do this because the behind the scenes blog for 2022 is coming at ya right now! It’s a long one so sit back and enjoy yourself and see some of what happened behind the scenes in order to capture all those Hannah Barlow Photography wedding moments in 2022! ENJOY!

Photographer takes photo of couple under veil

I used to say “it’s no secret A LOT goes into a successful wedding day for a wedding photographer…” but the more and more I do this, the more I hear people saying “anyone can pick up a camera these days and take a pretty photo…look at my new iPhone”. While it’s true the new cell phones take pretty darn good photos, it’s not JUST about the photos on a wedding day. Wedding days are chaos backed with a lot of pressure to make it just perfect. You have to do a lot to get those photos to look a certain way and making sure the bride and her family and friends are less stressed is a HUGE part of it. A happy, less stressed bride is a happy, relaxed bride in photos! We spend so much of our time jumping in and helping because…guess what…this is a first wedding experience for many of our couples and their families BUT definitely NOT a first for us. We’ve got the experience and we’re happy to lend a hand! Getting that dress on and getting is buttoned correctly is always one of the most stressful moments for my brides because it really starts to hit them that “it’s real”…”it’s HERE!”. We always make sure we do our best to make those dresses look perfect!

Collage of wedding photographer helping brides with dresses

That goes for the men too!

Wedding photographer helping grooms adjust tuxes

This year…Ashleigh taught us that not all eye hooks have two metal sides! Sometimes you really have to dig and look for color coordinating thread to get those babies hooked! Once we realized this, everyone jumped in at this wedding to hook those dresses we didn’t think could be hooked!

Wedding photographer assistant fixes dresses

So then I went on this year to teach almost every group who had an “uh oh…they didn’t include the other side of the hook” moment that there IS, in fact, a teeny tiny little loop there you can use!

Wedding photographer helps bride button dress

We a little bit about Windsor knots too! Or half Windsor…the details are still fuzzy!

Black and white photo of wedding videographers photographing groom getting ready

It’s not just us who helps either. Shoutout to the amazing bridal party members who also jump in and give us a hand!

Wedding photographer stands by as bridesmaid arranges bride's train

Grooms too!

Groom carries bride's train

…the help doesn’t stop at the getting ready portion of the day for us either! Nope! When I see a bride in need of some shoe help, I’m your girl there too! Feet don’t bother me a bit…not even sweaty feet (which is what they ALWAYS say to me when I plop down there to take a shoe or sock off). I was a nurse, after all!

Wedding photographer helps bride's take off shoes

Speaking of shoes, if you ever wondered how we get those beautiful, shoe, detail photos, well…it’s not complicated at all! We sometimes just need someone to hold the dress up!

Wedding photographer takes photo of bride and groom's shoes

Veil photos, on the other hand, take a lot more effort! It always makes me giggle to see the behind the scenes of how we make those veil flying photos happen (which were a huge request this year too).

Wedding photographers throw veils in collage of wedding photos

This set…by far…is my favorite! Lacey looks genuinely happy and ready to make this happen! She even made it look good! HA! I ended up photoshopping her out of that bottom one!

Wedding photographer assistant throws veil for fall photos

We go under the veils too and we ALL laugh about this one when it’s happening (which is also the cover photo)! Up close and personal here we come! It’s a good thing I’m pretty close with most of my couples…because we get CLOSE!

Wedding photographer takes photo of couple kissing under the veil

There are times I make veils fly for other people too! Aaron (of Off Center Production) and I have a pretty good system after all these years. His wife, Ashleigh, always jokes and says she lets me do it because he won’t yell at me if I do it wrong! HA! I HAVE done it wrong…wait for the outtakes next week!

Wedding photographer helps wedding videographer with veil

When time is of the essence, we can get down and dirty to make those photos happen!

Wedding photographers lay on ground and in bushes to take photos

…and sometimes you literally have to get down and dirty to make a requested shot happen!

Wedding photographer lays on ground in front of avenger figurines

Justin (Geery Media) and I had JUST met when we plopped right down on the ground for this ever so flattering shot of me (thanks, Ash) but we did it and made the groom’s Avenger photo happen!

Wedding photographer lays on ground to take avenger themed photo

“You’re just going to have to trust me” became the BIG theme for this year! I’ve never ever taken a couple away from the wedding reception but I did for Simone and Michael to get them some sunset shots! That was one of their only requests and given their venue didn’t leave many options for sunset, we had to drive to a higher point!

Wedding photographer lays on group to take sunset photos

In the end, I liked Ashleigh’s better and she didn’t even have to lay on the ground…whomp whomp BUT YAY for great photos!

Sunset photos of wedding couple dancing

The amazing thing about my assistants is that they trust me and I trust them and sometimes we have differing opinions. Kaylea and Adam’s wedding had orange tones…so I wanted to use this wall. Emily wanted to take it outside…so we did both!

Wedding photographer hangs dress on mirror for photo

You tell me which one you like better!

Bride's gown hanging on orange wall and green tree

Dress shots were never my favorite when I first started this and I usually never took them outside but I’ve definitely come around in the past couple of years.

Wedding assistants hang dresses on trees and walls for photo.

…and circling back to “you’re just going to have to trust me”…Becca and Michael trusted me to take ALL their wedding photos…right next to a road!

Wedding photographer takes fall wedding photos of couple by the side of a road

Random spots are my favorite sports usually! We did champagne toasts at the corner of Oglebay’s lodge!

Wedding photographer positions ladies in bridal party for champagne photo

…and bride and groom moments at the corner of Diamond Lake Event Barn (which was my first time at this venue)!

Wedding photographer takes photo of bride and groom holding hands stand at the corner of a barn

Stephanie and Mason braved the VERY chilly 17 degree weather in March (you read that temperature correctly) and allowed us to take ALL their wedding photos on an asphalt golf path. BUT LOOK HOW PRETTY!

Wedding photographer takes photo of bride and groom in snow

Mikala and Jordan also trusted me to take all their snowy wedding photos in the parking lot and this location was all Lacey’s idea! Man, looking back…that black, velvet tux may have been my favorite!

Groom in black velvet tux laughs next to bride and wedding photographer

I mean…what a way to start the 2022 season, right?! I’m kind of sad I didn’t book any winter weddings this year (my kids play winter sports…it was intentional…but I’m going to miss them).

Then, later this year during MUCH warmer weather, Brad and Sydney tested me with the craziest timeline of the year and I took a shot at one of my craziest location choices ever (her parent’s front yard on that steep hill).

Wedding photographer walks down steep hill toward groom

JT and Buddy (Penderville Wedding Films) always embrace my crazy! AND JUST LOOK at that finished result! We did all the mens’ photos in 11 minutes by this tree!

Wedding photographer takes photo of groom by Chinese maple tree

Allie’s wedding at Bramblewood Barn in McDonald, PA was the most windy of the year so we took her to the porch and tucked her in that little corner!

Wedding photographer takes photos of bride by white barn wall

Then, I got crazy again and jumped up to get a full group shot the DJ arranged!

Wedding photographer stands on table to take large group shot

I can only imagine what my couples think when they see me setting this stuff up. But seriously, “you’re just going to have to trust me”!

Photo of wedding photographer details laying on ground ready to be photographed

…because I DO have a plan! This is the same location!

Wedding photographer taking photos of bridal details

Sometimes detail shots are done in your traditional space. Sometimes it’s outside (like the ones you see above) AND sometimes you have to make do with what you have on a tight timeline and throw those babies on a grill!

Grooms shoes sit on grill for behind the scenes photos

Jenna and Jeremy’s details were some of my favorites and we took those in Oglebay’s hallway! I’m telling you..random locations are the best!

Behind the scenes photo of bridal details and invitation

JT got in on it too while filming and I love love love that we all have become such close “coworkers” and friends that we just jump in and help one another!

Wedding photographer holds reflector for wedding videographer

DJ Keith Shreve even helped me bustle Maddie’s dress! He’s one of the sweetest DJs! It’s takes a wedding vendor village!

Wedding photographer and DJ help bustle bride's train

Many many MANY of my vendor friends got in for my test shots. But Buddy REALLY went for it!

Wedding videographer poses for photo in black and white collage

Sometimes it wasn’t a test shot at all but a moment the couple wanted to get a photo WITH their vendors…on their own wedding day. No, I’m not over here getting all sappy! AHHHH!! Ok, I am! I can’t help it!

Wedding DJ poses with couple on stage

Hard work. It’s HARD work. I know you can’t believe it until you’ve experienced it but my whole body can hurt the day after a wedding. It’s 8-12 hours (sometimes more including driving) and rushing and lifting and carrying plus the mental brain power to make each wedding amazing!

Wedding photographers' collage of carrying things

It’s a lot of people and personalities too and it just depends on the wedding and moment who we decide will be the organizer of the large groups!

Wedding photographer posts bridal party and family shots

Hair is important…wind is a pain in the butt. Just saying!

Wedding photographer fixes hair of brides

…and sometimes we’re inside in a blank room and I have to go completely off script! It stresses me out sometimes but then my assistants swoop in with ideas. Emily had an idea…and she grabbed that chair right up and it ended up resulting in some of my favorite photos of the year!

We laughed a lot this year which was very much needed after the rough year we had last year and in 2020! Things finally started to feel normal and we were able to be close to people again!

Wedding photographer positions father of the bride for first look
Wedding photographer helps laughing grandmother fix necklace

We got to dance without masks on and really enjoy weddings and faces and being together again!

Wedding photographer dances by bartenders during wedding reception

We laughed some more to ease those pre-wedding jitters!

Wedding photographer takes photo of bride smiling and putting earring on by window

…and we found some little ones who may just be photographers or videographers one day!

Wedding photographers help kids at wedding take photos
Boy looks over wedding videographer's shoulder while he flies a drone
Wedding photographer holds flower girls' hand walking toward bridal party

Some brides got to test their DJ skills!

Wedding DJ has bride act as DJ wearing headphones and scratching

I was reunited with brides I hadn’t seen in years who were more than willing to jump in and help!

Bridesmaid in blue dress holds photographers light stand.

…and we also celebrated those who weren’t able to be with us.

I would 100% call the 2022 wedding season and year a success in all the ways. I never ever forget what an opportunity it is to get to spend one of the most special days of someone’s life RIGHT along side them! I ran into so many past families, past couples, friends…you name it! AND I even got to take some photos with them! I chose these at random and it makes me smile!

Collage of photographer posing with wedding vendor friends

Yep. That’s two mothers and fathers of the brides of mine (below)…but from different weddings! Yep! That’s a bride of mine and a groom of mine…but not married to one another but in the same wedding party AND YES…that’s THREE Hannah Barlow Photography couples who quite literally grabbed me up to get a photo! I can’t…I can’t with it all…I got so lucky with this career! Mic drop. THAT’S the last photo on this one!

Collage of wedding guests and family members

Happy 2022, everyone!! Thanks for reading! Outtakes are coming at you next week!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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