My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Lakeside September Engagement Photos

Good Moooooorning! Happy Tuesday! I’ve just had a fresh cup of coffee and I’m ready to introduce a new couple to you all! Megan and Chris are new to the Hannah Barlow Photography blogs and their engagement session is live right now!! SO, please give them all your HBP love and ENJOY!

Collage of couple posing for engagement photos in green foliage with golden light behind them.

I met Megan and Chris after they hired one of my favorite planners (Plans for Perfection…Hey, ASHLEYYYYYYY!). Ashley recommended me and Megan reached out and and then they both (Megan and Chris) came down to my studio. We met up…got along great and they hired me!! They also hired the rest of their vendors based on recommendations and vibes and it made the BEST vendor dream team! I can NOT wait! I also got to meet them at a venue open house a few weeks ago so this session was actually the THIRD time I got to chat and spend time with them officially…so we went right into walking photos! Why wait?! Right?!

Couple walks by lakeside holding hands for engagement photos

Then, when we got to the real place we had planned to start taking photos. We made friends with lots of walkers and their pups and then got right down to business!! We did get rained out for our first date but it was all worth it because the weather and temperature were perfect AND that light was subtle and gave me the perfect glow that I love!

Couple poses for engagement photos by lakeside with golden hour light behind them.

I chat with these two…way too much! I talk to these two…way too much!! So, it’s totally ok that that just laugh at (with) me while I talk…and pose…and take more photos…and talk some more! HA!

Lady in navy dress embrasses fiance by lakeside for engagement photos.

These photos just have a “feel”…don’t they?! Warm and cuddly…lovey, maybe?

Couple sits on bench and look at one another by lake.

I had VISIONS! I almost fell in the lake right next to those cat tails (below)…but I had VISIONS! I was absolutely going to make it happen! Megan and Chris delivered to make these comes to life!

Couple poses by cat tails for engagement photos.

…more walking…THEN, I had her show off that ring!

Lady in navy dress holds out hand for engagement photos to show off ring.

Speaking of rings…when they did an outfit change, I took pictures of this beauty!

Engagement ring surrounded by Queen Ann's Lace.

I had another location picked out but that light said “I’m HERE!”. So, I moved my car and took advantage of this little spot first!

Man in green sweater embraces fiance for engagement photos during golden hour.

Then, we went to the real spot and honestly? I may like these more…and I never usually prefer the more casual outfits more because I’m a fancy girl on the inside but there is just something about these…RIGHT?! I don’t know…now I can’t choose!

Man and woman in sweaters embrace in long grass for engagement photos.

They danced and they dipped!! They thought they needed practice…honestly? The photo turned out GREAT but I can tell you Megan did NOT trust Chris not to drop her! HA! I selectively chose the phtoos that her face didn’t scream “help me”…HA! I’m going to check in on them month by month becauseeeeeeeeee I got to see a dress sneak peek and now I have MORE visions. I can’t tell you too much though because Chris will be reading this so you’ll just have to wait and see!

Man dips woman in long grass for engagement photos.

One more of this beautiful ring AND because Megan got her nails done last minute for this session!

Woman puts hands around fiance's neck to show off engagement ring.

This session felt “end of summer” and “beginning of fall” all in one. AND these two will be saying their “I dos” in a little less than a year! I am telling you…the amount of energy I’m going to have for their wedding…well, it’s going to be WILD! Add in Ashley (planner), Justin (video), Brian (DJ), Brad and Rodney (florals, decor, cake….)….OoooO my goodness ME!!!!!!!!!! I’m dying with anticipation already!

Well, thanks for reading and I hope you all have an amazing day!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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