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Fall Wheeling Wedding | Madison + Nick

Hello and HAPPY BEAUTIFUL FRIDAY, everyone! This wedding had the same weather we’re experiencing now – clear skies, perfect termperature, and it’s just warm! I’m loving it! Maidson and Nick’s Wheeling wedding kicked in allllllll the fall vibes last Saturday! I’m here to tell and show you now! So, please give the new Mr. & Mrs. Taylor all your Hannah Barlow Photography love because their wedding is live right now! ENJOY! Thanks for reading!

Collage of wedding couple.

It was so beautiful last Saturday. Oglebay’s lodge was the first thing I photographed because it just felt GOOD to be outside in this kind of weather…not too hot…not too cold…JUST perfect! Now, I sound like a story book! Let’s tell this couple’s wedding day story!

Photo of Oglebay Lodge

Lacey and I met up at this point. We checked out Oglebay’s Glessner auditorium as we always do. This is where the reception would be held and then we made our way through the lodge to find the ladies. If these details don’t scream “fall wedding”…I don’t know what will!! HUGE thank you to Nick’s parents for allowing us to invade their suite! The bride’s suite had lots of ladies in the thick of hair and makeup and we wanted to stay out of the way!

Fall wedding details

See what I mean? Every corner you looked in…someone was getting all dolled up for the big day!

Black and white candid photos of ladies getting hair and makeup done on the wedding.

I had spent most of my time while taking photos going back and forth from suite to suite checking on hair and makeup and documenting these candid moments. I was starting to get a weeeeee (OK…A LOT) nervous about the timeline. We had scheduled Madison to get in her dress around 1:30 PM so we could do photos of the ladies so I could then proceed to find the men around 2:00 PM for their photos. Plot Twist: that is NOT what happened and Nick and I joked later that he was on edge (He’s a musician….curtain call time doesn’t wait!) and I’m just a Type A control freak never run late for ANYTHING type of gal (Sorry, Ms. Stone…run on sentences GALORE in this blog). But you get the picture. At this point, I was trying to act all calm, cool and collected…but I was hovering. Madison knew it. Everyone kenw it. And Madison was just living her best wedding day life and laughing at me!

Bride sits in chair getting makeup on.

Out of curiousity, I checked the time stamp on this photo below. Madison came out in her dress at…2:18:39 PM (that’s right, we’re breaking down the seconds now). It’s funny because I KNOW I had my t-rex hands activated (where I subconsciously hold them like a t-rex when I’m nervous). I’d been scheduled for the men at 2:00 PM…so, I was calling the planner. I was calling the groomsmen. I was sweating! HA! BUT…I always tell people, “What am I good at? Catching up a timeline!” This isn’t that unusual at a wedding either. So, I called all hands on deck (literally) to get the dress buttoned and we got this beautiful bride ready with the help of her mom, sisters, and friends!

Bride smiles and laughs getting dress buttoned.

Lacey and I were tag teaming the angles and Jacie (Madison’s best friend and maid of honor) was offering moral suppot! These black and whites at this wedding just POP!

Black and white photos of bride and maid of honor getting jewelry and shoes on.

We RACED outside! I wanted to get those mountains but I also didn’t want hair and makeup to start moving if everyone got overheated SO, we quickly did group shots and then moved these ladies to the shade! I was curious while editing how fast we actually did these photos. We usually estimate 30 minutes for each side of the bridal party. We did them in less than 10 minutes!! Seven minutes and 24 seconds to be exact because I needed to get a move on and get to the men because we had a ceremony to get to! Let’s do it!

Bride and bridesmaids in maroon dresses pose for photos.

We found the groom!! Whewww! We made it! Nick was looking dapper, wasn’t he?!

Black and white photos of groom standing by window.

THE MEN! My goodness ME! This was a blast from the past AND present! Four of these men went to the same high school I did. One of those men is my cousin. The other three (groom included) graduated with my husband. An additional one is my best friend’s husband and last but not least…we had Nick’s brother in law and future nephews! It was a quite the crew but they get an A+ 100% on these photos! We also got these done in record time! YAY!

Collage of groom and groomsmen pose for photos in grey tuxes.

At this point, I raced to the ceremony and Lacey said…”You gotta go back! Dad’s waiting!” She was right!! We had skipped his first look earlier in an effort to get the ladies done not just because we were running behind but also because one of Madison’s nephews needed a nap. A a mom myself, naps are PRIORITY! So, I headed back through the lodge at this point and we got down to the first look!

Bride and dad share first look moments.

Then, I ran back to the ceremony! HERE COMES THE BRIDE!!!

Groom gets emotional watching bride walk down the aisle.

The ceremony was a short one but meaningful and sweet in all the ways. I learned a lot about these two listening to Gia (Nick’s friend, boss and officiant) talk about them. I loved the last four photos I took the most though! I always love the recessional photos. You can always see (and feel) the genuine joy radiating from the couple!

Bride and groom walk back down aisle for recessional.

Back outside we went for full bridal party photos! Then, we swooped right into family photos! Nick’s dad is “Mr. Taylor”. You see, he was a teacher when I was in high school…he FINALLY got me to call him by his first name this day but it still felt funny. We had a GREAT laugh over it!

Bridal party and family photo.

While I was doing those photos, Lacey went inside and got the reception venue photographed because we knew we wouldn’t have time later!

Dark wedding reception details.

Okkkkkkkkkkkkkk. Madison and Nick traveled in the absolute COOLEST car EVERRRRR!

Groom helps bride out of grey BMW car.

Just the four of us, we got right down to portraits.

Black and white photos of wedding couple.

Everyone was really feeling great at this point and it was sooooooOooo calm! We needed calm after our hectic beginning of the day!

Three photo collage of wedding couple.

Ashley (Plans for Perfection) had called me and let the bride and groom place drink orders. Then, she delivered them too! She’s a GEM!

Wedding planner hands couple drinks.

Because it was just the four of us (the couple and Lacey and me), we took portraits upon portraits upon portraits!

Variety of wedding photos of couple.


Couple walks with drinks and smiles for photographer.

A little birdy had told me Nick and Madison loved the mountains and the views at Oglebay so Lacey suggested we walk to a little location we love that overlooks everything! Madison was loving on her dress AS SHE SHOULD! Lacey had squealed when she first saw it earlier in the morning!

Bride holds lace gown and poses with groom for wedding photos.

Off to the reception we go!

Groom holds bouquet over shoulder and walks away with bride.

Because I’m Hannah, I always take extra reception photos!

Fall wedding cake and reception details.

Madison and Nick were introduced after the bridal party and then they had their first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Taylor!

Wedding couple dances their first dance under warm string lights.

Cake cutting was comincal and made me smile ear to ear!

Wedding couple laughs while cutting and eating cake.

They played the shoe game!!!! We never get the shoe game anymore!! Honestly? I think they did better than any couple I’ve ever photographed who played this game!

Wedding couple sits in chairs and play the shoe game.

Of course, there had been speeches. There were parent dances. They mingled…but personalities REALLY started to come out and shine when the DJ opened that dance floor! SO much to photograph!

Collage of open dance floor dancing with couple and guests.

That’s it! The Taylors wedding is on the blog and complete! I have one more wedding in September and then we’re on to October. How is that possible?! Madison and Nick’s wedding was a combination of familiar faces AND new faces! It didn’t matter who you knew…people were chatting, mingling, and dancing! Thank you, you two, for choosing me to be your photographer! I hope your wedding was everything you wanted it to be and MORE!


Venue – Oglebay

Coordinator – Plans for Perfection (Ashley Kirchner)

Hair/Makeup – Samantha Asher

DJ – Matt Simmons

Florist – N. Mead

Offiiant – Gia Hayes-Martin

Pianist – Steven Sollars

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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