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Weirton WV Wedding | Alison + Adam

OooO wow, you all!! This wedding is extra, EXTRA special!! It’s not JUST because Alison and Adam are humans who were put on earth to fill everyone’s life with joy and smiles but it’s also because I’ve photographed these two and some of their friends’ weddings and it gives me ALL the feels! I’ve got all the Hannah joyous squeals and all! So, please give the new Mr. & Mrs. Davis all your Hannah Barlow Photography love! Their Weirton WV wedding ceremony and Pittsburgh Airport Marriott reception are on the blog now! ENJOY!

Collage of fall wedding with navy and dusty blue color details

We started off the morning going straight to the church and getting right now to buiness with these classy wedding details for a classy couple! Lacey, Mark (TYL Video) and I were racing to get these done because the ladies were arriving soon after us. Huge shoutout to Alison’s mom and dad for delivering ALL the things we needed (dress, shoes, rings…you name it…they delivered it)! We couldn’t have made it happen without you all (and Alison’s notes and organization…it helped tremendously)!

Navy and dusty blue wedding details.

I will absolutely be doing this for my wedding invitation (after 15 years…I’m going to do it)! I believe Amy did it…TELL ME! HOWWWW?! I love this SO much!

Wedding invitation framed in a white and glass picture frame.

I kept meaning to ask Alison and her mom if we’ve met (her mom and I) prior to this day because I feel like her mom was very familiar to me. I don’t believe we’ve met though? But she has the same aura that Alison does so that makes sense. I kept saying the genetics in these families were very strong and it makes total sense why Alison has such a sweet and caring personality because her mother is much the same. I met Adam’s mom shortly after this during the first look with the bride and had an “ahhhhh haaaa” moment! They’re just all so sweet.

This morning was very fast so after we got details done we got the bride getting ready with her mom. This wasn’t a large room so it was a little tricky but look how beautiful.

Black and white photos of bride getting ready with mother of the bride.

This year was very different for me. We didn’t get very many church weddings. If I remember correctly, this was only my second church wedding (ironically their friends’ wedding was the other one), so I really had to remind myself what we do on these days. One of those things is make sure we find the men at the back or the front of the church and photograph them getting ready. A perk is that it’s always genuine moments.

Black and white photos of groom and groomsmen getting ready at church.

So very quickly it was time for the ceremony. The Priest politely asked that we stay out of the center aisle. Usually, I can sweet talk them but he was pretty firm on wanting me to stay off the side and I always want to be very respectful of someone’s church so Lacey and I crafted a grand plan. Huge shoutout to Lacey who sat in a pew with the guests and got all of the aisle photos. The emotions she caught can’t be matched AND she said this is now a favorite photo spot for her. SEE?! All things are meant to be in weddings (well, I don’t want to jinx myself). Stay tuned for 2024 weddings. I guarantee Lacey is always going to be sitting in a pew so don’t be giving her the side eye next year! HA!

Groom tears up as bride walks down the aisle.

I used to prefer outdoor weddings but now I’m thinking I’m missing the religious indoor church ceremonies. Mr. and Mrs. Davis, everyone!

Collage of Catholic Church wedding ceremony with bride and groom smiling at the Priest.

It’s also been a while since we’ve done a post ceremony sendoff. Allison and Adam opted to do bubbles. What a nice way to help the 2023 season circle back and do a lot of old, traditional things.

Couple exits church while guests blow bubbles.

Family photos were an absolute breeze and I hardly ever say that. There were a few missing people here or there but we got them back really did great coming together and getting that list checked off! I’ll take it! I don’t remember ever really struggling during this point in the day and that’s saying something because family formals are HARD! Not with this group though!

Family formal photos of couple at front alter of church

After family photos, we went outside to do the rest of the formal portraits. I had driven around Weirton the other day to scout locations and we decided that since the couple wanted fall foliage in their pictures and there were so little left this time of year, the best place to do photos was on the Madonna soccer fields. I had just started photos of the women. Adam asked me if he could go back inside and get a photo with one of his most influential teachers (I believe she was a teacher…or maybe he…there was a lot going on. Cut me some slack…HA!). So Lacey and him ran inside and caught this one very quickly and respectfully (I know Lacey…she was absolutely going in there quietly).

Groom poses with older couple in church.

OK! Let’s see these outside photos! One of my favorite things about 2023 was the color palettes. No one stuck to the traditional colors for each season and I could not love that more. The whole year was full of color and I’m really really hoping that 2024 is the same. You know I’m a color loving photographer so I don’t want it to go away. Look at these beautiful ladies! AHHHHHH!

Bride and bridesmaids in dusty blue dresses pose for photos.

Oh Alison, I knew you were going to be a beautiful bride but really I had no idea how beautiful inside and out and all around this whole day would be. I had an idea…but you really just had to experience it to get it. Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer!!!!

Bride is lace gown poses for wedding photos in front of orange tree.

Ok. Ok. I’m getting all out of order here and sappy. Let’s circle back around to the men an their portrait time! Lookin’ good, gentleman!

Fall wedding photos with groom and groomsmen wearing navy

We can’t let Adam go without his own solo collage of photos! I swear EVERYONE knows Adam! They did call him the “Mayor of West Lib” when he went to collage, after all, but really…everyone knows him!! I was finishing up this blog at my son’s youth wrestling practice and someone looked over my shoulder and asked, “Is THAT…Adam Davis! We love him!”

Groom in navy tux holds lapels and shoes off ring.

…BUT…when these two come together! It’s like they are a power couple!! Feast your eyes on their moment to shine as man and wife! I can NOT believe these trees held on for us!! AHHH!! Meant to be and all that!

Bride and groom with navy details pose for fall wedding photos

…and while we love some color around here at the Hannah Barlow Photography blogs, we also love some good black and white!

Black and white photos of bride and groom

Then, I had a VISION. So, I asked the couple if they’d be willing to go IN to the “dead stuff” and they did not even hesitate. AND I do believe it was worth it! THESE are definitely my favorites!

Bride and groom pose in fall dead foliage for beautiful wedding photos

Walking photos are always some of my favorites!

Bride and groom walk for wedding photos

Then, I lost my shoe while doing the walking photos and we had a great laugh!

Bride and groom walk toward camera and laugh

I know…I KNOW (well, unless you were there…you don’t know) BUT I’m so out of order but I keep thinking “OooOOo I need to add this photo…and that photo….” and I can’t stop…won’t stop! All the Madonna grads wanted a photo with the sign! Let’s do it!

Bridal party members pose by high school Madonna sign

The bridal party were absolute troopers. It was a bit chilly but that’s what Adam and Alison had hoped for…and no rain!! Let’s celebrate!

Bridal party wearing blue walks with bride and groom and cheers

ALSO…Alison and Adam are Marge (the mannequin) super fans!! If you’ve followed me this year, Marge accidentally because a main character of the 2023 season. Spoiler alert, you two…you have a surprise in your gallery and most people were in on it!

Bride Hugs Mannequin

Alright! Back to the wedding. Before we left the couple read their vows to one another for the videographer and then it was off to the party bus to get this party started.

Couple holds blue vow books and reads vows and then walks away from the forest holding drinks

Shots..Shots…Shots…Sing it!

Couple in blue lighted limo hold up shots and cheer

I haven’t been back to the Pittsburgh airport Marriott since last year and it was so nice to see the staff and be welcomed by Jeannie, the head coordinator. She is always so kind and welcoming and it’s always a joy to see her not to mention that the ballroom was absolutely beautiful. Believe it or not, this was the first wedding I’ve had this year with those letters! I was so pumped!

Gold wedding reception details are highlighted at the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott.

DJ Brian Oliver never disappoints but I told him, “with this group…you’re not even going to have to try hard…” and that was absolutely right!! From my experience with much of this group at past weddings, I knew it was going to be some kind of PARTY with a packed dance floor and everyone having a great time! And I was exactly right (not to toot my own horn…HA!).

Open dance floor photos are highlight at ballroom wedding.

Listen, ya’ll…us wedding vendors are TIRED this time of year but it’s moments like these (below) that just fill my tank RIGHT back up. I’m telling you. There is nothing better than getting genuine hugs full of warmth and love from your couple at the end of the night AND (shoutout to Lacey) for getting a “re-do” photo of my three couples together. That’s right…I’ve now officially photographed all THREE of their weddings in the last year and a half…so, who is next?! Let’s do this because this group is THE group that every photographer hopes to photograph!

Photographer hugs wedding party members whose weddings she's photographed

I have no idea how it happened! BUT the West Liberty mascot showed up! Lacey got this gem!

Wedding couples poses with bear mascot at wedding reception

I mean…what better photo to end this blog with, right?! I always love to end the blog on a fun, high point so please enjoy this gem! Alison and Adam…we NEED to know here you got these glasses from!

Wedding couple wears white heart glasses with initials and wedding date on dance floor

Wow! What a wedding. To think, I was “booked” when I first met with this couple to it all coming full circle (I wasn’t booked…there was a major typo in my original email to them). I could not have imagined having seen this wedding come and go and not having been a part of it. I’m telling you…these two are special. Their friends…their family…everyone is so warm and welcoming! When that person last night recognized Adam in the blog draft and started saying ALL the things about him, I had asked if they knew
Alison. They did not…and I proceeded to rant and rave all the great qualities about her too and that person said, “Wow! They really seem like they are quite the match!” They were right. It’s true…I talk about my couples outside of weddings and business. It really puts a mark on you and a core memory in you vault. I may be tired this time of year but I never ever stop being grateful for the amazing opportunities I get to spend one of the most special days of one’s life along side them.

Sappy much? Yep! Still am! One more time…CONGRATS TO THE NEW MR. & MRS. DAVIS!


Ceremony Venue – Saint Joseph the Worker Catholic Church, Weirton, WV (Father Dean Borgmeyer)

Reception Venue – Pittsburgh Airport Marriott (Jeannie Dankowski)

Bride’s Gown/Salon – Mori Lee, Elizabeth Michaels (Parkersburg)

Bridesmaids’ Dresses – Azazie

Men’s Attire – Generation Tux

Hair – Rasicci and Co., Briana Rasicci Fernandez

Makeup – LMG Makeup, Lauren

Florist – Parkway Florist

Videographer – TYL Video, Mark Mower

Cake/Desserts – Prantl’s Bakery, Costco

DJ – DJ Brian Oliver

Transportation – Tortortice Limousine

Stationary – Minted

Photo Booth – Steel City Selfies

Marquee Letters – Alpha Lit Pittsburgh

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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