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A Foggy, Fall Wedding | Meghan + Ed

Hello! Everyone…we’ve “survived” October and it was a wild, weather one…with lots and lots of rain! The Wedding Gods really kept showing up though and Meghan and Ed’s wedding the last weekend of October was no different. While it called for a complete wash of a day (rain…rain…and more rain), it ended up being magical which was absolutley perfect for this couple because they wanted something different. I’m here to tell you all about it so please give Meghan and Ed all your Hannah Barlow Photography love! Their wedding is on the blog right now! ENJOY!

Groom in black tux poses with petit bride for wedding photos

When Meghan sent me this invitation, I knew her wedding was going to be unique. She was having a Sunday wedding…on Halloween weekend…with deep greens and blacks. I had NO idea just how unique it was going to be. These details are SO beautiful!

Green black and ivory wedding details are featured

After details, we had some time to kill so we headed through Oglebay’s lodge to go photograph the men getting ready. My grooms sure are killin’ this year in the photo department! So, here’s a small sample of what we took in these moments.

Groom stands by window and looks out

Then, we ran back over to the women to get Meghan ready in this BEAUTIFUL gown!

Mother and sister help bride get ready

The one thing about this wedding that really stood out to me was that everyone was so calm and punctual and a wedding photographer like me REALLY appreciates those qualities! Ed was waiting outside Meghan’s room, as instructed, to get ready for the first look with his bride. Again, I was thinking of Meghan and her wish for “unique” so I snapped these before I got him into position.

Groom stands with back turned looking out window

Meghan wanted different and while I’d usually push back just a weeeeeee bit for sake of consistency and what people are used to seeing on my site when they hire me, it WAS raining outside. That gave my inner control freak Hannah the permission my brain needed to find new locations for these two. This room was private and so fitting! My absolute favorite part of these moments is when she sneaked up on Ed and he said, “Are you in your dress and everything?” WHAT A SWEET MOMENT!

Black and white photos of bride and groom seeing one another for a first look

And just like that, we scooped them up and put them in my car (just like their engagement session if you remember…which you can see HERE). Another really unique thing about Meghan and Ed’s wedding was that there was no official bridal party. That REALLY helped us in a great way considering the rain and the speed (SLOW speed) at which we had to move to be extra extra careful Meghan’s absolutely STUNNING dress didn’t touch anything. The material on the train had little detail so I knew any small little bit of rain, mud, dirt…you name it…was going to show up in a big way! AHHHH!! THE STRESS!! We came prepared though! Prepared with my white, dollar store table cloth! HA!

Bride and groom carry umbrellas while walking in the rain

Meghan told me she wanted photos no one else has…and unique photos…ones I’d never done before. Well, she was getting married at Oglebay and I do MOST of my weddings at Oglebay so I really really had to put my thinking cap on. I had plans. I’d discussed it with Lacey and we were going to do all kinds of neat things…and then it rained…and everything was a soaking wet mess. So, back to the mansion we went…and then the Wedding Gods said, “You want something different?…Let me introduce…some FOG!” OooOOoo my goodness me….I never could have ever guessed or imagined the beauty that would be this fog. And we got this low lying fog that literally created a DREAM type of wedding photos.

Bride poses with fall foliage and fog behind her

I heard Lacey quietly squeal while we were photographing Meghan and that was because she caught Ed taking his own photos of his wife. I mean…smitten doesn’t really fit Ed…but that’s what he looked like in this moment. TOTALLY smitten with his wife and, of course, we were swooning in our wedding photographer way. I can’t explain these two but I sure wish you could have experienced this with us. There was an amazing peace and calm about this photo session that I’ve never experienced before and in an amazing way! I want to go back already! AHHH!

Groom takes photos on his phone of bride posing

Meghan’s dress sure was SOMETHING…this detail went on and on and on! It was delicate and beautiful and absolutely amazing! Fun fact: The designer of this dress is Randy Fenoli from Say Yes to the Dress!

Bridal gown details are featured

The amount of comments I got on my posts and sneak peeks for this wedding was so touching. People were absolutely pouring their love to Meghan and Ed…and, of course, I shared it with them! I couldn’t help myself. They are STARS!

Bride holds bouquet down and looks at it

Another perk of no official bridal party was that we could just breath and relax and take our time (which REALLY helped with the wet rain situation we were battling). Because I could go slow, Lacey could also get those little details…like Ed’s hand holding his wife’s back.

Zoomed in photo of groom holding bride's back

Now, feast your eyes on some traditional Hannah Barlow Photography beauties! After all these years, black tuxes are STILL it for me!! So classy!

Groom in black tux poses with bride for fall wedding

Then, Ed got his time to shine and he went ALL in for us! AHHHHHHHH!!! He looks like he popped right out of a novel or magazine, doesn’t he?!

Groom in black tux poses in front of orange fall foliage trees

Don’t worry…we got Meghan swooning over her husband too. We were positively surrounded by love and smitten-ness…is that a word?!

Bride smiles while looking at groom

To the next location we go!

Groom holds bride's train and umbrellas for wedding photo

Now, this IS A location I’d already planned. This is Oglebay’s Pine Room. This wasn’t where they were having their wedding but I had always wanted to take some photos in this little location. Meghan was all for me trying out new things, of course…we hadn’t anticipated all this water though BUT…what you didn’t see in the photos above was that she was standing on a Dollar Tree white table cloth! YEP! We have tricks and that’s how we kept the dress dry!

Bride stands on white table cloth for photo

THIS…is what wedding dreams are made of!

Bride and groom pose by stone building

Then, in more attempts for me to think outside the box, I took them to a location I’ve only used a few times for sunset but I KNEW the fog would be obvious in this location! Also, shoutout to mother nature not for the rain…but for the fog AND warmer temps! This could have been really difficult if it had been super cold. So, Lacey and I took these…our more traditional photos.

Bride and groom pose on hill top for foggy wedding photo

Then, I dropped the settings on my camera and channeled my creative photography skills and went…DARK AND FOGGY! AHHHHHH!!!

Dark foggy wedding photo of bride and groom

When I tell you the four of us were freaking out over these in my car, it would be a true story! Another favorite moment of the day was when Meghan and Ed started talking about where they were going to hang this in their house. It kept pumping me up for more and more photos! Lacey had grabbed my camera off my lap when we were driving back to the lodge and started flipping through them with the couple. It was definitely a moment I’ll never forget!

Bride and groom kiss for foggy wedding photo

If you clicked on their engagement session above, you’d see that we photographed them with the deer last year. They loved the deer. And we had tried to get the deer to come close to us in the photos above but those deer weren’t so friendly. So, even though it would make me about five minutes late delivering the couple (BUT not late to their ceremony), I drove past the lodge to a spot I knew was almost guaranteed to have deer…and I was right! We got these quickly and then off to the ceremony we went!

Bride and groom kiss with deer in field behind them

At a wedding full of officers, it was only appropriate the K-9 unit shows up…dressed his BEST! Look at that little doggie tux!

Men stand and pose with K9 dog

Back to the Fort Henry room the HBP team goes! I’m loving this arch Masterpieces of Old Town put together! MY GOODNESS!

Dark candlelit wedding ceremony

A random…but one of my favorite…moments of the day was when Ed “presented” his beautiful WIFE to everyone! These two make me smile…ear to ear!

Groom presents bride in dark lit ceremony

Glessner auditorium has never looked so good this year!!!

Warm gold wedding reception details are featured

We did all the traditional wedding reception things!

Reception dances are featured

Then, Meghan’s sister, Amanda, gave her speech and surprised her with this cut out of grandpa…and Meghan IMMEDIATELY knew who the culprit was and called him out!

Wedding speeches

A beautiful thing about having your father’s band play at your wedding is that you get to come on stage and have your time to shine!

Bride sings with wedding band

It’s time to get DOWN! Let’s get this part started!

Wedding Reception Dancing

What better way to end this than a nice dip circled by your closest family and friends!

Groom dips bride at wedding reception

This wedding will definitely be stored in the memory vault as something so very special to us!

Disclaimer: Hannah Barlow Photography blogs only represent a small portion of photos the couple actually receives in their private gallery.  The blogs are meant to highlight favorite photos and favorite moments of the session/wedding day and do not represent an entire gallery.


Venue/Catering – Oglebay (Fort Henry Room/Glessner)

Bridal Gown/Salon – Randy Fenoli, Bridal and Formal (Ohio)

Women’s Attire – Bridal and Formal

Men’s Attire – Custom Suits

Hair – Sara Hammond

Makeup – Sara Hammond

Florist/ Cake – Masterpieces of Old Town

DJ – The Groove Doctors

Stationary – Minted

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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