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Last Wedding of the 2023 Season | Taylor + Conor

It’s here and WHAT a way to end the blogs – with a holiday wedding! Taylor and Conor took us out of the 2023 wedding season with a wedding at…you guessed it, Oglebay! I’m a December bride myself so it was exciting to see how these two would twist the holidays into their wedding day and it was a whole vibe, I tell ya! We had warm red, navy blue, and green pine to make this holiday wedding take us out of the season with a bang! So, as always, please give Taylor and Conor all your Hannah Barlow photography love. Their wedding blog is live right now! ENJOY!

Winter wedding bride and groom portrait collage

All right! Let’s start it off with some backstory. I didn’t know any of the vendors at this wedding except for Plans for Perfection (Ashleigh Kirchner). I’m so grateful she was there! Her and I went back-and-forth a couple of times to compile the perfect timeline with this couple. There were a few hiccups in it especially with the sun setting earlier this time of year (that dreaded daylight savings time). BUT, we always figure it out and we did! You just wait! So, I tagged back into the schedule an extra person (Hey, Becca!) even though the last wedding we did was supposed to be her last one training (she’s on her own next year). I knew we’d need a third set of hands though because this day was going to go FAST! This couple embraced her with open arms! So, we packed up and headed to Oglebay and Ashleigh met us there. We had a grand plan and a very long list. And we did it!!!! WOOOOO!! You just wait to hear all about it. But first! Bridal details and I was positively SQUEALING! It’s everything my winter wedding heart desires!

Burgundy wedding bridal details

I was very very very excited about these groom details too! Groom details are making their way back again! I’m here for it! Not only were they beautiful and holiday but they were also personalized!

Room details highlighted in navy and burgundy

At this point, it was crunch time. I applaud the men for dealing with me because we were very rushed getting everyone ready and they did it!

Black and white photos of Groom getting ready

We took them straight outside to get these photos done. I’m pretty sure when I looked at my watch we had only 15 minutes to go and it was hilarious because planner Ashley came outside to see what we were doing. I secretly know she was just trying to get me moving. I even let her track me on my phone which is hilarious because I knew I wouldn’t have any time to be texting her updates. Arn’t these photos warm and lovey? AHHHH!!! I also love that they had a mix of men and women on both sides.

Groom in navy poses with groomsmen and friend

I texted Taylor “we are on our way” and then we raced back through the lodge to help the ladies finish getting ready! AHHHHH!!! Getting so close!

Black and white photos of bride getting ready

I didn’t realize until later that the dresses were supposed to all be the same color. I thought this was intentional and looking back at these photos, I actually kind of love that they’re mixed matched. Especially since each style is unique too! I don’t know…maybe that’s just end of year Hannah being all sappy! But I feel like it WORKS! Aren’t they beautiful?! Yes…YES! – Including the “bride’s man” who showed off his flowers with the ladies and we all had a great laugh!

Burgundy and navy wedding party photos on the bride's side

Then, the couple opted to do a first touch moment instead of a first look. I had Becca film it on my phone because I knew it would be emotional and the couple would want to see it live. We also got these sweet photos…AND more. This is literally just a “few”.

Black and white photos of bride and groom having first touch

Time for the ceremony! And at this point in the year, I know you’ve seen a lot of my ceremony photos. But what was extra special about this ceremony was not only the energy but also the moment they passed around the rings so family and friends could warm them. I had seen this trend and when I realized it was happening for real at one of my weddings, I absolutely lost my mind!!!!! Shout out to Ashleigh for catching the moment the moms passed them over the center aisle! Because………. I was too busy trying not to lose it in school with excitement! HA!

Black and white ceremony photos in Oglebay's fort Henry room

Alright! After a few minutes of “resting” and enjoying the ceremony, we were back in race mode! We were racing the sun and we knew this was going to happen ahead of time! We took the bridal party outside and even the kids were on board with photos. I would like to give them the award for most well-behaved and cooperative kids of the year! They even ALL looked and smiled! I can’t believe it!

Well done to everyone!

Winter full bridal party photos

I threw Taylor and Conor in my car with just 20 minutes to spare before we had to be back for family formals. I knew planner actually was tracking me too so I had to keep my promise. I am so pumped and proud of how many photos we got in such a short amount of time. That third person photogrpaher sure did matter and I’m so excited to show you these photos. And right before Christmas!

Holiday Christmas tree bride and groom portraits

Whoever says you can’t get a lot of variety in one location is crazy! So, we swung them around and shot another direction. Ashleigh is always shooting “through” things!! I saw her holding pine and then hiding behind pine and KNEW she’d give these two the other angle and more artsy photos to spice up the variety! AHHHHHHH!!! AND it was warm…how did that happen?! I’ve never had a warm end of year wedding!

White pillars and Pine are highlighted in wedding photos of Bride and Groom

A dip and a dance to seal the deal on this location! This location was special because this is where we did some of their engagement photos (HERE)!

Groom and navy tux dips bride

This couple was really hoping for snow. But because of the warm weather, we obviously didn’t get that. BUT… there was just enough snow left that I could give them a wee little bit. So despite our timeline, we raced over to the ski slopes to give them just a little bit of white. This was important and I was GOING to make it happen!

Bride and groom walk in snow

HUGE out to Oglebay (Hey, Mark!) for allowing us to use the fireplace in their dining room for family formals. Then, my crazy Hannah energy cleared out the hallway and we were able to get a sweet photo of the couple together. But don’t worry…we DID get all of the chaos going on too per Taylor’s request! And it was a lot! I won’t share those photos here though simply out of respect for all of the strangers I photographed! HA! They were so confused (and probably why we cleared out the hallway).

Bride and groom look at one another in stone hallway with holiday decor

One last one because it wouldn’t be Christmas without a photo by Oglebay’s Christmas tree in the throne!

Bride and groom toast sitting in front of Christmas tree

Alright! Even though we had photographed these earlier, there’s always something so great to me whenever the glasses are full and the lighting is low. So, I rephotographed all of the reception details because look how beautiful! I can’t help myself! I feel like I should post these on Pinterest for people looking for a holiday wedding inspiration. Maybe I will actually!

Holiday wedding reception details

OOo yea!! And before I forget…I want to share this one! It’s a simple picture to take. But it’s not a simple photo for memories. This was grandma’s hand, mom’s hand, and the bride’s hand together all displaying their wedding rings. THREE generations and I love this! Fun fact: Taylor’s grandma and grandpa have been married 59 years. And they won the anniversary dance which I’ll see you later!

Grandma mom and bride display wedding bands on hands

Alright…back to the reception (this blog is flowing the same way this day did…HA! I’m all over the place). Masterpieces of Old Town never disappoints. As a December bride myself, I’m really jealous that I didn’t have a cake as beautiful as this one. What more could you want out of a holiday cake?! It’s perfect!

Winter wedding cake with white trees as decor

I also absolutely loved their handmade favors. Conor told me he takes all the credit for it. Planner Ashley tried to pack the extras away and I had to chase her down at the end of the night to get mine back because I am ready to hang it on my Christmas tree. HA! As we were packing the care later in the night, we kept saying, “WATCH THE PINE CONESSSSS”! That was our priority!

Holiday wedding favor Pine Cone

All right! Let’s talk about all the standard traditional events of the reception. We had introductions and speeches (complete with a bridesmaid dancing on a chair). Apparently, they had promised one another that if Taylor got married first, she’d dance on a chair. She mentioned it in her speech and DJ Dave made this happen so quickly. Because it was improv, it ended up being one of my favorite moments of the day! Then, we had special dances.

Key wedding reception events are highlighted in collage

…and we had first dances! Taylor and Conor did not hold back!

Black and white photos of bride and groom dancing their first dance

Then, the grandparents won the anniversary dance with a whopping 59 years total being married! It’ll be 60 come April! I told my husband we could definitely do this one day! The anniversary dance is one of my favorite things to witness and I NEED to win it one day!

Grandparents who won anniversary dance pose with a couple.

This dance floor was absolutely packed! I am so glad to have met DJ Dave because he is not only a wonderful person but he kept the dance floor rockin’! To the point where I called one of my other DJ friends who had a wedding the same night and I told him he should be jealous because I had a better party than his! HA! No one held back! It was packed from start to finish, I hear!

Open dance floor reception dancing in Oglebay's ballrooms

Would you believe it if I told you I took selfies with a lot of vendors but not the planner? Sorry, girl! It’s true! NEXT YEAR! We were busy…and even though we’re friends and podcast together, we take our jobs VERY seriously. Love you, “Planner Ashley”! That’s how I refer to her so people don’t get confused with my second shooter/assistant Ashleigh.

Photographer take selfies with wedding vendors.

The 2023 wedding season was very very good to me. It seems like every year the wedding seasons get easier in a way (except 2021…pandemic weddings were TOUGH…HA!). Maybe it’s my experience or maybe it’s just because I keep getting so lucky to have amazing couples hire me over and over. I did have to giggle a little bit when I saw a little grinch on the table. I had to take a picture of him because… well…. I am so excited about all these weddings this year but I’m always feeling a little tired AND grinchy this time of year too. I’m ready for a vacation! So, it fit! HA! So, we’ll let this be the last wedding photo of the year. I’m not a mean one…(singing in my head) BUTTTTT I do love love LOVE everything about Christmas…even Mr. Grinch!

Grinch stuffed animal sitting on table by role.

AHHHHHHH!!! I can’t believe it’s the END! I remember when I first talked to Taylor and Conor about their wedding. We both bonded over the fact that we were having December weddings and we loved the holidays and we wanted to have holiday weddings without it being full-blown Christmas. This wedding with exactly that. Even with a hectic timeline, we high-fived at the end of the night because we did it! I checked off everything on that list and had all the warm and fuzzy holiday feels leaving the wedding.

Thank you both for choosing me. It never goes unnoticed in my mind you have hundreds of photographers to choose from and you chose me. I appreciate YOU! I hope this wedding was everything you wanted and more!

One more time…please give a big CONGRATS to the Kollars!

Kiss the wedding blogs “bye” for now because you’re not going to see another one until May! CRAZY! BUT…I already have a feeling 2024 is going to be a great one too. This year really did raise the bar high. Thanks for reading and have an amazing rest of your year and holiday season!


Disclaimer: Hannah Barlow Photography blogs only represent a small portion of photos the couple actually receives in their private gallery.  The blogs are meant to highlight favorite photos and favorite moments of the session/wedding day and do not represent an entire gallery.

Venue – Oglebay

Wedding Planner – Plans for Perfection, Ashley Kirchner (Tune in to our Podcast…What in the Wedding!)

Bridal Gown – MB Bride

Bridesmaids’ Attire – Azazie

Men’s Attire – Men’s Wearhouse

Hair/Makeup – Marissa Julin

Florist – Dormont Florist

Cake – Masterpieces of Old Town

DJ – Mobile Mix Entertainment (Dave…LOVED HIM)!

Catering – Oglebay

Stationary Printed at Copies on Carson

Officiant – Jonathan Ruggieri

Wood Pieces for Decor – John Ellenberger

Cookies – Taylor’s Co-Workers

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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