My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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A Spring Pittsburgh Airport Marriott Wedding | Natalee + Marcello

First wedding of the year is on the blog! Natalee and Marcello had a beautiful spring wedding and even that little (ok…all day) rain and drizzle didn’t let it get them down! Just like you did earlier in the week, please give them ALL your Hannah Barlow Photography love! Their wedding is READY! ENJOY and Happy Friday!

This wedding was a whirlwind and not just because of the unfortunate weather at the beginning of the wedding day (hello pouring rain in the morning…thank goodness it broke up by photo time). Natalee booked me just a few months ago. That’s right! Her date was open on my calendar all this time…and the stars aligned. She got a hold of me at the beginning of this year during the winter time and decided she needed a photographer for her May 4th wedding. So, while I didn’t do an engagement session with them like I usually do because they were actually married last year! This was a huge vow renewal with all of their family and friends. So, I had only met her online during our consultations but I sure was welcomed with open arms not just from her but all of her ladies this morning! At one point in the day, I told them they all need to be professional bridesmaids or teach a class on how to be an amazing wedding party! It’s true! You just wait and see!

Black and white photos of bride and bridesmaids getting ready

You know me! I love ALL the color so this was quite the way to start off the 2024 wedding season! BEAUTIFUL details which are some of my favorite things to photograph!

Purple and sage green wedding details

Natalee didn’t miss anything when it came to details!

Wedding dresses and details

What did I tell you?! These ladies were SO fun…they even embraced the slipper fuzz that came off on Natalee’s toes! HA! We had a good chuckle!

Bride and Bridesmaids sit on bed in matching pajamas.

More details! More fun with these ladies! AND this was only the beginning of the day! They even included me in a fun trivia exercise where they asked me the wildest things I see on a wedding day and I answered! Felt like I was with friends!

Bride and bridesmaids wear heart shaped glasses

The perfume was a gift so it became the main character of this set! Shoutout to Ashleigh for that clever shot below with Natalee and her mom in the background.

Bride sprays perfume while mother holds train

Then, it was time for us to go get Marcello and take him down for their first look! Just like the ladies, I was pleasantly surprised with the warm welcome I received from the men. Men tend to hate photos…and photographers…I GET IT! Not these guys…at least they didn’t show it!

They were dressed and ready to go! So, off we go!

Wedding Couple Embraces for First Look

I liked this little corner so we snapped a few before we went out for the real formal photos! At least we were dry in here, right?!

Then, we went out for these beauties! We were extra careful trying to keep the dress dry and it wasn’t easy. That dress was classy and just stunning and I was SO nervous about it! A few spots later…I would still call it a success based on how wet everything was outside!! Natalee was ALL in for going outside though. She didn’t even hesitate BUT did want to keep her bridal party dry which I thought was sweet and thoughtful. I had a plan for that!

The green is BACK! I’ve missed all that lush greenery! Natalee told me at one point they were, “so awkward”…LIES! My couples always tell me that but I think they’re just testing me! LOOK!

After another wedding party’s bus driver tried to steal my bridal party (for real…it was a whole thing…you read it correctly), we got right down to business. The Pittsburgh Airport Marriott has the very BEST location for a drizzly wedding day! Isn’t it beautiful!?

Check out this bride and groom! Lookin’ gooooooooood.

…always the best time of day for me! That’s when we’re almost done with photos and everyone is comfy! I think these are definitely my favorites!

Ok. Ok. I pulled some black and whites and THESE may be my favorites!

Meet Rocco!!! He’s their ADORABLE and smiley little one! I couldn’t leave him out! He saw mom and dad and simply lit UP!

Then, we moved inside for the wedding ceremony/vow renewal….well, because…rain. The new updates the Pittsburgh Airport Marriott did was 10/10 for weddings!

Alright! They did it again and we got through family formals…Let’s celebrate!

During the reception, Natalee danced with her dad and Marcello danced with his mom. They cut cake and speeches were made…including Natalee! She stood up and said some sweet words and thanks to her family and friends…it was a surprise!

First dance…but in black and white!

After the first dance, I told Ashleigh we should stay a little later because I HAVE to have some open dancing photos! So, we did that before saying our “goodbyes”.

And that’s a wrap on wedding #1 for the year! Up until a few month ago, I thought May 18th was going to be my first so what a pleasant surprise this was…I’d definitely call the first wedding a success – drizzle and all!!! Natalee and Marcello…thank you for choosing me to be your photographer! I know it was a whirlwind planning process and no one would have ever known! You did it!



Disclaimer: Hannah Barlow Photography blogs only represent a very small portion of photos the couple actually receives in their private gallery.  The blogs are meant to highlight my own favorite photos and favorite moments of the wedding day and do not represent an entire gallery.


Bride’s Gown – Bridal Beginning of Pittsburgh

Bridesmaids’ Attire – Birdy Grey

Hair/Makeup – Shelby Lee – Shear Metal Salon

Florist – Bate’s Flower Shoppe & Dormont Florist

Cake – Bethel Bakery

DJ – Entertainment Unlimited (Jesse)

Venue/Catering – Pittsburgh Airport Marriott

Officiant – Melanie Atmore

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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