My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Pines, Ferns, & Spring Engagement Photos | Shaelyn & Hunter

I’m a firm believer that like souls attract like souls. That particular feeling was solidified at a wedding I did almost FOUR years ago. When we rolled in to that wedding day (and even before that at the engagement session), I felt like I was with friends I’d known my whole life. Well, nothing has changed over the years and when Hunter and Shae and Hunter’s Mom (Hi, Amy!) jumped out of the car, I embraced them with open arms…literally…because I was SO happy to see some of this family again and absolutely can’t wait to see them ALL in October! The biggest compliment a couple can give me is hiring me after I’ve done a wedding for a family or friend (I did Hunter’s sister’s wedding in 2020). This whole family continued to stay in touch and supports me and my business continually even in the years between then and now! Words can’t ever express how grateful I am to meet people like this every year!

So, now that I’ve started this off all sappy and such…let’s get down to business. Shaelyn (Shae) and Hunter are on the engagement blog today and their sweetness comes out in these beauties. Give them your Hannah Barlow Photography love and ENJOY!

Collage of couple's engagement photos in the forest

They were easy to photograph then and they’re even easier to photograph now…I guess that’s what three plus more years into a relationship will do for you! Also, can we talk about her ring? Not only is that diamond gorgeous but that band is dainty and classy and BEAUTIFUL! I stood it up later for a photo…you just wait and see! I sure hope I can get it standing up on an invitation too this fall!

Lady in white dress stands with man in plaid shirt for engagement photos in the forest

Couples who pose so naturally take the most joyous photos and then you’ll often find me (like this day) just chat chat chatting away because I love these moments so much and it’s easy and I’m not stressed but in my element!

I’m already having to prepare to contain my excitement for their wedding day in October. Brace yourselves for impact!

Man and woman embrace in forest for engagement photos

Baby Cora has entered the chat! Shae asked if they could bring her and I said, “OF COURSE!” She was the sweetest little, well behaved angel and she LOVED my rooster noises and stopped on the spot to pose for me! Huge shoutout to Hunter’s mom, Amy, for coming along and being grand-dog sitter!

Couple poses with dog wearing handkerchief for engagement photos.

Then, they did some dancing in the woods!

Couple dances in forest for engagement photos

The “walk and snuggle” was also a success!

Couple walks in forest for engagement photos

…and then these black and whites…they just spoke to my wedding photographer heart!

Black and white photos of couple embracing in forest for engagement photos

We did a minor location change for some more dancing…and spinning…and snuggling (to show off the ring some more, of course). They naturally went into that so I took the opportunity to show off that ring again!

Couple dances and snuggles for engagement photos in forest tree-line

OOO yea…We showed off the ring (and Cora) some more too!

…more cuddles and walking and snuggling for EVERYONE!

Couple poses and walks with dog for engagement photos

Then, I found out their wedding color palette is going to very much scream fall. I’ve seen some sneak peeks but I absolutely can not wait for you to see it! Hunter has kept his attire a complete secret from Shae which I LOVE! Amy sneaked me a peek though and dang it if I’m not going to need to really CHILL for this wedding because I am already EXCITED…I see it in my head – fall, colors, sweet couple, family who feels like me family…Heck, I could star the blog right now! HA!

So, despite their wedding colors NOT being purple, Shae and I share our favorite color so I HAD to do some more ring shots with some purple flowers!

In less than six months, these two are going to be on the blog again! They’re getting married at the Home Farm Barn in Indiana, PA! I can tell you right now…it’s going to be AMAZING!

Thanks for reading and Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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