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St. Clairsville, Ohio Country Engagement Photos

Hello! Happy Wednesday and NEW COUPLE ALERT! Missy and Justin are up next (not to be confused with the other 2024 Hannah Barlow Photography couples…Melanie and Justin….and Mallory and Justin who all get married within six weeks of one another this year). Trust me…this upload sent me into a full Hannah panic I haven’t felt in a while when I accidentally uploaded their photos to the wrong folder and they were “gone”. Whewww…false alarm. I just needed to pay better attention.

ANYWAY…back on track! Missy and Justin are on the blog right now! They did one of my very favorite things…they brought me out to their property (and Missy’s parent’s property). In true Hannah fashion, I enjoyed every site and sound and story. Basically, I overstayed my welcome (and I’m not even sorry…and I don’t think they are either). We took lots and lots of photos! Their engagement session was SO fun and heart filling and their photos reflect all that SO…please give them your warmest welcome to the blog and ENJOY!

Collage of summer engagement session in the country

That’s Koda there too (above). He’s the best, most polite, well behaved and handsome Husky I’ve ever met! But more on him later. So, to start off the day, I actually went to Missy and Justin’s home first out in St. Clairsville, Ohio but then we decided to head on over to her parent’s house to see the property, take some photos…AND see where the ceremony is going to be held this September! I immediately got to meet her mom (Hi, Kim)! I even got to “meet” her dad (Hi, Paul!) from afar. He was mowing…and that sent me into a full Hannah spin, as you can imagine! My parents are very much all about keeping their property taken care of…and my husband is even more crazy about everything on our own property neat and tidy and presentable and beautiful. I know…for a fact…my husband will never leave things untouched for my kids’ weddings one day…SO…it’s totally hilarious and ironic that year after year I beg (literally beg…and post polls on social apps) that my couple’s parents leave me just a weeeeeeeee bit of “dead stuff” and untouched nature for photos. “You’re just going to have to trust me” is my famous line, right?!

Couple stands by lake and embraces for engagement photos

They took me down to their lake. The sun was pretty hot and bright this day. I knew in my mind how I wanted these lakeside photos to look and once I turned them around and slightly to my original right…THIS is when the magic really started to happen! It didn’t take Justin long to pick up on how I liked the sun positioned with the trees behind them (you’ll see later). And now that I’m typing this, it got me thinking…he either just picks up on stuff fast…or he has photography/light knowledge he’s keeping from me. I did joke later and said, “my husband says he knows things too…” because Justin had said a similar thing. Some men are just observant!

Couples walks by lake in the country for engagement photos

We’re walking…and laughing!

Couple walks and laughs in the country fields by lake for engagement photos

Then, as we left on the four wheelers (yes…we sure did…I was right at home), Missy pointed out one of her “favorite spots on the property” WHICH is now one of my favorite spots on the property! If it’s dry and time allows, we are 100% coming back to this spot!

Couple stands on rocks by creek for engagement photos

We had to take advantage of the while barn doors too! The wedding ceremony will be very close to this building…more ideas for the future!

Couple stands in front of rustic white barn for country engagement photos

…and now…it’s time to formally and officially introduce Koda! We drove back to Missy and Justin’s home and OOoOo my goodness. Koda is the best boy! He also got stung by a bee recently and his ear was all puffy…so we fixed that in post production.

But we also left it for some giggles and memories! He did SO good for his photo op! I can’t wait to see him at the wedding!

Couple poses in field with husky for engagement photos

Then, they did an outfit change and the color pop made my photographer heart so happy!

Women in red dress poses with fiancée in field for engagement photos

This one below may be one of my very very favorites!

Woman in red dress guides fiancé as they walk by flower field

..OooOorrr this one! Justin didn’t skip a beat and Missy squealed at the idea! Perfection!

Man holds woman up in the air while they kiss in field

That sun was HOT! Justin suggested we walk over to this little area on their property for some trees in the back and it was SUCH a great suggestion!

Man and woman walk on path in field for engagement photos

We had to take advantage of some hazy sun too and practice some posing JUST in case we get a magical sunset for their wedding which…YES…will actually happen on this property in just a few months! At this point, we were WAY into this session…the photos on the bottom made me chuckle…that’s the universal man signal for “is she done yet”…I’m kidding, of course. This isn’t Justin’s first (or second) rodeo with me. And if there’s one thing I learned over six years ago, the Miller men are very kind, cooperative and take a great photo whether they love it or hate it! I’m forever grateful too! And they’re always end up on my website!

Man and women pose during golden hour sunlight for engagement photos

…speaking of cooperative men. This was my VERY first test shot earlier in the day. So, let’s circle back! “Smile and say CHEESE…” was my prompt for lighting check and he did…and Missy lost it! HA! THAT is how you know the session is going to move at an amazing pace!

Couple poses and laughs for test photographer photos.

Ok. Back to the session! I can’t say it enough…my very favorite part of each session is the end. Everyone (including me) is comfy and cozy and we seal the deal on the session with some bear hugs and smiles!

Man bear hugs fiancee for close up engagement photo

…but WAIT…one more. I just realized this whole session was color (because I do love some color) BUT…Missy and Justin do a FAB black and white…so here’s just one of the many!

Black and white engagement photo

If you’re reading this blog and you know me, I’m sure you can feel my excitement and energy. Justin’s been in one of my weddings (in 2017) and then his brother’s wedding I did in 2019 (just a little over a year apart…Hi, Beth and Tex and Sara and Brandon and everyone else!). Heck, he’s probably been a guest to a wedding or two too. Missy’s been a guest (just found this out) in 2019. I do believe she referenced the Gaudino/Wheeler wedding when she reached out too. I’m telling you…my emotions got the best of me on this one…and I got all excited and all my sense went right out of my brain. MY POINT is that they’ve been a part of many Hannah Barlow Photography weddings. It was such an honor for Missy to reach out in March…YES…just this past March and ask me to be her wedding photographer for her SEPTEMBER 2024 wedding. Would you believe it if I told you BOTH of the dates she was considering were open on my calendar?! It’s just WILD how this universe works. It was most certainly ALL meant to be…and man…I am PUMPED up about this one. If you’re a loyal HBP fan and I’ll be seeing you at this wedding, brace yourself for impact. If you’re new here, also brace yourself for impact because I’m already so exited about this upcoming wedding, someone’s gonna have to hold me back when I arrive. Beautiful wedding photos for EVERYONE!

…OOooo yea. And it’s an intimate, backyard wedding – no bridal party but ALL the family and friends…and a doggie ring bearer and doggie flower girl. I KID YOU NOT! Now, you’re excited, right?!

I’ll see you all back here in September! Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: Hannah Barlow Photography engagement blogs only represent a small portion of photos the couple actually receives in their private gallery.  The blogs are meant to highlight my own favorite photos and favorite moments of the session and do not represent an entire gallery.

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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