My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images

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Summer City of Wheeling Engagement Photos | Rebecca + Trent

Happy Tuesday! It’s been QUITE the week in the Hannah Barlow Photography home office this week! I’ve got some more absolutely beautiful photos coming at you with an absolutely stunning couple! SO, give Rebecca and Trent ALLLLLL your love because we took on the very under construction city of Wheeling to make some beautiful memories AND just about one year before their June 2025 wedding. ENJOY!

If you know me, you know I’m a Queen of finding the most RANDOM locations and challenging myself to make them pretty. Well, wedding after wedding…shopping trip after shopping trip…I’ve been eyeing up some spots in downtown Wheeling while driving by and wanted just one couple to let me take photos of them in these places. Enter Rebecca and Trent! I was SO pumped when we started chatting about her engagement session and she was all in for my random spots around town. What I didn’t know…I had already photographed her brother and his (now) wife! So… makes a little more sense why they trusted me. I then found out that Trent is from Wheeling (while Rebecca and I are very much country girls). The excitement just kept on coming from me! AND THEN…these photos started happening! AHHHHHHH not only are they beautiful together but my photographer heart could have exploded with this fresh canvas (which also… just down the road from their reception location)! Rebecca and Trent now have a full gallery of photos that are unique to just them and can’t be seen anywhere else on my site!

I don’t know if maybe I’m getting better with instructions (I’d hope so after almost a decade) OR if my couples recently are just really good at posing, direction and alllll the things. Trent dipped her with little warning! I MEANNNNN… I later called him the “star” and I’m sure now that’s going to be a repeated trend when he’s dressed as the groom. I’m here for it! Lots and lots of groom photos next year. There will be lots of bride photos too…but I mean…that’s a given, right?! The grooms are harder to win over!

I’m kind of (really) mad at myself for not taking a full pull back of where we actually are in these photos below…so if you work for WesBanco…you probably recognize this area. It never ceases to amaze me how light and perspective can transform a location. Also, I need to speak to someone about the flowers for next year. I’m fully prepared to help fund this endeavor but I NEED the flowers to be shades of blush and pink. Asking for a friend…it’s me…I’m the friend! WesBanco corporate people…get a hold of me!

This is where we took the country gals out of the country. I was positively squealing over these. It’s bordering editorial and I don’t even do editorial! AHHHHH!! I can’t get enough!

Then, we hopped in my car and I took them farther into East Wheeling…yes…East Wheeling. BUT LOOOOOKKKKK how pretty! I MEAN! I MEANNNNNN!!!

We took a little walk because I saw a vision in my head for the glass building ahead of us!


The wind was whipping so I told Rebecca to grab her hair and a new pose was born…it’s Rebecca and Trent’s pose! They’re laughing because I was being Hannah…loud and excited!

One more stop for us! I’d eyed this little area ever since they put it in!

…and the sun really said “let me give you some GLOW”!! I mean…how perfect! It took a lot of awkward positions and pilates like moves on my part for me to hide most of the construction on the streets but we did it! AND I say “we” because these two had to put up with me through it all and they were rockstars. From the posing to the laughs and the stories we shared…this was just one of those sessions. I drove away all smiles!

…and you know how I know they didn’t hate it? Trent suggested just a few more things and sitting on these rocks was one of them. I wasn’t so sure…direct hot light isn’t something I typically am drawn to buttttttttttt…it’s clear these two can do just about anything…blue eyes and bright light and alll!

Last but not least, I had to do some ring shots, of course!

…and since blush and pink colored flowers weren’t available…I did some post production magic-ish!

Well, that’s a wrap on another 2024 engagement session. If I had planned realllll well, we could have done it next Friday on their one year count down but here we are! Next June, you’ll see them all dressed up as husband and wife AND they pretty much gave me the “we trust you” in terms of photos and locations SooOoOooooo you know what that means! It’s going to be FABULOUS…no matter what. I just know it! I’m SO pumped! Ok! Thanks for reading! I hope you all have a GREAT day! Happy Tuesday!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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