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West Spa Patio Oglebay Elopement

Happy Friday! Just one week ago, Mr. & Mrs. Oleksy said their “I dos” surrounded by their 50 closest family and friends…and me, as the photographer, and Cassie, as the officiant.  It was SO fun to see so many familiar faces.  Megan and I graduated high school together and she now teachers in our county.  Her mom taught my kids in pre-K story hour at the library when they were just wee little ones.  One pair present at this elopement was a former Hannah Barlow Photography couple (Hey, Haley and Derrick).  Haley’s parents were there too (Hi, Cindy and Nick)!  To add icing to this cake, most of the guests were from my town, teach at our local Middle School, and/or I, myself, went to school with them back in the day.  So yea! Lots and lots of friendly faces and a very, very beautiful evening out at Oglebay.  Let’s do it!  So, please give these two love birds all your Hannah Barlow Photography love!  They didn’t have an engagement session so this is their grand debut on the blog! Enjoy!


First things first, I stopped at the West Spa Patio to capture all the ceremony details!  We always (and I better not jinx myself) have the BEST weather on the West Spa Patio!

Then, I headed into the lodge…and while this is never a “fancy” photo, I always try and catch the couple’s name.  I probably look like a crazy person trying to race the scroll to catch it just right!

Then, into the reception I went to catch all those reception details.  Megan kept me up to date on what she was planning…I’d say it was a huge success!

Then, I headed back to the lakeside part of Oglebay’s lodge and found Megan, her mom, Eddie’s mom, Haley, Aunt Cindy, and her grandma hanging out in anticipation for the big ceremony!  It’s always so nice to spend time with people I know! They helped me with these wedding details and then it was time to get Megan dressed!

With her mom’s help (who my kids were SO excited to see on screen), Megan got all dolled up!

And just like that…it was time for the ceremony!  Elopements happen SO fast!  Oo yea.  And that’s Cassie.  You know her by now if you’re a loyal blog reader!  Her and I do a lot of weddings together as she’s one of Oglebay weddings’ lead ladies.  I’m surely not used to her in the officiant role though so I actually ALMOST missed this shot.  My brain was thinking “Cassie is directing the groom”…not “Cassie is starting the ceremony because she’s officiating”…HA! Wheww! Got it!  Something clicked at the last minute!  I’m a creature of habit, ya know!

Camden walked his momma down the aisle to his dad!  It was such a sweet moment!  Also, that’s Aunt Cindy back there soaking it all up and watching Eddie’s reaction!  I’ve recently started to LOVE looking for people in the background and seeing their reactions!

Hugs for mom and then a fancy, special, secret hand shake with dad! Let’s get this ceremony going!

Mr. & Mrs. Oleksy, everyone!

I absolutely love when the bubbles cooperate and we get photos like this!

At the very end of the aisle, I signaled for the couple to kiss and they read my cues and nailed it! I mean…why not!?

Family formal time!  Camden stole the show and did not disappoint with his time to shine in his parents’ wedding photos.

Ooo hey, there…familiar faces!  Remember Haley and Derrick from their fall wedding in 2019?  Well, they’re expecting now!

We didn’t have a whole lot of time on the elopement schedule.  Megan opted to remain on the West Spa Patio to make the most of our time.  Isn’t she beautiful?

Eddie got his turn too!

Then, it was time for the best ones – bride and groom formals!

Mixing it up a bit!

Then, it was time for the reception!  Introducing to the party, Mr. & Mrs. Oleksy!

First dances were danced…”Miss Kim” (Megan’s mom but what my kids call her) made a very heartfelt speech.  Then, they moved into dinner and special dances and cake cutting!

Then, the DJ (Laura Thrasher) opened up the dance floor and I said my “good byes” but not before one last photo which I feel is the BEST end of night photo I’ve taken in a long time!! “Happily Ever After”…COME ON!

Ahh! Elopements come and go so quickly but this one was definitely top of my list simply because of the people!  I’ve watched these two over the years on social media so it was so amazing to be there when they tied the knot.  I could blog some more but I’ll end it here!  It’s also occurring to me that Megan is an English teacher…yes?  OOoo man.  OOoo no.  As the queen of typos and grammatical errors in life, that’s a little terrifying! HA!  So, yes…I better stop here!  Megan and Eddie, congrats to you two! Thank you for allowing me to be there and witness this happy occasion AND be the one who captured these memories.  One more time, Congrats to the Oleksys!













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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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