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Fall Oglebay Fort Henry Room Wedding

Hello! Happy Thursday! Buckle up because the fall feeling weddings have ARRIVED! When Kaylea (pronounced “KAY-LEE”…don’t get it wrong like me…Oy!) and Adam told me their wedding would have terracotta and green details, I knew it was going to be beautiful. I don’t think I realized at the time of their engagement session (HERE) that it would literally match their wedding. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t realize that because my excitement would have been off the charts! So, give these two newlyweds all your Hannah Barlow Photography love. Their Fort Henry Room Oglebay wedding is live right now on the blog! Enjoy!

Collage of wedding images from a Oglebay Fort Henry Wedding

Emily and I started the morning off snapping some general getting ready shots. Kaylea and Adam had one of Oglebay’s big cabins so it was super easy to move around and capture a little of this and a little of that. It also gave Emily and I TOTAL nostalgia because she also got ready in one of the big cabins too!

Black and White Getting Ready Images in a Oglebay Cabin

On to the wedding, bridal details! I could NOT wait to get my hands on these beauties!

Terracotta and Green Bridal Wedding Details

One of the things many of my couple’s bring up to me about getting ready locations at Oglebay is the color of the rooms. It’s a park…the colors coordinate with that aesthetic. It doesn’t always coordinate with the wedding vibe though – enter THIS Oglebay wedding and the colors are pure…PERFECTION! I mentioned and squealed about it so often it probably bordered on annoying BUT I COULD.NOT.HELP.IT. LOOOOK!!! The walls and the curtains literally match Kaylea’s day!

Bride Getting Ready in Corner of Oglebay Cottage

The early afternoon happened so fast for us! Off to the first look! The couple chose Oglebay’s mansion…and again…the colors were perfection!

Bride and Groom Reading Private Vows at Oglebay's Mansion

Then, they did a ring exchange which is a new Hannah Barlow Photography tradition this year. And by “tradition”, I mean that I had the idea originally, forget at every wedding BUT my couples always remind me and I’m so grateful! It’s such a nice touch, don’t you think?! AND they have their rings on for the photos!

Bride and Groom Exchanging Rings Privately at Oglebay's Mansion

I sat here for a while and could not choose…per the usual. SO, here’s a nice mix of my photos and Emily’s photos!

Bride and Groom Formal Photos at Pillars at Oglebay Mansion

Then, we swung around to the back of the mansion because I had remembered this grass and just KNEW…of all weddings…it was meant for this wedding. Let’s do some photos of the men! It’s been a while since I’ve photographed tan tuxes too so that was another bonus!

Groom and Groomsmen Photos Behind Oglebay Mansion in Long Grass

Full bridal party photos coming at you BUT I must credit both the parents’ AND also these kiddos themselves (above photos). Those four little ones were some of the BEST, most pleasant, funny, cute and well mannered children I’ve EVER photographed.

Tan and Orange Bridal Party Photos Behind Oglebay's Mansion

And now, the ladies! Goodness gracious. The dresses the flowers the women…it’s all gorgeous!

Bride and Bridesmaids in Orange Dressed Behind Oglebay Mansion

One of Kaylea’s Grandmas did the flowers for her. I’ve gotten SO many comments on these flowers (and texts and messages) so we MUST show them off some more!

Bride and Bridesmaids Holding White and Orange Bouquets

Kaylea makes such a BEAUTIFUL bride! And she wanted all the veil flying shots so Emily stepped up and made it FLY!

Bride Looking Back at Veil at Oglebay

More bride and groom formals! I’ve never really utilized this location behind the mansion but that grass just screamed to me and matched the vibe of the wedding (especially the reception…you just wait and see).

Bride and Groom Formal Photos with Grass Behind Oglebay Mansion

Off to another location for JUST a few more!

Bride and Groom Walking Away at Oglebay

I mean…

Bride and Groom Formal Photos at Oglebay's Formal Gardens

Off to the ceremony! Kaylea and Adam’s wedding was held at Oglebay’s West Spa Patio (one of my favorite ceremony locations). Look at this “arch”…Ooo my goodness ME!

Orange Ceremony Details at Oglebay's West Spa Patio

I had promised Kaylea I would make sure I made it back up to the reception to get details before the ceremony began and I did! I, personally, LOVE when the glasses are full. And the candles and donuts were out and it was beautiful! The Fort Henry room looked absolutely STUNNING!

Terracotta and Green Wedding Reception Details in Fort Henry Room

Time for the ceremony! Emily helped everyone make it down the aisle and then she caught some amazing shots from the back. Check out the reactions of some very special people seated in the back. The Wedding Gods definitely guided Emily and I in this moment. I don’t usually stage my second shooters in this area but I did for this wedding…and NOW I see why! It was meant to be!

Dad Walking Bride Down Aisle at West Spa Patio

Here comes the bride!

Groom's Reaction to Bride Coming Down Aisle

It was a beautiful ceremony on the patio! No harsh sun either! WOOO!

Oglebay West Spa Patio Ceremony Photos Orange Details

More bride and groom formals after family photos…because this couple photographs 10/10 amazing …and THAT ARCH!

Groom Dipping Bride in front of Arch at West Spa Patio

To the reception we went! Fun Fact: This was my very first FULL wedding reception in Oglebay’s Fort Henry room. That’s right! I’d done small elopements in this room back in pandemic 2020 and I’ve done lots of fall and winter wedding ceremonies but never a full blown reception so that’s totally fun!

Bride and Groom Entering Fort Henry Room Dancing Cutting Cake

The party was rocking! Even Emily mentioned how packed the dance floor was when we were trying to go back and forth around it all!

Party Dancing in the Fort Henry Room at Oglebay

In all these years, I’ve never had a bride and groom throw the garter and bouquet at the same time. I wasn’t prepared either with our lights so I had to move FAST so Emily and I both could plan! Nailed it! Digital high fives for ALL!

Bride Throwing Bouquet and Groom Tossing Garter

That resulted in an AMAZING guest garter placement. Look at everyone cracking up! I love it! Also, his suit matches the wedding. The color coordination just kept happening which makes my wedding photographer heart SO happy!

Guests Laughing in Fort Henry Room While Placing Garter

…and a sparkler send off to end this blog! We actually did this earlier in the night before we took off and it’s a good thing we did because it did start to sprinkle when we were packing up!

Black and White Photos of Sparkler Exit in Front of Oglebay Lodge

That’s it! That’s a wrap on this wedding. Kaylea and Adam are basking in the sun of Hawaii so I told them I’d post the blog and some previews but hold off on sending their full wedding gallery until they get back. They’ll get to fully enjoy and focus on their honeymoon AND then enjoy almost 1000 (that’s right) photos of their big day when they return! Kaylea and Adam are such sweet people. Thanks for choosing me to be your photographer, you two! Thank you ALL for reading! Don’t forget to give them ALL your love! Happy Thursday!

Vendor Shout Outs

Bride’s Gown – Made with Love from Blanc de Blanc Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaids’ Attire. – Birdy Grey

Men’s Attire – Liberty Men’s Formal

Hair/Makeup – Luxe Hair Salon

Cake – Pastries A La Cart

DJ – Gitano Productions

Invitations – Shutterfly

Officiant – A Soulful Commitment (Rev Dina McGee)

Ceremony Venue – West Spa Patio Oglebay

Reception Venue – Fort Henry Room Oglebay

Coordinator – Oglebay’s Spencer Porter

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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