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2019 Wedding Outtakes

It’s HERE!  It’s HERE!  It’s HEREEEEEE! (Can you hear me yelling and happy clapping right now?!)  The 2019 Hannah Barlow Photography outtakes are here on the blog today and I’m just SO excited…EEEKKKKK!! This is my favorite-est blog of the year, I think!! You know me…NO SHAME!!  I’m going to show you the good, the bad, and the ugly…and the beautiful too…and the OoOOo so funny!  Are you ready?!  I’m ready!  Let’s do this!

Let’s just start this off right, shall we?!  Everyone grab your drinks!  I know my loyal blog readers are probably ready for a break too just as much as I am right now!  HA!  I know I talk a lot.  I know I talk loud.  Sometimes those qualities work to my advantage when it’s a wedding day and we’re trying to keep with the schedule.  This outtake here was totally accidental but I’d like to call it…”The moment the groom realizes he’s going to have to listen to Hannah for an hour…”  It’s not true though…I don’t THINK Jamie was trying to catch a buzz to make it through wedding photo time but it’s still funny!! HA!  Jamie and Kristine’s wedding was stress free but it’s makes me laugh!! See their wedding HERE!  This photo gives me all the feels because Kristine is one of those brides who has kept in contact and we chat about a little bit of everything!  This year I also need to work on better body mechanics.  I had a terrible shoulder strain at the end of this wedding season from holding all that gear all day long!  When you see me holding my camera that way, you know we’re half way through the day…it’s NOT light!

Some grooms like to over exaggerate my directions too like Noah did when I told him to walk….and he marched instead!  Mattie had no idea! HA!  See their wedding HERE!

I’m pretty sure Justin was practicing his steps here while I was just instructing away!  I love how it looks like no one is listening to me! HA!  This is just one of MANY unflattering photos you’re going to see of me this blog!  Kristi and Justin’s wedding was the perfect way to start May!  See it HERE!

It’s no secret we take a lot of test shots.  Those are required to get ourselves set and ready for the real photos that need to be taken!  We always have someone stand in position so we can see just how the photos will look!  Kari posed…not so lady like!  I busted out laughing!

After we about died laughing, she fixed it!  SoooOO much better! I think….Kari, what ARE you doing?!

Speaking of wondering what we’re all doing…it really looked like I was looking up Jill’s dress here! HA!  I was NOT!  We were trying to avoid the goose poo if I remember correctly!  Do you remember their beautiful summer wedding?!  RIGHT HERE!

I’m not the only one who goes up dresses either!! ONLY Taelor would make a test shot with a bridesmaid up her dress look GOOD! HA!  OoOo man, can we just go back to that day?!  Heat, sweat…and gorgeousness!  That Bella Amore wedding was everything! (See is HERE.)

We had a creeper too!! Check out Jonathan Mihellis keeping at eye on us through those beautiful doors at Bella Amore!

I often use earlier parts in the day to “coach” people on how to fluff a dress most efficiently! Alyssa looks like she’s ready to sneeze here! HA!

…and it’s not awkward at all when the groom is holding his bride ever so romantically….and I’m standing there trying to fix dresses and make boots shot up in photos! HA!  This was Bailee and Jacob’s wedding (HERE) not too long ago!

SooOoo much dress fluffing!  I’m sure you can all imagine!  I’m pretty sure Chris was checking out all the bugs in Marissa’s dress.  Marissa is wondering how I talked her into all this…and I’m just nervous giggling hoping…with all my wedding photographer power…that the photos will be worth it!  NOTE:  It was worth it!

We do a lot of get those precious photos and sometimes in a very short amount of time!  No one has time for re-takes and pretty faces!! Exhibit A!  I even caught Cassie in there!! She’s one of our favorite gals from Oglebay!

My girls deserve it though because Kari started an awful “tradition” and they’ve gotten into the hilarious habit of catching me with the WORST faces.  I have RBF like you would NOT believe.  I joke and tell bridesmaids all the time not to be like me and not to have RBF (Google it if you don’t know)…but really…I’m dead serious!  I’m pretty sure this one from Kristine and Jamie’s wedding wins.  OooO man.  AND my tongue is out!! Oy!

I do get them back every once in a while!! 2020 goals…be more aware of our faces! HA!

I can’t figure out how Kari didn’t end up in the any of those…HmmmMmMM…I’m going digging now!  I did find this one…but it’s more of a concentration face than a resting…you know what…face!  I’m also realizing we never used those head sets after that wedding.  So, 20 some weddings later they sat in my office…more 2020 goals!

I mean…her concerned face is always great! HA!

She does it a lot too!! Like this test shot I caught RIGHT when the dress fell!

Remember that bridge shot from Addie and Camden’s wedding?  We did make it work.  Ash did amazing with traffic…but she wasn’t feeling it! HA!  Apparently, we ALL make that face at some point in the day!

AH HA!  I DO have one of Kari…here is laid back, Type B, always happy Kari.  I knew I could get her back!  This was at Carmie and Primo’s wedding (HERE)!! I do love that orange!! It was our only one this year!

Too funny!!!  But anyway, sometimes the brides, grooms and bridal parties get in on test shots too!! Somehow…they make them look good.  Maybe because they know they’ll end up in the outtakes blog?!  Kristi and her gals made this test shot look great!

Addie jumped right in for this one but Lacey kind of has that “uh oh” face.  I can’t remember exactly what was happening here but it makes me giggle!

Maybe it was before we figured out that a jacket is an amazing way to remove debris from pretty brick! HA!

I do love a groom who doesn’t mind getting in on the fun too!! This was just Jenna and Josh’s Pittsburgh wedding (HERE)!

Holy crap the wind at that wedding though was crazy!  Kari was having fun with Shannen Chavez Productions!

Yea.  We can make those shots look good sometimes…and sometimes they aren’t so good!! We all know those veils are a pain in the butt and we accidentally captured some hilarious veil outtake moments this year!

It happened to Alyssa too!

Getting under them isn’t easy either!  At least Amanda was a good sport!

Whoops…remember that beautiful veil shot from Em and Logan’s wedding?  Well, sometimes we forget and pull it a little too hard! Sorry, girl!  Ever the organized girl who is on the ball, you can see she is STILL listening to my directions!! Love it!  Their wedding is HERE!

Now, let’s blow through some super random and really funny moments of 2019!  Sometimes…picture time is exhausting…

Even the bridal party gets tired!

Sometimes you have to get creative real fast to get above the crowd and you pat yourself on the back because you think you’ve found a unique solution….only to find our Aaron (of Off Center Productions) was one step ahead of you and already up there! HA!  I think his face reads, “Girl, I’m already on top of this…literally.”

…and when it rains (because it always rains anymore), you gotta protect the dress…and the gear.  This was my attempt to put that drape down on the grown without my gear in my bag touching!! It’s like a Pilates move, I tell ya!

Big bridal parties require all hands on deck.  I remember telling Kari I’d take the girls if she took the guys….the guys are always the hardest!  Look at the ladies watching and ready!  Love it!

I remember dying laughing at Em and Logan’s wedding because every time I’d get them situated and turn around to walk away….they’d move again!! Em ended up yelling at them and telling them to stay put.

Now that I think about it…that’s probably what this photo was about from the behind the scenes blog!

Seriously, we sometimes have entirely too much fun for this to be considered work!  We had to hide Julie from the guests who were arriving this year!! I think this is the only time we had to do this out of all the weddings we did but it’s still funny!! Yes…that’s my lighting umbrella!  It’s effective!

Speaking of Julie, I think her and I get the award for the best combined (me and a bride) unflattering photo (second photo down below on the left)…AND I’m pretty sure Julie gets the “funniest faces” award for the year!

I had to do it!! She’ll understand! HA!  We all did it this year though!!  Sooo many great faces!

Kristen made lots and lots of funny faces too!  She may be a close second!  I could have made a whole collage for just her too!

SoOoO many outtakes this year!

Alright!  Back to funny moments!!  This year foliage kept getting us.  That grape vine smacked Todd RIGHT in his face while he was walking!  We laughed but it was more funny that he just kept on walking like nothing had happened!  See their vineyard wedding HERE!

That swing at Bella Amore is amazingly gorgeous…and the finished photos are gorgeous…but getting to that point is difficult! We died laughing this entire time!  The hangy things kept getting in Justin’s face…and Taelor’s too!

…but I was SO happy to be there…I was literally dancing!

I even tried to nail a test shot! I can feel the sweat pouring off me just looking at these photos!

We do try and make our test shots look decent though…because we all know I’ll put them in this blog at the end of the year!

I’m laughing at that those ones of Ashleigh above.  While compiling the photos for this blog, I realized she does something EVERY time.  She looks at me once like it’s a mug shot.

…then she looks to the side…like a mug shot! Bahahahahhahaha!

If you go back up to that collage, you’ll see it again!  I can’t quit giggling!  Sometimes those test shots sneak up on ya too!  That armpit shot (below) is unfortunate!

Butttttt…..*drum roll please*…the award for “Best Test Shots” goes to Sam!! She nails it every time!! She nails it so much one guest at our last wedding (bottom right photo) watched her do it and commented on how good she made it look and how much fun we looked to be having….yes, sir…you are correct!! This job is the best EVER!

She even makes it look good when she’s least expecting it and DJ Brian Oliver is photobombing her!

Alright, back to those randomly funny moments!  Guests often feel bad asking us to take photos with their phone.  We’re happy to do it and often offer up our services.  The funny thing is…we’re not all that great at it!! I remember taking this gem back at Sara and Brandon’s wedding (HERE) after I watched Kari struggle to get the phone to work for a good photo! HA!  We can work $4000 DSLR cameras….but not phone cameras!

Fur shawls on men were VERY popular in 2019!  Rachael had one (see her wedding HERE).

Kristen had one too!  See that wedding HERE!

She actually told me she was going to gift it to this groomsman for Christmas and now I’m wondering if it happened!

OoOO Mens Wearhouse…right off the bat, we had tux issues last year.  The pants were so tight the guys couldn’t get their stuff off the ground.  The last wedding of the year?  They got the dad’s tux color wrong.  Oy.

Bridal hair is a work of art and this proved it takes a lot to get to the finished look!! This was the first thing I saw when I met up with Marissa on her wedding day (see is HERE).  She was happy to let me snap a photo of this rat’s nest that ended up being BEAUTIFUL finished product that lasted ALL day!  All that teasing is worth it!

Sometimes I give the stink face.  I must have been holding it for a long time for Kari to catch this one!!

Do you all remember the guest who took more photos of us than ever with this Polaroid?!  I’m still laughing about it.  Marissa said she had some amazing pictures thanks to him…many of them with us in them! HA!

It was ok though.  This was literally my mood ALL day and night long!!  You’ll see Jay in the background there.  He is still joking with me about my energy on that day!

You all know we dabbled in video last year!! I had vowed to let it be 100% Sam’s gig but here I remember thinking I just wanted to reach over and change something….but I didn’t.  My facial expressions must have been hilarious because Kari snapped A LOT of these!

…and sometimes we need test shots but we’re in the way of guests coming into the church!  Get out of the way, Lacey!

…and sometimes we inadvertently step into test shots coming out of the church!! Look at Sam! HA!

…and sometimes at that same church our second shooter (Lacey) literally gets trapped in the back so documents us hard at work!

We do love videographers (like Alex here) who was more than willing to stand for Kari for her test shot!

…and I don’t know what I was saying but I just love the pure happiness on Jenna’s face in Lacey’s test shot!  AND that dress…I SO love that dress!

Katie and I were deep in conversation at Julie and Tanner’s wedding (HERE)!! It’s important to have a game plan when it comes to where everyone will be located so we can stay out of each other’s shots as much as possible!

But sometimes I end up in my own second shooter’s shots! Whoops!  My facial expressions….I mean…REALLY?!?

This was a HILARIOUS moment at Julie and Tanner’s wedding.  Remember me testing out that blindfold in the last blog?  Well, while it POURED outside and we waited for it to pass, we blind folded Tanner so he could talk to his bride but couldn’t see her.  So, as I was escorting him out I ALMOST put his hand in a very unfortunate spot (use your imagination) and we all died laughing (even Mark of Mark Tiberio Photo + Films).  So, I held on REAL tight so we could get him out of their rated G!

Ladies…enough with the unflattering photos!! This wasn’t even a test shot!! THIS WAS INTENTIONAL!  HA!  LACEY!  She caught me with my dinner…and a lazy eye apparently!

We’re always so happy to eat though!  We try to avoid the sweats though!  Putting these two pregnant ladies (that’s Ashleigh from Off Center Production) by the cupcake table was just MEAN!

And you know how I have to photoshop out my feet in many photos?  Well, we almost had to do that with Lacey’s belly toward the end of the year! HA!

Now, I’d like to call this one, “How am I going to get Derrick to love photo time?!”  It was no secret at Haley and Derrick’s wedding (HERE) that he wanted photo time to go as fast as possible!

…but he DID take direction seriously and was very attentive to where exactly I needed him to stand!! This was my test shot while he confirmed exactly what I wanted him to do!  Thanks, Derrick!

Kari’s going to kill me for this one but I remember looking down while we were waiting for grand entrances and saw her terrible nail polish.  I remember laughing and telling her I was totally sharing it in the end of year blog.  Then, I went and wore black socks with dress shoes (old lady style) at a wedding and Sam was all over it!!

To be fair, I was prepared.  I was NOT aware she had already taken that photo above earlier in the day.  I even offered up my posing at the reception so I could show that we all have our fashion flaws!! HEY!  Whatever gets us through the day, right?!

Kyle of Smash Weddings had some amazing socks too though!

…and while we’re winding down, I wanted to show you what wedding vendor life is ALL about.  That’s Ron from one of the local limo services.  People think it’s all fun and games and while it really is (most of the time), it takes A LOT to get through a whole day and with so many people involved, it can be tiresome and stressful.  We were heading into the reception at Courtney and Matt’s wedding (HERE)  when a groomsman AND the limo driver offered to help us get down the stairs!  It’s moments like these that make me so happy!! We’re all in this together!

TOGETHER!  This isn’t even ALL the selfies I took this year but a bunch I threw together.  We’ve got venue owners and videographers and DJs and friends and past couples AND new couples!! AHHH!! It’s an amazing life…this wedding photographer gig!

And we’ve got MORE!

My goodness me!! That’s the LAST blog for 2019! Stick a fork in me…I’m done!! Until Friday…I’ll have an engagement session for you Friday!! HA!  Then, a wedding blog next week and THEN I may get a little bit of a break! Whewww!  If 2020 is half as great and fun and memorable as 2019…the blogs are going to be even longer.  OoOo lordy.  Brace yourselves!

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My priority to be more and do more and create an experience they will never forget Capturing their memories in a fun and memorable way is just as important as their beautiful images





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